casinos that accept gift card
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Casinos that accept Gift Card

These top Gift Card online casinos offer:
  • A gift card acts as a usual debit card, but it is fully anonymous.
  • Gift cards can’t be reloaded; they are used only once.
  • They are fully prepaid – you won’t spend more than you have.
  • A lot of casinos accept gift cards.
  • They can’t be used for withdrawal.
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The most common gift cards come from Visa and Mastercard, and they are accepted in all major online casinos. Existing restrictions are basically the same as with other bank cards.

For example, gift cards issued in countries where transactions are prohibited from online gambling providers are not accepted. However, some gift card providers allow the user to choose to block such transactions or they must be specifically approved by the user. On the other hand, there are some gift card providers working with certain online casinos, and the customer has advantages and can use his card and receives, for example, a special bonus for each deposit with a card.

After entering the encrypted translated credit card number, expiration date, and security code (CVC code), the balance is immediately available, if there was enough credit on the corresponding gift card.

Deposit method

When you have a prepaid gift card in hand, it's high time to use it to make a deposit. Generally, it can be used in any casino that supports your brand. For example, if you own an American Express gift card, you can make a deposit after registration in your casino as usual with a regular bank card and making a deposit. Select a “credit card” or specific card brand from the list of available deposit parameters, and then enter all details of your card and the amount you wish to deposit. As long as enough money is on your card, your deposit should be on the balance immediately.

Advantages and disadvantages


With a gift card, you can enjoy the same benefits as any other credit card. The payment process is quickly executed, the deposit money is available immediately. The data is securely encrypted and transferred to the online casino, and the fee is usually not incurred. In addition, you receive the same bonus credits as with other cards. Gift card details are stored encrypted on online casino servers of security and are available for further deposits with the card. In this case you need to re-enter the gift card security code (CVC code). However, the special advantage of a deposit with gift cards is that you can't deposit more money than you previously deposited using the card. Thus, you keep your expenses in sight. This prevents you from spending more money in online casinos than you planned or can afford.


The security issues faced by many credit card users are also minimized, since the card is not overloaded. The only real drawback that can sometimes arise is that you can't save the entire balance of the card, even if you make a deposit in another currency, because the exchange rate (for example, US dollar) is the exact amount charged on your gift card, not fixed earlier, and the card can't be covered. This means, for example, that with a credit of 100 euros on a card, the reservation in US dollars is not carried out. In this case, the gift card is not sufficiently covered. Some such cards are also not allowed to pay, other ones work with certain online casinos and even offer certain benefits. Especially fast payment with using of gift card. It is advisable to find the site of the gift card provider.

Casinos that accept Gift Card

Leo Vegas Casino

Leo Vegas Casino is a gambling company founded in 2012 by experienced casino players. At the beginning, the site was only available in Scandinavian languages, but after huge success, a lot of languages were added. Leo Vegas website is managed by the Swedish company Leo Vegas International with headquarters in Malta. The company also has a license. The first impression from the site shows a modern casino experience. The website is simple and for user and offers excellent, fast navigation to games. All important functions can be obtained on the main page, which allows you to save constant visits to the profile page. There are many casino games in Leo Vegas, as well as great bonus offers. After successful registration, attractive free spins are waiting for a player in Leo Vegas. But you should keep in mind that there are different offers, depending on the country. There are always various promotions and special events in which customers are free to play. Some bonuses require a deposit, but there are also many free spins and deals that are completely free for customers. When it comes to the deposit bonus, Leo Vegas has exactly something special for the wishes of customers. New players receive a particularly high bonus as an extra motivation. Additional deposit bonuses will also be offered if the customer makes additional deposits. After registration, you receive a certain amount of free turns for certain slot machines. It is also possible to get VIP status. Information about this status is displayed directly on the page. The state counter goes from 1 to 99 and is determined by the playback frequency.

Casino Rizk

Casino Rizk is a relatively young casino, was founded 2016. Meanwhile, it is available in English, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish, as well as German. The design differs from the standard casino, it is bright, with primary colors yellow and orange, but not restless. In addition, there is a sympathetic face with “Captain Rizek”, which occupies the comic structure of superheroes. However, the overall design is serious and reliable. The casino is licensed in Malta (EU), indicating its seriousness.Casino Rizk regularly rewards its players with free crounds. So this is one of the most generous casinos in terms of free games. In addition to regular free spins, there are still various actions in which active players get even more bonuses. Then there are also monthly actions in which you get 10 free spins in addition to each achieved level. Free games are also provided for deposits of certain amount, all information will be sent to you by email. Sometimes there is also a free loan as a reward for deposits. Regularly, you can win free credits on the Rizk wheel, although the chance is not very high.

