casinos that accept bank draft
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Casinos that accept Bank Draft

These top Bank Draft online casinos offer:
  • It is a digital analogue of a check.
  • More frequently used for withdrawals, not depositing.
  • The method is not instant: funds are credited in several days.
  • One of the safest and most reliable methods around.
  • Allows to deposit hefty amounts of money.
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A Bank Draft is one of the traditional payment methods that is accepted as a funds withdrawal method by a number of online casinos, and as a funds depositing method by some web-based establishments. In the United States, a bank draft is frequently referred to as a check or a cashier’s cheque. In layman terms, it represents an instruction in either electronic or physical (a slip of paper) form, which bank clients use as a way of authorizing a funds transfer from their bank account to another one (or vice versa).

This method of money transfer requires you to contact the bank and involves a rather lengthy waiting period, especially if you choose to send the physical bank draft to the online casino by mail. A bank draft is largely similar to the Personal Check bank transfer method, but the user isn't required to have a checking account. Having any bank account enables you to use bank drafts.

How To Deposit And Withdraw Via Bank Drafts?

When you intend to deposit a certain sum to your account at the online casino via the bank draft method, you have two options to choose from:

  1. sending the physical bank draft to the selected online casino by mail;
  2. using the protocol for electronic transfers of funds.

    In either case, make sure you have a sufficient amount of funds in your bank account before proceeding.

    • Using this option, pay great attention to the mailing details: ensure that your bank draft is going to the right casino and that the mailing address is correct. If you want to have an extra bit of certainty that your bank draft reaches the destination without any complications, you should mail it with protection or activate a tracking service. An additional piece of advice: contact a representative of the customer care team at the online casino of your choice and inform them you're sending a bank draft by mail. The casino employee will be able to give you a defined timeframe as to how soon your bank draft is going to be deposited to your online casino account.
    • Electronic transfer. As an alternative to the mailing method, the online casino of your choice can use the ACH tool, which is an electronic processor of bank drafts. The gambler has to initiate the transfer on his end. Another option is to send the requisite information to the online casino so that its financial specialists take care of the transfer. Most establishments have a clear scheme of how to proceed to use this depositing method:
      1. Log in to your account and go to the page devoted to finances.
      2. Find the logo representing the “Bank Draft” method and click on it.
      3. Enter the sum of money that you want to deposit.
      4. The casino will provide clear step-by-step instruction as to what to do next to make the deposit. Describing it in general terms, you will have to contact your bank and request a cashier's check in the specified deposit sum to be issued.

When you wish to withdraw funds using the bank draft method, enter the cashier, specify the withdrawal amount in USD or another currency of your choice, and order check. Make sure you have provided the correct address in your casino account, as the establishment will mail the check to this address. Some bank draft online casinos also have the Bank Draft Express option: with this method, you receive your withdrawal funds faster, but the casino charges a flat fee.

Customer Support For Bank Drafts

If you want to send a sum of money to an online casino via a bank draft, you can obtain all the customer support you need by contacting your banking institution and the online casino itself. If necessary, the bank employee will explain to you how the bank draft method works, how long it takes for the payment to be processed, and what are the fees involved (if any). If you intend to send the physical bank draft by mail, make sure to ask an employee of the mail or courier company about the approximate delivery time frame, considering your location and the selected shipment method.

You can contact the online casino support team and inquire whether banks drafts are accepted as a deposit and withdrawal method, what bonuses they provide for the users of bank drafts, whether the quicker Bank Draft Express option is available for withdrawals and how large is the fee involved.

Advantages Of Bank Drafts

  • The method is safe, clear and simple.
  • An account with a local bank is the only thing you need to be able to transfer money to and from an online casino.
  • The processing of your payments takes place strictly between your bank and the casino; there are no third parties involved.
  • Bank drafts feature a greater degree of safety in comparison with bank checks and alternative methods that involve a third party.
  • A bank draft is a cost-effective method of depositing or withdrawing a larger sum of money.
  • Although a bank draft is a rather slow money transfer method, it is still considerably faster than a personal check.
  • At many bank draft online casinos, gamblers are provided a pleasant bonus that amounts up to 15% of the deposited sum.
  • If the player wants to, he or she can order the payments to be made automatically at regular intervals.
  • With banks drafts, the practice of writing personal checks and mailing them to the recipient becomes a thing of the past.

