casinos that accept dogecoin
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Casinos that accept Dogecoin

These top Dogecoin online casinos offer:
  • A top-notch payment solutions available everywhere in the world.
  • As secure and reliable as any cryptocurrency.
  • Payments are very fast, almost instant.
  • Still, not many casinos accept it.
  • Some casinos offer special bonuses for those depositing via Dogecoin.
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Crypto-currencies are state-of-the-art technologies which become more and more popular these days. It all has started with Bitcoin and then hundreds of new crypto-currencies have been created to repeat an overwhelming success of the first one. Some of them succeeded, some failed. Dogecoin is among the leaders of the crypto-currencies market even though its creators did not expect something like this. Nowadays, Dogecoin is one of the most used and played cryptocurrencies in the entire world. Moreover, it is widely supported by the community. If you like to gamble in the Internet it would not be difficult at all to find an online casino that accepts Dogecoin. Besides, you do not even have to search for those casinos – in our article we are going to discuss the best Dogecoin casinos which currently exist. So, if you really want to start gambling and have some Dogecoins in your e-wallet – continue with the article and you will find a lot of helpful information.

Creation of the Dogecoin

The story of the Dogecoin starts in December 2013 when it has been created by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. At that time, the creators intended to fulfill only three tasks. In 2013 a great number of crypto-currencies has been created and a half of them were reaching a million-dollars milestone in a few days only which was entirely foolish. For example, BBQ Coin had a capitalization of 8 million dollars and now it is absolutely useless. So, the first task was to satirically reflect an abrupt explosion of new crypto-currencies and their incomprehensible popularity among people who do not even know how they function. The second task was creation of a funny crypto-currency which would not set up a goal of overcoming Bitcoin or competing with it. Dogecoin has an enormous amount of individual units so one unit does not have a great value. This means that people can buy Dogecoins for fun and do not spend a lot of money. Finally, the third task was creation of a crypto-currency which would serve for tipping online.

Creators used well-known Doge meme for the symbol of the Dogecoin. It was a smart and original move and within a few days the crypto-currency became extremely popular in the Internet. Markus and Palmer were shocked: they did not expect these results. However, it was only a beginning and Dogecoin would continue to grow and spread all over the world.

Dogecoin: Technological and economical aspects

Basically, Dogecoin is a fork of Luckycoin – a crypto-currency which, in its turn, is a fork of Litecoin. Thus, Dogecoin has similar characteristics and features as Litecoin. For example, both of these crypto-currencies use a Scypt algorithm. Some differences are also present. Dogecoin’s block time is significantly shorter than the one of Litecoin. As we have already stated, the reason for this is the desire of Dogecoin creators to make this crypto-currency not expensive and accessible for everyone. Today the market capitalization of Dogecoin is more than 750 million dollars but still you can buy an individual token for one cent which is incredibly cheap if compared to other crypto-currencies. This small price is planned and it makes Dogecoin much more appealing for potential investors.

An interesting fact is that Dogecoin does not have a limited overall supply. Experts estimate that 5,2 billion units will be produced every year and this number is not supposed to be reduced in a long run. Experts’ opinions are divided in this matter. Critics say that this unlimited overall supply has a negative impact on the development of Dogecoin because it impedes the value of a token to increase. It is true that a Dogecoin has almost the same value as it had a few years ago but it also means that this crypto-currency is stable and reliable.

Nowadays a lot of online casinos offer a possibility to make a deposit and withdraw winnings using Dogecoins. All transactions with Dogecoin are very fast and secure. Moreover, transaction fees are reasonable: you only have to pay one cent for a transaction (if only the casino you have chosen does not have its own fees). Forget about waiting long hours and even days until money finally reach your casino account. Dogecoin casinos online give you a chance to play casino games right away after registration process.

As we have already mentioned, transactions with Dogecoin are fast and flawless. Even if a problem occurs (which happens very rarely) customer support services of Dogecoin online casinos are always ready to provide help and assistance. Players can reach customer support employees by phone, e-mail, or just describe the problem in an online chat. Do not hesitate to contact customer support service because it is the easiest and the fastest means to solve your problem.

Advantages and disadvantages of Dogecoin online casinos

The right question to ask yourself now is “Why should I use Dogecoin to gamble online”? In fact, there are numerous reasons. First of all, it is a funny and at the same time satirical payment method. By buying Dogecoins you express your attitude towards crypto-currencies boom. Another reason is extremely low transaction fees. For example, Bitcoin owners have to pay a lot for each transaction no matter what it is – deposit or withdrawal. All transactions are carried out very quickly and flawlessly. Buying Dogecoins you do not take huge risk because its value is almost unchangeable. Nevertheless, you cannot earn money on exchange rate fluctuations. Not all online casinos allow players to make a deposit in Dogecoins and some of those which do offer this possibility are not reliable. As we see, Dogecoins have either advantages and disadvantages.

Security of Dogecoin

Is it secure to use Dogecoin to play in casino games online? It is true that Dogecoin has had some hard times. Let’s just recall a massive theft which frightened Dogecoin users and made some of them abandon the currency. Still, we are persuaded that Dogecoin is one of the most reliable crypto-currencies especially when it comes about gambling. So, if you are willing to start playing on money in online casinos, Dogecoin online casinos is a wonderful option.

Casinos that accept Dogecoins

There is a great number of casinos that accept Dogecoins as well as other crypto-currencies. We decided to conduct a research and distinguish the best Dogecoin online casinos. If you are willing to play on money online – these online platforms are perfect options.

  • BetChain casino – a wonderful place to play in casino games using Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. The casino offers an enormous possibility to get 150% first deposit bonus without any bonus code required. Also, all players who finished registration process but did not make a deposit can get up to 20 free spins. Dogecoin casino deposit here is a secure and fast means to transfer money from your e-wallet to the casino account.
  • FortuneJack online casino – another online platform which offers a possibility to make a deposit using Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum. After the first deposit you have a chance to get 250 free spins and earn money without risking anything. FortuneJack is a reliable and secure online casino with a lot of special offers so it would be a nice choice to gamble here.
  • BitStarz – another Dogecoin online casino which offers a first deposit bonus of 180 free spins. Also, there is a chance to get an equivalent of 5 Bitcoins. Right away after registration players can use 25 free spins and earn their first money. BitStarz provides high security level and offers enormous amount of slots and card games. For these and many other reasons, BitStarz is included in our list of the best Dogecoin online casinos.

Dogecoin is one of the numerous crypto-currencies which exist nowadays. Thus, you can fund your casino accounts using Litecoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Ethereum, or using traditional payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Payoneer etc. Yet, Dogecoin transactions are fast, flawless, and do not require huge fees. Therefore, we strongly recommend this crypto-currency when it comes of online gambling.


Is Dogecoin is secure to use?

Dogecoin is considered to be one of the most secure crypto-currencies. No third party is required to carry out a transaction so the risk is minimum.

Are there a lot of Dogecoin online casinos in the Internet?

Dogecoin is a very popular cryptocurrency. Thus, there is a great number of online casinos which accept this currency. You will have no problems to find online gambling platforms working with Dogecoin.

Which casino games you can play with Dogecoin?

You can play all slots and card games you want, there are no limits.

In which countries you can make a deposit using Dogecoin?

It does not matter at all which country you live in. Dogecoin is a virtual currency so you can make a deposit or withdrawal from any spot of the planet, the most important thing is Internet access.

Do you need to pay any fees?

Yes, you have to pay transaction fees but they are extremely moderate if compared to Bitcoin, for example.

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