casinos that accept alfa bank
Company: Alfa Bank JSC, Alfa Group
Founded: 1990
Member Accounts: 35 millions
Currencies: 3
Nations: 7

Casinos that accept Alfa Bank

These top Alfa Bank online casinos offer:
  • A modern and gambling-friendly commercial bank
  • Instant money transfers with relatively small commission fees.
  • The highest level of security and reliability.
  • Large deposit and withdrawal limits.
  • Payments are not anonymous.
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The most important stages in the use of online casinos are the deposit and withdrawal of funds. The quality and quantity of these systems directly depend on your profit. High-quality websites offer dozens of methods for transferring money; however, the most common is bank cards. Every person over 18 years, the age that allows playing in a casino, has an account. The problem is that it is very difficult to select a bank with the most comfortable terms of use and transfers. Many residents of Russia, Ukraine, and the nearest countries choose Alfa Bank and here you will find the reasons why.

Deposit and withdrawal method

Read the list of offered payment systems of any casino and you will see that there are a lot of online casinos that accept Alfa Bank. To deposit funds to an online casino, you need a debit card of any type, since some casinos cannot withdraw money to a credit card. Many players lost large sums due to oversight. If you decide to make a deposit with a credit card, make sure beforehand that you can withdraw the winnings by contacting the support service.

In order to make Alfa Bank Casino Deposit, you must select a transfer using the bank card and the system will transfer you to the information filling page. There you have to enter all the details of your Alfa Bank card and confirm. The processing time of the request and the transaction takes 1 hour.

The withdrawal process is a bit more complicated. If you withdraw for the first time at the Alfa Bank Casino, you will be asked to confirm your identity by providing a scan of your passport and some of your documents depending on the place. Usually, the security check procedure happens once and occurs fairly quickly if all your documents are OK. If you are talking about the withdrawal of a small amount, you will be exempt from verification.

Further, the withdrawal process is as simple as in the case of a deposit. Select a transfer using Visa Alfa Bank card and fill in all the fields. The processing time for the operation and transfer can be from 3 hours to several days. In case of delay or problem, you can contact Alfa Bank support.

If you have an electronic wallet, you can transfer money from Alfa Bank card to your wallet. With their help, you can also deposit and withdraw. Many note that it is easier to follow the money with electronic systems. However, it is worth considering the double commission, the first is the bank’s one and the second is of the electronic wallet. After you withdraw funds to an electronic service, you can transfer money to your bank account or card.

Customer support

You can find the Alfa Bank support team contacts on their official website in the Feedback section. The fastest way is to communicate by phone; they provide several numbers, depending on the country. A large number of qualified operators provide a quick response with a minimal waiting period. The second way is to fill in the form of the appeal. Employees of Alfa Bank will answer you on the same day or the next one. If you are in Russia or Ukraine, you can visit the nearest department.

However, it is advisable to read the answers to frequently asked questions before applying. The Feedback section of Alfa Bank has a convenient keyword search system. There you will find numbers for a quick reply to certain issues with a message.

Advantages and disadvantages

Most competitors have big taxes on casino wins. Alfa Bank has pleasant terms for money transfers and a minimum fee. In addition, the bank provides a convenient ecosystem for tracking your funds: Alfa Click and Alfa Mobile. Having several accounts and cards, you can monitor money on them and track transfers. In contrast to some electronic services, Alfa Bank commits transactions around the clock. In case of delay, you can also contact the 24-hour support team. Employees will always help you, as they appreciate every customer and his safety. For this reason, Alpha Bank systems have the maximum electronic and physical protection for storing your funds.

The most important advantage for players is the fact that there are a lot of Alfa Bank online casinos. You do not need to search for the suitable one for a long time since almost all of them accept Visa debit card. Another excellence of this method of payment is that the Visa system does not apply to a particular country. Even if the player has a Russian card, and is in England, he is able to make a payment to the online casinos that accept Alfa Bank. Also, bank transfer is considered the fastest among all deposit methods.

Alfa Bank has not many disadvantages. The main challenge is the creation of an account for citizens of some countries; the Bank is active only in Russia and Ukraine. However, this is also not a big problem for some people. Also, some users complain about late transactions. In most cases, this is due to the overload of Alfa Bank's servers or because of the individual problems with the Internet.


  • small commission;
  • high transaction speed;
  • additional services for tracking funds;
  • transactions are made around the clock;
  • qualified support team;
  • a lot of Alfa Bank online casinos to choose from;
  • transfers no matter where you are;
  • high level of security.


  • the bank is active only in Russia and Ukraine;
  • temporary problems due to server overloading.


