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Crazy Chameleons Slot Machine Online

crazy chameleons
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About Crazy Chameleons Slot

Chameleons are known to adjust and change stripes when they have to protect themselves from predators. Crazy chameleons casino slot online is known to share fun and turn players into their own preys. Read on to find out more about this not-so-standard slot machine.

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Crazy Chameleons Preview

crazy chameleons slot machine online

It is fun when people try to dig into colors really.  However, if the player is expecting to relieve a little bit of fun with a chameleon changing colors, then this is not really a good game to try.  Crazy Chameleons is one of those slot machines that just could not give what the name suggests.

There is genuinely nothing crazy about a chameleon who is surfing.  The idea seems like just another one of those ideas that needed to come out and yet the execution is a little bit hasty and a little bit needy.  The whole theme seems to fail on all respects.

However, even with the theme being as boring as it is, whenever the player would play Crazy Chameleons slot machine online, there is automatically that sense of fulfillment that the person may get because he gave this bunch a try.

The graphics effects are as simple as it gets and that is it.  There is nothing in the slot machine that could really make the graphics stand out.  It is a simple screen and a heavy illustration screen if one would ask.

The sound effects match the graphics so there is indeed nothing there that could make up for the lack of execution. In a way, this one is just like the old games released – the player could have fun, the player would play for real money, the player does not win big, and the player does not lose big.  It plays safe in all respects.

Micro gaming is a real winner when it comes to shocking the world with ideas.  Unfortunately, there is really nothing that could make a person stay in love with this one except when he is just really out to have some fun and not lose or gain anything.

Diverting the Fun

There are other things that make this slot machine one for the ages.  For one, it is about a lizard type that changes his color when he wants to.  Second, it has some features that are fun to try out.  What are these features?  They are the following:

  • It has a wild symbol that could create a diversion to the player. Say the player is already losing money and he wants out so this would be his last spin, on his previous spin, a wild symbol comes out, and he gets a win.  That is a real winner and gamers would really appreciate that.
  • Automatic Play Function – this automatic play function is one that really makes one fall in love with the idea that he or she can play a game and win at the same time. It can be limited to a certain number of spins or certain of wins or even a certain number of loses.  The player has total control over it.
  • What is the software that created this idea into a reality? It is created by Micro gaming.
  • What is the slot type? It is a video slots kind of game and the screen comes alive for the gamer.
  • How many pay lines can the gamer play with? There are only around 5 pay lines.  Each of these pay lines should have a minimum of 1 coin per line and a maximum of 1 coin per line.  So, just by looking at this feature, the player already knows that the game is not as exciting as one would hope it to be.
  • How many reels should one expect? There are only a total of 5 reels.
  • What is the coin size? The coin size of the slot machine is 0.25 and the maximum coin size is 5.
  • The total jackpot loot is around 5000 coins. The player can get this all in one spin if the odds are really in his favor.
  • The total RTP is 96.07%. This RTP is about as good as it gets.  Far from the unknown RTP games, when a player knows the value coming in, there would be no surprises.

Safe and Crazy

Play Crazy Chameleons for real money, and the gamer should not expect to win big.  There is a sense of simplicity and notion that nothing happens out of chance that one would end up losing his mind.  In a way, this release is only an execution of an idea which the developers had nothing invested on.  A gamer could try it once and not lose sleep over it – that is just the way it goes.

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