Dirty Jack Online Game Online Slots
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Dirty Jack Slot Machine Online

dirty jack
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About Dirty Jack Slot

What do casino players usually expect from a gaming experience when they launch a slot machine? Some definitely seek for a diversified pleasure, permeated with various twists and turns so that to feel a bit load of additional elements. Others, instead, prefer betting on a real-like simulators where slot developers show off their attempts at re-establishing brick-and-mortar casinos within a personal computer’s screen. That’s why if you’ve ever been interested in the developers, you probably noticed that there are two separate segments of creating: one focuses on imitating video-games while the second transfers crude reality to virtuality. But for those gamblers whose tastes have a specific application to classics there’s always an amazing offer or two. So today’s topic of exploration is PariPlay’s great effort at Wild West and land-based atmosphere which would be incredibly luring if your eyes keep looking for narrowed number of lines and so on. Dirty Jack slot is a game, epitomizing the whole row of previously mentioned parameters: it’s easy-to-follow, it’s fun to play through, it mimics the real fruit apparatus and finally it’s based on your skill. Here gamblers are devoid of extra perks and bonuses and provided with a runway for a skill showcase. But don’t think that Dirty Jack is another plain and tasteless rendition on classics – PariPlay did a wonderful job to decorate the interface and empowered the machine with an amazing outlook. Well, enough talking, let’s get the slot show on the read.

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Dirty Jack Preview

dirty jack slot machine online

Interesting features

As long as Dirty Jack represents an example of a classic slot game, then there must be nothing additional like freespins within, you might evidently gather. But don’t fall short for that common misconception that a good slotting session should include an extensive array of bonus features for the action to be really interesting. PariPlay did their best to solve two issues at once: they didn’t do away with primitivity, but at the same time they involved different gameplay features not connected to symbols at all. How does it work? Well, quite elegantly. Take a look yourself.

PROGRESSIVE DISTRIBUTION. Dirty Jack possesses high volatility meaning it’s reasonably hard to win a penny without tryharding. Nevertheless, when you win you win lavishly, that’s the basic principle. Dirty Jack utilises a somewhat domesticated system of payout distribution very similar to progressive-jackpot layouts. In other words, all the payouts are separated into three levels of ‘engagement’: the more you pay, the more you could possibly notch. The paytable consists of three categories, and depending on how much a gambler is ready to wager, the return will vary from one value to another. In the long run gamblers accumulate lost stakes and because of that they could be randomly transferred to a new level of paying.

ONE IS A FACTOR. Classic fruit machines love to complicate the rules so that players end up in a strike of fruitless rounds without winning anything. It stand to reason, though: when you have to collect a matching three-of-a-kind, you chances get a demotion. Dirty Jack won’t be so mean and greedy because even one appearing symbol can fetch a prize. A pair of bullets symbol, for example, always brings x2 (or more) to the wager for a single landing. Two pairs, by the way, carry a reward, too.

ONE-LINED. Dirty Jack slot machine has seven symbols, one line and three reels to accomplish a combination. Analysing the numbers, one may conclude that it’s actually a way easier to collect a combo of matchings rather than gather a pattern on a 5×3 grid. Additionally regarding that one symbol fetches a win, the whole picture becomes even handsomer.

How to play

Dirty Jack provides a minimalistically arranged control panel, that’s why the game cannot possibly seem intricate. Below the reels gamers will find vintage-like buttons to tame Dirty Jack. There will be just a few of them, so to say, the basics, but stay aware that easy controlling has no connection with easy winning. Remember that Dirty Jack slots are about being high volatile, so a little bit of prior knowledge about betting will come in handy. Anyway, it’s useful to know how to operate the machine:

  • To spin the reels hit ‘SPIN’ button. Note that Dirty Jack is operated only manually, there’s no autoplay. Press the button anytime you want to trigger the reels.
  • Bets can be adjusted with two parameters – Bet Level and Coin Value. There are two side arrows to click on to change the values. Coin Value is a denomination function, Bet Level increases the previous value.
  • Also, make use of ‘MAX BET’ option which allows to set the two last values to the maximum. It’s handful when you apply strategies and need a fast action to bet the largest sum.

Rules and features

Dirty Jack slots game incorporates two words: spin and win. Basically, that’s exactly what you are going to do. To have a quick start, get the most appropriate for you stakes with the previously described buttons: overall, bets range from 0.1 to 30 credits per round. The objective is to collect combination from the paytable, displayed above the reels. Dirty Jack has one line and three drums to place wagers on, and aside from that no bonuses or other fancy twists are included. The main luring factor is progressiveness of payouts. The paytable has three sets of values to be paid out and the regime is selected according to the amount of real money wagered. It looks as follows:











Sheriff Badges




































What’s there to say about Dirty Jack by PariPlay? There’s one thing for sure: the game is fun. Dirty Jack doesn’t want to come across as a sophisticated machine without application to the reality, and on the whole PariPlay made it be down to earth. Although some players have reported extremely low payout return, you shouldn’t forget that Dirty Jack is considered a skill-based option, so you have to think out your betting wisely.

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