Disadvantages Of Bank Drafts

  • The greatest disadvantage of bank drafts as a depositing and withdrawal method is that you have to wait for a while until the payment is processed. It takes several business days for your funds to be transferred and credited to your online casino account.
  • If you send the physical bank draft by mail, it prolongs the waiting time by several more days.
  • The sum you wish to transfer is remitted from your bank account before the bank proceeds to prepare and conduct the bank draft.
  • Bank drafts are one of the less popular depositing methods at online casinos. Smaller establishments may not accept it.
  • Your bank will likely charge a fee for the processing of your bank transfer. The specific amount depends on your bank and the sum transferred.

Security Of Bank Drafts

Bank drafts are regarded as one of the high-security depositing methods. The payment is processed between two entities – the banking institution and the casino. There are no third parties involved, so the likelihood of your personal and banking information being stolen is lower in comparison with the payment methods that include intermediaries. When you order a bank draft, the bank deduces the specified sum from your account immediately for security purposes. This ensures that, unlike a personal check, a bank draft cannot bounce – the order is secured and your money is guaranteed.

Casinos That Accept Bank Drafts

If you're a seasoned gambler, you'll discover that most of your favorite online casinos do accept bank drafts. However, small and new establishments may not support this option. The favorable peculiarity of bank drafts as a depositing method is that it makes you eligible for various bonuses in many online casinos. If you intend to use a bank draft to put your gambling budget into the corresponding account, consider playing at one of the bank draft online casinos listed below.





888 Casino



up to $100

32 Red Casino



up to $160

Aztec Riches Casino



up to $50

Casino Classic



up to $100

Paddy Power Casino



up to $50

10Bet Casino



up to $1000

Ladbrokes Casino



up to $50

Betfair Casino



up to $400

Boyle Casino



up to $300

Lucky Creek Casino



up to $88

Bovada Casino



up to $3000

Joe Fortune Casino



up to 1000

Alternatives To Bank Drafts For Funding Online Casino Accounts

Unfortunately, you may face difficulties when trying to deposit via a bank draft to your favorite online casino, as some establishments do not support this method and try to discourage their players from using it. In this case, a comparable alternative is issuing a personal check. However, take into account such a transfer can take up to 21 business days to complete and is considered somewhat less safe than a bank draft.

If the casino of your choice does not accept bank drafts, you may want to consider some widely used alternatives, such as credit and debit cards of the Visa, Mastercard, and American Express systems or electronic payment methods, such as PayPal or Skrill. They are much faster than bank drafts, correspond to international standards of safety and security, and are accepted by the absolute majority of online casinos.


Although banks drafts are slowly becoming outdated in favor of faster payments, there are still plenty of people who value the safety of this method and plenty of bank draft online casinos that cater to these gamblers' choice. If you want to deposit a particularly large sum of money to your online casino account and are not concerned about the longer timeframe of payment processing, a bank draft is a perfect method for you.


Q.: Do I need to have a checking account to order a bank draft?

A.: No. Although bank drafts are referred to as checks in some countries, you do not need a checking account to use this transfer method. A regular bank account is all you need to make a bank draft.

Q.: If I mail the physical bank draft to the online casino, how long will it take to arrive?

A.: This timeframe can only be determined based on your location and the shipment method you choose. For a faster delivery, you can resort to an express mail option or send it via a courier company.

Q.: How long does it take for a bank draft to be processed?

A.: Once the bank draft is delivered to the recipient (the online casino), approximately 7-10 business days will pass before the payment is completed and the bank draft casino deposit is credited to your gambling account. The specific time frame depends on the bank of your choice.

Q.: When is the sum I want to deposit removed from my bank account?

A.: The funds are remitted from the sender's account before the bank starts to prepare the bank draft for processing.

Q.: How will I know that the bank draft is cleared?

A.: When the bank draft is processed and cleared, and your bank draft casino deposit is credited to your gambling account, you will be sent the corresponding notification via email.

Q.: Is there any way to speed up the bank draft withdrawal?

A.: Some casinos offer the Bank Draft Express option, which significantly reduces the waiting time but involves a certain flat fee.

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