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Company: Türkiye Garanti Bankası A.Ş
Founded: 1946
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Casinos that accept Garanti

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The Garanti Online payment is an automated system that serves the customers of the well-known Turkish bank Garanti. Due to the excellent reputation of Garanti, in a fairly short period, the new payment system has become very popular and among Internet banking users due to some advantages, additional features and specialized services that increase the comfort of using the bank and save users time. In this review, we will consider best online casinos that accept Garanti.

The potential of this site is vast: the number of enterprises and services that are ready to enter into cooperation agreements is increasing every day. Using Garanti justified by both individuals and legal entities. The former use all the advantages of the system, such as instantaneous transactions, reliable invoice protection and ease of use to pay for services and pay off debts, while the latter use a web service to conduct business and promote their websites.

Those wishing to try the slot machines online the system Garanti also have the way, thanks to the safe and fast cash transactions. Built-in site tools allow you to collect statistics and analyze data on the flow and receipt of funds in enterprises, which significantly facilitates the work of accountants. If you want to buy goods and pay for services via the Internet, while maintaining reliable control over your funds, then this payment system will provide you with valuable help.

Deposit and withdrawal method

Garanti payment system is quite simple and easy to use. The central convenience lies in the fact that the client can carry out operations around the clock and regardless of the time of the bank. This system is currently available to every client of Garanti, who has the main valid bank card and completely free. The fee to be paid will be displayed to the client before making a banking transaction. To use the proposed system, users need to go to the official site of Garanti using any gadget and go through a small registration for complete security and to get all provided bank services. Garanti Online Casinos provide both depositing and withdrawing of funds.

Garanti has a general license to conduct banking operations; therefore, this bank is serviced in many European countries and many, and many others. Garanti today has canceled a fee for withdrawing money at ATMs of other banks, so now every owner of a plastic Visa and Master Card can safely withdraw cash at any ATM and not think about the commission fee. Garanti provides the most popular currencies for the use, such as the US dollar, euro, Swiss franc, British pound sterling, Polish zloty. Regarding the time of the transaction, it all depends on the location of the recipient, but on average, transfers can take time from a couple of minutes to several hours.

Customer support

Garanti is a 24-hour service with the constant support of bank employees. Each client can go into a particular application and perform any desired operation using a personal computer with the web-version, a smartphone or any modern gadget. The web version provides one-time dynamic passwords that come to the registered mobile number and are used to log into the system. Garanti Online Casinos cooperate with bank support and able to resolve most issues at the shortest time.

Garanti replaces all the actions that previously needed to be done at a bank office: from currency exchange and utility bills to transferring money to any world map and calling a taxi. It works with all currencies, offers all necessary services. In many cases, transactions are instant, and the information is immediately updated. Sometimes it is required to press the “Update” button, and you can quickly see the actual data.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Garanti system will allow bank customers to conduct various types of banking operations and monitor the status of accounts, the issuing of new cards, multiple deposits, and loans that have been issued to this user. That is an excellent opportunity to remotely manage your money when using a personal computer, phone, tablet or other gadgets with the ability to connect to the Internet. Now the client can at any time convenient for him look at information about the Bank’s products used, make transfers or activate special services. Also, the system allows you to make a Garanti Casino Deposit. Customer service is at a high level, as the number of users using this payment system today already exceeds 15 million people.

Using the Garanti payment system carries a lot of advantages, among which are the following points:

  • the maximum possible speed of the transaction;
  • minimum waiting time for a request for a state of the account;
  • obtaining direct access to a personal account and full control over finances;
  • the possibility of using the service to accumulate funds;
  • support of the most popular electronic cards Visa (plastic and virtual);
  • security guarantee during the transaction;
  • high-quality technical support.

One of the advantages of Garanti service is the absence of a subscription fee for using services and connection. This app is designed as a server, so no additional programs are to be installed. In the system, there are several modes of functionality. Garanti Online Casinos are the convenient tool for Turkish who love gambling and do not want to use non-banking e-payment systems. 


Using Garanti is entirely secure since a unique login, and a permanent password is required to enter the personal account of the system. Sometimes the system uses one-time passwords that come to the recipient in the form of SMS messages to the phone number specified during registration. For greater security, the bank sets certain daily limits on operations. For example, the maximum amount of payments and transfers cannot exceed 1,000 euros per day, payments to the address of e-wallets and mobile operators - no more than 5,000 euros per day. There are transfers from deposits to social cards of clients up to one 50,000 euros, but no more than two operations. So you do not have to worry about customer security.

Casinos that accept Garanti

We create a shortlist of online casinos that accept Garanti. There is a good range of gambling houses: PlayFrank Casino, Wonclub Casino, BetAdonis Casino, Lottosend, Renk Poker, Artemis Bet, 1xSlots, SekaBET, 1xBet, and some others.

Alternatives to Garanti for Funding Online Casino Accounts

For Turkish players, there are also other payment methods. But for those who like to pay for all services and goods through a bank account, Garanti is the very first choice. It is worth also paying to other payment systems that are supported by most modern casinos: Skrill, Euteller, Wirecard, etc.


The Garanti system provides users with various personal account management services and a variety of cash transactions at any time and in any place. Thanks to its ease of use, the system has become extremely popular among those who play slot machines for real money in online establishments. Now there is no need to look for a Garanti branch; this system saves the time of its customers and provides them with an extensive list of opportunities. The process of registration and connection does not take a lot of time and does not involve much effort.

Garanti is very convenient for a modern person to use. All that every client of Garanti’s bank could dream of was now realized and made available thanks to the creation of the payment system in question. Garanti Online Casinos provide instant payments which are very beneficial for most of the gamblers.


  1. How to use Garanti services?

    The use of Garanti payment system is effortless and convenient, and customers should not have any particular problems. To register with the proposed method, the user needs to have a Garanti card, and no additional data will need to be entered during registration since such operations have already been performed when receiving the card. There are several ways to connect this online system. The first way is to connect by writing an application and receiving a login with a password at any self-service terminal or ATM. To connect via an ATM, the user will have to insert a plastic card of the bank, then click on the link “Mobile Bank” and use the item “Connect Main Card.” After that, the client will receive a message with a login and password to the specified phone number. You can always change this data to those that will be more convenient for you.

  2. How to make Garanti deposit?

    There is another more straightforward way to connect, provided the Internet is available. Here, the user will have to go to the Garanti main site, indicate the bank card number there, and then within a few seconds, and a message will appear with a login and password to enter the personal account of the bank client. To use Garanti with maximum functionality, it will be necessary to draw up a formal banking service agreement.

    One of the ways to make the balance is to replenish through the e-payment systems. To do this, the user will have to enter one of the payment systems. After that, specify the account number and the amount of the Garanti Casino Deposit. By the time the process of registration and connection of the Garanti payment system takes a few minutes, of course, if you have a bank card. Deposits and transfers in this Garanti Online Casinos are carried out within a couple of seconds or minutes.

  3. How to pay by credit card?

    Depending on the service you are paying and the amount of payment in some cases you will be asked to go through the verification process. That is a security measure that is applied to service. For details, see the “Card Verification” section.

  4. How to get a receipt of payment?

    After successful payment, you will be offered to print a receipt or receive an email. It is a confirmation of your payment. The payment amount will be transferred to the account paid by the service within a few minutes.

  5. What to do if there is a refusal on pay proceeding?

    In case of refusal of making a payment through the bank, you can repeat this operation or specify the reason for rejection in the call center of the bank that issued the payment card to you.

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