Vera John Casino

With the logo of over hundred slots and other casino games, Vera John Casino offers the best in terms of quantity and quality. They have at least five different casino software developers under the hood. The reason why they have so many games on Vera & John is because they use different casino software providers. There are NetEnt Games, Betsoft and Sheriff Gaming. They are provided by famous slot machines such as Mega Fortune and many others. With the Faith and John loyalty program, users have special features. If you perform various tasks in a casino, the loyalty program rewards you with coins. Depending on how many coins you collect, you will be divided into different “VIP-levels”. You can collect points through various tasks. Just sign in as a new player, and you will be able to get your first points. Another way for players to collect more coins is to invite friends to Vera and John. As the number of coins increases, you also get various badges that tell you which VIP level you have.

Alternatives To Gift Card Gift cards are one of the most convenient and practical ways to deposit money into a casino account. We are pleased to present the best payment methods available for casinos below:

  • The QIWI brand appeared in Russia on April 22, 2008. This event was an important turning point for the entire payment services market. From еру payment system focused on interaction with partners, ерун have grown into a multifunctional user service. QIWI has new principles and standards for working with their users. QIWI payment tools are high-tech, but with simple user-friendly functionality. Therefore, the brand is the most friendly and recognizable, symbolizing simplicity and causing confidence. The character of the brand has become a cartoon New Zealand bird — an assistant for users when making payments. QIWI is ready to provide all customers affordable tool in order to make any necessary payments to government organizations, money transfer systems, housing or communal enterprises, mobile operators, banks, internet stores. QIWI was the first service for payments, in conjunction with international payment system VISA. They also give users the opportunity to order a plastic QIWI Card.
  • Neosurf payment system is a relatively new product developed by the creators of the popular Neteller service. In fact, Neosurf is a prepaid card that allows you to make instant electronic funds transfers to virtual wallets in the Neteller system. Users get the opportunity to make deposits in gambling houses quickly, safely and with maximum comfort. Today customers from Belgium, France, Spain and Italy can use the services of Neosurf, but the list of countries in which authorized points of card sales is planned to be significantly expanded in the near future. The amount of one money transfer within the system can range from $30 to 4,372 euros.How to make deposit in a casino account using Neosurf? First you should purchase a card with ten-digit PIN-code, and then log into your internet account of the Neteller system website and replenish your wallet using your PIN-code, following detailed step-by-step instructions. The commission charged for the customer for performing financial transactions in the system is 1.5%. After replenishing the virtual wallet, a player can go to the casino site, select the Neteller service from the list of suggested payment methods and deposit the desired amount.
  • The Paysafecard system is a good example of high-speed cash flow on game accounts in 7/24 mode. It is used by reputable bookmakers. The method of payment is a special card. It is in free sale and doesn't require additional opening of a bank account. Prepayment is made by voucher, by check or directly by card. PaySafeCard — the online payment transfer mechanism for payments, is valid in European countries and also used in America. The electronic system covers 45 states, but is particularly popular in France, as well as Spain. It appeared on the market in 2000. The location of the main office is Austria, Vienna. Subsidiaries are open in 27 countries, including Latin American. Paysafecard plastic sales points can be found through Internet search engines. For financial transactions are used: Polish, German, Greek, Italian, French, English, Spanish. You just need to switch to the desired interface.


Various providers offer coupon codes that can be used as a credit card. These suppliers name their products Virtual Credit Card, Single-Sided Credit Card, Credit Card Voucher or similar. These cards can be purchased anonymously and there will be no age verification. General statements whether these cards can be accepted for making a deposit at an online casino can't be made. Some of these codes work great with credit card deposits, others don't. Payments are not possible with these cards. A special case is the provider Entropay, which offers real virtual credit cards for one-time use. Entropay has established itself as a separate deposit method in some online casinos, where it can be used as a regular credit card, but has no withdrawal function.

Therefore, gift cards as a deposit method are good choice in online casinos. On the one hand, the player avoids the risks associated with another credit card, on the other hand, user enjoys the same advantages and convenience of depositing and his budget is always completely under his control.


Who is behind gift cards?

Gift cards can be owned by any bank provider.

How does gift cards work?

In order to pay with gift card in your favorite online casino, you only need to buy the card in one of the many bank distributors. In the money register of the online casino you must only to enter the PIN-code printed on the back of the card. After that the gift card credit will be available to you in the casino account and you can play for real money.

Have I an opportunity to pay using gift card in a lot of online casinos?

Many gambling services offer users a deposit option with their gift card. Find out this information the main page of casino provider.

Is it really safe to use gift cards?

With the ability to pay cash from gift card reseller and not provide any additional bank details online, gift card is one of the safest online payment options.

How is withdrawal paid?

With gift card you can't withdraw winnings from casinos. You will need to look for an alternative method of depositing.

What is the comparison with similar payment methods?

Prepaid payment is one of the form for depositing money in the online casinos, which can completely refuse from the specification of the bank account on the Internet. This fact makes gift card payment unique and offers several advantages, especially from a security point of view, compared to other options of electronic payments.

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