Alfa Bank is the largest private bank in Russia and can be called one of the safest. Servers that store electronic money as much as possible protected from any external factors. Physically, the system is protected from interruptions of electricity and overloads. Alfa Bank and its services are fully defended from hacking.

As for transactions and Alfa Bank Casino Deposit, you do not have to worry about your money and the information you gave. Alfa Bank uses secure transferring paths and no one can interrupt or intrude the operation. At the same time, the bank itself has no right to give information about you, your expenses and dues to third parties.

For maximum safety of your funds, you can create a virtual Mastercard from Alfa Bank. This card has no physical appearance initially; however, you can create a plastic one. The advantage of this card is an increased level of security. However, it is useless in reality, since you cannot pay in the store with it or withdraw money from the ATM. Having money on it you can make deposits and be sure that they are completely safe.

Casinos that accept Alfa Bank

Visa and Mastercard are almost always used as a deposit and withdrawal method, so you are almost free to choose. If you see that the platform you choose is one of the Alfa Bank online casinos, do not doubt. Banks of this level cannot afford to cooperate even with mediocre projects and select the best ones. Many players and gambling resources recommend Chance Hill Casino, Casino Las Vegas, Titan Casino, BitStarz Casino, Lapalingo Casino and Trada Casino. All of them have a great reputation and are open for deposit and withdrawal with the help of Alfa Bank. Lovers of pleasant additions will be delighted with their bonus system and regular competitions and offers.

Unfortunately, some Alfa Bank online casinos allow you only to make a deposit using a Visa card, but not to withdraw. This includes 888 Casino,, Casino Tropez and some others. However, this is more an exception than the rule. In any case, you can also have an electronic wallet for the withdrawals. You can easily transfer money from them to your Alfa Bank account.

Alternatives To Alfa Bank For Funding Online Casino Accounts

Alfa Bank is a profitable solution, but there must always be an alternative. The easiest way to change the deposit method is to find another bank. It always seems that somewhere the grass is greener so why not to try out competitors? There are many examples with similar conditions but more convenient for residents of certain countries. Players around the world advise giving preference to private banks.

You should definitely consider electronic wallets as the option. Known representatives of them are Skrill, WebMoney, and PayPal (very rare among the transferring means). The common thing that unites all electronic wallets is speed, security and a high degree of confidentiality. The withdrawals come faster with their help in most cases. However, Alfa Bank account is also useful, since you can transfer funds to it.


Bank transfers and Visa card have always been considered the most convenient and common way for deposit and withdrawal. Alfa Bank gives you a guarantee of the safety of your money and the ability to quickly and profitably make deposits in the casino. With the help of additions, you can monitor the receipt of your money online using your phone or computer. Of course, there are some shortcomings, but Alfa Bank offers acceptable conditions in general.

  1. Is it possible to use Alfa Bank services globally?

    Yes, you can open an account and travel around the world paying with a card.

  2. Why can I make an Alfa Bank Casino Deposit only with a Debit Card, but not with a Credit Card?

    The debit card has funds that are stored in your account. You pay a deposit with this money in the Alfa Bank casino. In the case of a deposit with a credit card, you pay the money given to you by a financial institution. If the limit is reached, you will not be able to make a deposit.

  3. Which countries can citizens open an Alfa Bank account?

    Alfa Bank is actively used in Russia and Ukraine and has many branches. Being in these countries you can open an account by going to the bank department. The package of documents differs depending on your status in the country. Residents of other countries in Europe and around the world can learn about how to open an account with the help of the bank's support.

  4. Are there limits on deposit from Alfa Bank?

    Alfa Bank does not put limits on the number of transfers. However, you must remember that every casino has its daily or monthly limits. Also, if you use the Credit Card, it has limits.

  5. How to check that the selected casino is one of the Alfa Bank online casinos?

    It's pretty simple. Usually, casinos initially tell the players what methods they provide for the deposit in the description. If there is no information, or you cannot find it, register, click on the Deposit button and look all methods for Visa card. In most cases, the result is positive.

  6. How much is Alfa Bank safe?

    As one of the largest private banks in Europe, it must provide the best possible services. Alfa Bank 100% protects customers from hacking accounts and stealing funds. The system has physical security in the form of reliable servers and a programming shield in the form of special encryption of all elements of the ecosystem. In order to learn about greater security measures, contact the bank's representatives.

  7. What to do if the casino does not withdraw money using Visa card?

    Such a situation is possible, however, this is rare and not the problem. In this case, the casino offers other methods, including electronic wallets. Each of the methods has a different commission, check to be aware of. You can withdraw money using WebMoney, Skrill, and other services. Then transfer funds to your Alfa Bank Account.

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