casinos that accept clickandbuy
Company: ClickandBuy Holding GmbH
Founded: 1999
Member Accounts: Not Available
Currencies: 120
Nations: 193 countries.

Casinos that accept ClickandBuy

These top ClickandBuy online casinos offer:
  • A simple and convenient e-wallet system.
  • Accepted in 30 countries, supports 120 currencies.
  • Payments are instant and secure; personal data is not disclosed.
  • Relatively large deposit limits.
  • Allows deposits as well as withdrawals.
  • Commission is charged for any transaction.
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ClickandBuy is a system of instant online payments based on the technology of e-wallet. It has been in business since 1999. The service was launched by ClickandBuy International Ltd in Germany, however, in some years its headquarters were moved to London. As of today, ClickandBuy is regulated by the Bank of England and FCA. The company was sold to Deutsche Telekom in 2010.

Today the system is used in 30 countries, serving over 14 million clients. It is accepted in over 16 thousand of web-outlets, including casinos, stores and other services and allows making purchases in 120 world currencies.


ClickandBuy Overview

Essentially, ClickandBuy is a virtual (electronic) wallet. The system is fully prepaid, which means that you should first deposit funds into the wallet and then spend it on goods or services online. You can transfer funds to the wallet from your current bank account, a banker card (debit or credit) on with any other method, including other virtual wallets and pre-paid vouchers.

To start using the service, you need to open an account in the system. It is free. During the registration you get a unique name in the system and a password. Using the username and the password, you’ll be able to make online payments.

A distinctive feature of the system is that you enter your personal information only once, at the very beginning. In future, you use only your username, so the receiving party will never identify your personality. In other words, all the transactions are anonymous. Being a modern electronic system, ClickandBuy provides the highest level of security, complying with the latest encryption standards.

ClickandBuy is a swift and convenient method of online settlements, which is ideal for paying at casinos. Your personal data is reliably protected as you don’t need to use it every time you make a payment. It is one of the key advantages of the e-wallet over paying with MasterCard or Visa.

However, you still need to use some personal data at least at the stage of registration. When you create an account, you are requested to enter information of your bank account or credit card or other e-wallet that you are going to use for depositing.

At the stage of verification (ClickandBuy checks the validity of data provided), you’ll need to transfer a small sum of money from your current bank account to the e-wallet. As soon as verification is completed, the funds are returned to you. With a verified account, you can pay online using only your username and a password.

For depositing cash on your ClickandBuy wallet, one can use one of 43 methods available. The choice will mainly depend on the country (in different countries different methods are available) and the commission fee charged. For example, a standard fee for depositing with a credit card is 3,9%.

After you login into your personal account on ClickandBuy official site, you can in an online mode track your current balance and your transactions execution. To login, you again need a login and a password only.

For users’ convenience, there is a nice feature – a mobile app for smartphones. You may download the app, login into your account and pay right from the app. This is a fast and a very convenient method for those who prefer to make purchases from mobile devices. Another smart feature of the service is what is called Buyer Protection. If a payment via ClickandBuy failed for some reason, the seller gets compensation.

Finally, ClickandBuy is known for its discounts and special offers developed together with the companies that accept this method of depositing.

ClickandBuy Method for Online Casinos

If you already have an account in the ClickandBuy system, you can quickly and easily fund your account on the casino site. It is done in a couple of simple steps. First, choose the option ClickandBuy on the deposit page (section “e-wallets”). Second, enter the amount required. Third, insert your username and password and confirm the operation. That’s all! Money is transferred to casino in a twinkle of an eye.

Does ClickandBuy Allow Cash Withdrawal from a Casino?

Withdrawing funds with ClickandBuy is as easy as depositing. To cash out your winning, open the “Cash out” or “Withdrawal” page, select ClickandBuy from the list of available options, enter the amount you want to withdraw, your username and a password. The terms of withdrawal (time, commission fees, limits and so on) are set by a casino and can vary.

Benefits of ClickandBuy

ClickandBuy system has a number of advantages over other methods of making payments online.

  • Like all modern e-wallets, it is absolutely safe and uses the latest methods of transactions protecting, including 128-bit encryption.
  • It is swift. Transactions are processed in a real-time mode and the funds are transferred by a receiving party immediately.
  • The system makes it possible to pay anonymously without disclosing any personal data.
  • ClickandBuy lets fund your online casino account in a twinkle of an eye.
  • You can track and control all the transactions online right from your mobile device.
  • Special offers and discounts available.

Downsides of ClickandBuy

At the same, there is nothing perfect in the world, and ClickandBuy also has some drawbacks.

  • You can’t deposit into your ClickandBuy account without a commission. Fee is charged every time.
  • Some casinos that allow depositing with ClickandBuy don’t offer funds withdrawal via this system.
  • When you open an account in ClickandBuy, a compulsory verification is required.

A Bottom Line

Witout any doubt, ClickandBuy is a convenient and modern system of online payments. Nevertheless, it is still not very popular in online casinos. On this page you’ll find a list of trusted casinos that support this system of depositing.

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