Free Online Slots

For over 20 years now, people from all around the world can get comfortable at their home and enjoy thousands of online slot machines! Before that, land-based casinos were the only option, and many people disliked that for several reasons:

  • Any decent casino has a written or unwritten dress code.
  • Poor game library
  • Spending money is required

All those things had changed when the online gambling industry first appeared:

  • As you are at home, you can wear your most comfortable clothes
  • All of the games are available online
  • You can play free slots with no download!

The last one is probably the key reason why this industry is so successful. By simply going to any online casino, which takes seconds nowadays, you can play thousands of online slot machines! The only requirement is the device to play with that has a connection to the internet.

This version is also called the fun version, because there is nothing else involved. No money involved, no worries, as people say. Besides that, a lot of new games are getting somewhat complex, and completely understanding all of the additions, bonus rounds and features. That usually costs players a lot of money in the land casinos, only those who are lucky enough to make cash come out of the casino with a smile on their face.

As no one was familiar with the free gameplay before the internet, everyone was extremely happy to hear about it. All major companies release their games in both free and real versions. As they are the best ones because of the games they make, hundreds of millions of gambler from all around the world have access to the best machines ever to be made.

Withdraw Money Without Depositing

The best thing about the whole “free” gameplay story is that it can actually involve cash. Play free slots online no download with bonus by claiming the no deposit addition. It can be found in hundreds of online casinos and brings nothing but benefits for the players.

Downloading rarely required, even for those who play the real version, but registering is almost always needed. Sometimes only if your balance if fortune enough to request the withdrawal, but usually before claiming the bonus.

No deposit bonuses for video slots come in two different forms:

  • Free money
  • Free spins

Both are equally good, even though free rolls are tied to only one game, in most cases. However, some casinos award, for example 50 or 100 spins, which can be used in all of the slots available.

Each no deposit bonus has a withdrawal requirement, which needs to be completed before getting the payout. If free spins are awarded, players need to use all of them along with making enough cash off of them in order to request the withdrawal. Those who got money directly after claiming it, need to build up the total bet value in the entire session before withdrawing.

Make sure to go through all the payment services available before getting into it, as there are always some that are available for deposit, but no for withdrawing, so pay special attention.

If you are lucky enough to win one of the jackpots available in the casino, then reaching the withdrawal goal should be no problem, as everything you need to do is gamble enough times to get to the limit. After that, you can transfer all of the money to your pocket through one of the available payment services.

Taxes and transaction fees can be found in the terms and conditions section, and there are several factors affecting them:

  • Player’s location
  • The amount
  • Service used to withdraw money

Look for the one that is the most convenient but also least expensive, as additional costs might be huge if there is a lot of cash involved. On the other hand, you won that money without even putting in any of your own, but being careful and double checking everything is always a good idea.

Free Mobile Gambling

PC was the most used device for gambling back in the 90’s and in the first decade of the 21st century, but that stopped with the appearance of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Laptops were the first ones to appear, which allowed players to access all casinos even when they are far away from home, as long as they can connect to the internet.

Smartphone devices, however, are a completely different story as they revolutionized the online gambling community. First of all, mobile data allows anyone to access the internet at low costs, anywhere, anytime. Second thing is that everyone is carrying their smartphone all the time.

Even though downloading the applications is available, playing free slots with bonus games and no download was always the favorite one amongst players. Playing on mobile phone only differs from the PC gameplay in terms of graphics quality and screen size.

The resolution on mobile phones is always high, and 3D graphics and effects look a lot better on a smaller screen with more pixels.

If you want to track your progress, you can always make an account at the casino you have chosen while still playing the fun version. Once the account is created, all data, achievements and goals are kept inside of it, and can be seen on any device. It does not matter which device was used to make the account, as long as it was done through the web browser, on the official website.

Gamble Without Limits!

The best thing about gambling for free is that you can do so for as long as you like! Real cash version has deposit limits which sometimes prevents high-rollers from satisfying their gambling needs.

As there are thousands of slot machines available, each being interesting in a unique way, each player can spend a life-time playing them without ever getting bored. If one game, however, becomes boring the next one is just a few clicks away! Switching between multiple games is not a bad thing, as it builds up the experience and prepares you for the real money version.

Going though hundreds of slots is actually recommended by the experienced players as all games differ in:

  • Structure
  • Rewarding system
  • Features

For example, playing on a 3×3 machine with only one line is a completely different from playing on one that has 4096 ways to win! Even though you are spending demo credits, being serious and learning every time you spin becomes very valuable in the future.

Losing all the demo coins, provided by the casino is nothing to worry about, as all you need to do is refresh the page and start all over again, with the same exact amount. Some companies even implement the “Refresh” button beside the last reel, which allows gamblers to restart the balance at any moment. Just make sure not to click it while being positive.

Even though no money is involved in the fun version, being cautious and choosing the casino wisely is important. Your device might get infected by viruses, if you accidentally visit a bad link, causing troubles.

Casinos that have a good reputation, positive reviews and feedback are always recommended, as it is almost impossible to fake thousands of positive comments on reliable forums or any other trustworthy sources. This becomes even more important after claiming the no deposit bonus, as you can lose all of the money made if the casino is not licensed by a credible licensing agency such as the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) or the UK Gambling Commission.