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Casinos that accept ETH

These top ETH online casinos offer:
  • Etherium is a popular cryptocurrency used for web-payments.
  • It provides a total anonymity on the Internet.
  • Each transaction is 100% protected.
  • Many e-casinos accept it today.
  • Residents of any country can use it.
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The Ethereum cryptocurrency (ETH) is a coin that created as a means of payment inside the system for creating decentralized applications based on smart contracts. The Ethereum platform was established in 2014 to popularize the technology of blockchain. This goal achieved by Ethereum. On that platform, anyone can create his currency or project. We will also consider the best ETH Online Casinos.

Deposit and withdrawal method

Ways how quickly and easily you can create an Ethereum wallet:

  • Download EthereumWallet or Mist from the official site of (download and install on your computer). All versions of the official wallet are posted on In this case, the entire blockchain (100GB) will be downloaded, and it will take the process a long time. Therefore, it makes sense to use more "light" options;
  • Open an online wallet at the crypto exchange. You do not need to download the network blockchain, and the unique address will be generated for you. For example, on EXMO, Binance, BitFlip cryptocurrency exchanges, an account in Ethereum (ETH) is automatically provided after registration. It is possible to deposit it from another wallet or purchase a cryptocurrency on the exchange. You can buy the ETH for real money (using dollars, euros, and other currencies), and other virtual coins;
  • Open the wallet in the Payeer payment system. After registration, you will be able to store Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash. Minimum transfer amounts are 0.001 BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC. The advantages of this method are that you can transfer the cryptocurrency to your wallet address in Payeer, and exchange it for real money and withdraw it conveniently;
  • Register for online services (without installing the program on the computer and downloading the network blockchain). Popular online wallets: (you can store ERC 20 tokens); (you can also save bitcoin); MetaMask; Bitgo; Guarda; MyCrypto; Lumi;
  • With the help of local multi-currency wallets: Exodus, Jaxx, Carbon, Eidoo, Morpheuswallet, Etherwall and others;
  • Use hardware devices (they are paid): Ledger, Trezor, and others.

ETH Casino Deposit is the fastest way to start gambling.

Customer support

The system does not have the standard technical support in chat or via email. In contrast, huge communities have been established in various forums. There you can ask any questions about the technical aspects of using the system. To simplify the communication process, the FAQ database was created. Developers also created, where you can ask questions and get technical support.

Advantages and disadvantages

ETH is the only fully functional platform for creating decentralized applications. Competing solutions are currently at an early stage of their existence and cannot be used to solve practical problems. In the absence of alternatives, ETH has become the most popular tool for developing smart contracts.

Main advantages of the system and ETH Online Casinos:

  • Stability. The primary purpose of the project is to preserve the principles of decentralization and free choice of the market;
  • -Persistence. The system is provided with excellent protection. Of course, for the entire period of existence, it was attacked many times, but it did not prevent it from continuing to function. This resilience indicates the apparent power of the system - in fact, the more attacks the network can reflect, the more powerful the market will be;
  • The promotion fund is used to provide financial support to developers;
  • High liquidity ratios. And this is a fundamental fact to indicate the position of an asset in the market;
  • Financing. It should be noted that earlier it had problems, but now quite large investors are involved;
  • The shareholders are the owners of ETH;
  • Employees are miners who also have the right to vote.

The most popular sphere of application of ETH is the creation of new assets, most of which are distributed among users as a result of ICO. The explosive growth of this kind of crowdfunding contributed to the rise in the popularity of ETH Online Casinos: within two years the cost of cryptocurrency increased several hundred times. However, some fundraising campaigns hide fraudulent schemes, which contributes to the growth of uncertainty in the cryptocurrency market and may adversely affect the long-term reputation of the platform.

The main problem of ETH remains the human factor: errors in writing smart contracts can lead to losses amounting to tens of millions of dollars. In June 2016, the theft of the DAO project totaled more than $60 million. Theft became possible due to an error in the code of The DAO, which was discovered by an unknown hacker. To return the stolen funds, the network's hard fork was made, after which an alternative chain called Ethereum Classic was formed.

In 2017, users of online wallet Parity experienced two shocks at once. In July, cybercriminals stole more than 153,000 ETH from user accounts, which corresponded to a sum of $30 million. Hackers used an error in the code of one of the smart contracts to hack. A few months later, many users of Parity again faced severe problems. This time, tokens were frozen for more than $150 million because of another mistake in the smart contract.

