For most new players, the online casino world can seem and feel like a very confusing place. These sites have flashing banners, the majority of them offering massive bonuses and they all seem to include the same type of games, from the same developers. However, what most people fail to understand or see is that there are major differences between these sites. These websites affect important factors such as deposit methods, trust, the number of games offered, the software used and whether or not they accept players from your region.

As such, we have this brief article, which takes you through some of these subtle differences – showing you how you can choose an online casino that will best fit your gambling needs. In other words, it’s meant to help you know whether or not you are playing at one of the best online casinos.

Best Online Casinos UK

On this page, we’ve included a number of online casinos that have been tried and tested before being rated as one of the best casinos. But before doing so, we have to look at so many factors some of them including the following:

We Run a Background Check on Scums
First and foremost, before anything else, we usually run a thorough background check on online casinos just to ensure that it hasn’t been blacklisted anywhere. A website that comes out very clean is a good indication that it qualifies to undergo the other vigorous tests to ensure that it surely falls under one of the best online casinos UK.
If the casino is clean off any scum, we proceed to check if it has an appropriate online casino gambling license, issued by a respectable and reputable gambling body. Given that we are more concerned at giving our UK and European players useful information, we have to look if it holds a UK Gambling Commission; Malta Gaming Authority or Curacao Gaming License. If we can’t seem to find any information about this, we simply steer clear of such a site.
We Have to Conform the Fairness Test
An online casino might have qualified in the above areas, but it still might not qualify as one of the best. Best casinos for online slot machines and other games tend to have a live link to a report indicating the results of their RTP test. If it doesn’t have one, it should have at least one logo from a renowned independent third party auditing body, which verifies that the games it’s offering are truly random, fair and actually have the RTP indicated.
Let’s Talk about Your Money and Security Features
Once we’ve found an online casino free of any scums, has a valid license and has proven to be offering fair games, the next thing that we look at are the banking options available as well as the security features put in place just to ensure your financial and personal information is safe at all times.

Even though most casinos have a very long list of payment options that players can choose from, the best online casinos have specific options for players from different countries. For example, if you are a UK player, these casinos should have options that favour only UK players as well as keeping options open for players from other countries. Moreover, they should also support multiple internationally used currencies and have very fast and reliable deposit and withdrawal times.

As for safety and security, the site also has to have different features including using the latest encryption technology, using up to date firewalls, very strict policies among many other features in place to ensure you are always safeguarded against cyber-crime.

Trust and Reputation
This might not be of much importance to some players or other websites as one might argue that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, for us, this is of great importance. Trust and reputation play a very important role as it gives us the general picture of what one should expect at the site.

For reputation, we tend to look at what people say how well they were served. Did the site process their withdrawals within the stipulated time at the site? How good was the customer support service? Did they offer the required help?

We ask ourselves these among many other questions and compare them online, try out the services ourselves then make a conclusion about the casino.

The Future of New Best Online Casinos

The new casinos websites that UK and players from other European countries can look forward to are going to be introducing some fresh and very exciting changes, especially in the mobile gambling scene. Bettors shouldn’t really be looking forward to the world to turn on its head. Instead, they should definitely be excited, as the somewhat new world of online casinos starts developing and we see what the next generation of what the new best sites can offer us.

Notable changes that we expect these new casinos to come with are mostly in terms of the different payment options, the games that we’ll be able to play and the range of things that players will be able to do at these sites.

The different slots developers are going to continue developing better slots and other casino games, while the continuous improvement of technology will continue bettering the banking options, making them as much diverse as possible. These will make it very easy for players to move money in and out of their accounts seamlessly and thus enjoy gaming stress-free.

More and more data online continue indicating that more players are continuously shifting to using mobile devices gambling. This means that the desktop bettors are sadly going to see less change in the future as the best online casinos continue developing mobile-optimized applications for their sites, which will target the growing number of mobile gamers.

Top Online Casinos Find the Best

Use some of the discussed points to find the best sites. You can as well try some of our listed casinos below and see if they match your preferences. Mobile, desktop, slots, roulette and card players will certainly find something to try at the listed casinos.