casinos that accept bank transfer
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Casinos that accept Bank Transfer

These top Bank Transfer online casinos offer:
  • Almost unlimited deposit size – ideal for high-rollers.
  • This is one of the safest methods around.
  • It is very simple – just go to the bank and pay.
  • Transactions are processed not immediately.
  • There is usually a fee charged from a payer.
  • Bank transfers are accepted virtually everywhere.
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Every time when it comes to playing for real money at a virtual casino, a user should make two important decisions. Firstly, he or she needs to select a right casino with a decent choice of diverse gaming options and bonuses. Secondly, he or she has to choose the best method of cash depositing and withdrawal.

Choosing a depositing option, different players use different criteria:

  • convenience and speed of processing;
  • safety and reliability;
  • availability of the method;
  • opportunity of money withdrawal.

If safety, availability and a huge coverage is what you are looking for, you may want to use a conventional bank transfer method, which is sometimes referred to as wire transfer.


Bank Transfer Overview

The method of bank transfer is commonly chosen by those players who don’t have plastic of virtual banker cards or don’t want to use them for online purchases. If you opt for this method, choose the option “direct banking” on the site of the chosen casino and simply follow the instructions. If you have a minimal experience in using any banking services, the procedure will be very simple and straightforward for you. To make a deposit directly from your bank account, you may go to the nearest banking outlet or use online banking. It is for you to choose.

Advantages of the Bank Transfer Method

  • No need to open an account in any third-party system or use intermediates’ services like electronic wallets.
  • Almost all casinos accept bank transfers. You virtually have an unlimited selection of gambling options available.
  • No need of entering sensitive data (from debit or credit cards) in the Internet.
  • Absolutely safe banking transactions protected with the most powerful modern tools.
  • Effortless withdrawal to the same bank account.
  • It is faster than using cheques for money loading.
  • Automatic conversion of currency, which is convenient when you play at foreign casinos.

Disadvantages of the Bank Transfer Method

  • It is not instant. Processing of one transaction can take two or three days (up to 72 hours). If you can’t afford waiting for so long, it is not for you.
  • The minimal amount of depositing can be larger than when you use other methods. However, for some players it is an advantage, as they prefer to load a substantial sum and play, not thinking about the need of reloading the account.
  • The biggest disappointment is the fee charged for the transfers. It varies from bank to bank and from casino to casino, but it is relatively high if compared to other methods. The commission is added to every deposit and deducted from your payout.

To sum it up, the method of bank or wire transfers has its strong and weak points. If you want to use an ultra-reliable, simple and familiar method of loading cash for a serious real-money gaming, you may consider bank transfers as a tool.

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