The high vulnerability of smart contracts is a significant concern of the crypto community. According to many experts, the protocol developers should review the attitude to the security of the system and tighten the rules for writing code. At the moment, the stability of the work of a smart contract depends solely on the developer's professionalism and his ability to provide non-standard cases of program behavior.


ETH Online Casinos have a good reputation among users and reviewers. The blockchain is a cryptographically secure transactional one-element system with a standard state. Not a very simple definition, is it? Let's break each component of this definition into separate parts:

  • "Cryptographically secure " means that the security of cryptocurrency is provided by complex mathematical algorithms, which are almost impossible to circumvent. The protection built using these algorithms is a kind of firewall: thanks to the algorithms used, it is almost impossible to bypass the security system (for example, it is impossible to create fake transactions, destroy transactions, etc.).
  • "Transactional one-element system" means that there is only one set state of the system, through which all the transactions created in this system occur. In other words, for this system, only one state is provided, which is the only true one.
  • "With a common state" means that the state specified in the system is standard and open to all.

That is a well-known fact that all ETH Online Casinos are safe and reliable.

Casinos that accept ETH

We found an extensive list of casinos which accepts ETH. This list includes BitStarz, TTR casino, Betchan, Fortunejack, 1xbit, Betchain, mBit, Betcoin, Betchain and some others.

Alternatives to ETH for Funding Online Casino Accounts

In addition to ETH, other types of cryptocurrencies are widespread in the online gambling world and ETH Online Casinos, which can be used as a means of payment. As a rule, Online casinos that accept ETH are also working with BTC, LTC, Monero, etc. These are also time-tested cryptocurrencies that have proven themselves as a reliable means of Internet payments. ETH Casino Deposit is one of the most convenient ways to transfer money.


If five years ago cryptocurrencies were a curiosity for the average consumer, today they are not surprised. They are exchanged, sold and even used for gaming purposes. The modern gambling industry has relatively quickly adapted to recent trends, and today any gambler can use the ETH for the game. This solution has a lot of advantages, which we will discuss in more detail below.

Advantages of playing the casino on the Ethereum

  • Anonymity. Even the ETH Online Casinos do not know any information about you absolutely, except that you will specify in the profile. That is especially true for players in countries where gambling is prohibited.
  • Efficiency. Transactions using the ETH are much faster than in the case of using the classical money.
  • Economic benefit. When carrying out operations related to cryptocurrencies, there is no commission fee, or it is insignificant.
  • Security. In a classic casino, you cannot be sure of the integrity of game algorithms. Online casinos that accept ETH offer this opportunity. The Provably fair system provides it. Using such a system, the client at any time can check the honesty of the game.
  • Great chance to win. The point that flows smoothly from the previous one. The ETH Online Casinos accepting cryptocurrencies are honest. Therefore the probability that the client will receive a prize is higher.

ETH Online Casinos become very popular because Ethereum gives anonymity.


  1. How to create an online wallet? or allows you to generate ETH wallets very quietly and without having to download programs to your computer. Creating new wallet proceeds not on the site, but on the user's computer. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the safe storage of data.

    Instructions. We go to the site and create the ETH wallet. Create a password consisting of at least nine characters and write in a safe place. I recommend KeePass for storing passwords. Click Create a Wallet.

  2. How to deposit the Etherium wallet?

    To buy the ETH and thus deposit the wallet, there are several ways.

    We use reliable and trusted exchangers of cryptocurrency: Prostocash, Xchange, 60cek.

    For example, on the Prostocash website, you can buy ETH using the most popular payment systems: bank cards, Yandex Money, Kiwi, Advcash, and others. You need to choose the direction of exchange, specify the amount, the address of the wallet of the ETH and carry out the operation.

  3. How to create the Ethereum wallet on the exchange?

    The exchange is the place where the cryptocurrency is bought and sold. After registering for any of them, you will automatically open a wallet in the Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency.

    For example, on Exmo, you will be given a wallet with 11 currencies, among which is the ETH.

  4. On which exchanges can I buy Ethereum?

    You can use dozens of exchanges to buy ETH. The most popular are YoBit, Livecoin, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Poloniex, HitBTC, Cryptopia, etc.

  5. How long does the transaction take?

    On average, the funds reach the addressee within 10-20 minutes.

  6. How to exchange ETH for real money?

    That can be done through automatic exchangers or using exchanges.

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