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Company: giropay GmbH.
Founded: 2005
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Casinos that accept GiroPay

These top GiroPay online casinos offer:
  • Direct bank-to-bank payments without third parties involvement.
  • Guaranteed privacy of payments; no personal data needed.
  • Full compliance with advanced security standards.
  • No registration required – transfer funds from the bank account.
  • It is for the residents of Germany and Austria only.
  • Commission fees are charged for all transactions.
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Giropay Overview

Giropay is a system of direct banking transfers in the online mode. It was created in 2006 in Germany by some saving banks of Germany, certain credit unions and Postbank. As of today, the system is supported by over 1.5 thousand of German and Austrian banking institutions. All in all, about 17 million people use the Giropay system. Around 1 million transactions are processed with Giropay service every month. It ranks second among online payment services in Germany (the first is Sofort Überweisung with 2 million transactions monthly).


Paying with Giropay

The mechanism of paying with Giropay is straightforward and simple wherever you use it – in a web-casino or at an online store. When you choose Giropay on the banking page, you also need to choose a bank, in which you have an account, from the list. After that, the system automatically redirects you to your personal account in the online banking service of your bank, where you need to confirm the transaction. To do it, you need to log in (enter the number of account and a personal PIN) and access an online form with the details of the transactions. All the fields in the form are filled automatically; you only need to checkup the details and confirm the operation with the TAN-code, which is sent to you.


As soon as the operation is confirmed, the funds are transferred from the payer’s account in the bank to his account in a casino or to any other recipient chosen. Both payer and recipient get notifications of a successful operation, and then the payer is redirected back to the website where he is making a purchase.

As you see, transactions are well protected, as any of them needs a double confirmation (with a PIN & TAN code). Another positive aspect is a swift transactions processing: funds are transferred in a real time mode, i.e. instantly.

Like other intermediate payment services, Giropay provides a complete anonymity of transactions – the recipient never sees any of your personal data, because you don’t enter it when making a payment.

Transactions amounting up to € 5000 are guarantees. However, mind that operations made with the help of Giropay can’t be recalled.

Giropay for Online Casinos

To pay with Giropay, choose this option on the site. The process of payment is similar to that described above. In short, you have to choose your bank from the list, then confirm your transaction on the bank’s website, and then you are redirected back to casino’s site and can proceed to the game right away, as money is there already. The entire process takes 1-2 minutes.

Cash Withdrawal with Giropay

Giropay can be used for cash withdrawal. This means you can transfer your winning directly to your bank account via Giropay service. The procedure is identical to that of depositing, and money is transferred to the bank immediately.

Benefits of Giropay

Web-casinos players commonly mention the following benefits of using Giropay for depositing:

  • It complies with modern security standards; transactions are fully protected.
  • Immediate depositing: you don’t need to wait even a couple of minutes.
  • It is swift: you don’t need to open up an account in the system, paying directly from your current bank account.
  • A complete confidentiality: nobody will get access to your personal data, as it is not disclosed.

Drawbacks of Giropay

Despite all its cool features, Giropay is not an ideal service.

In particular, users don’t like the following aspects:

  • The main disappointment is associated with the commission fee that is charged with every transaction. Its amount varies depending on the bank; in average, the commission is from 0.9 to 1.2 % from the total amount of the transaction, plus € 0,08 for the processing of any transaction.
  • The second downside of the system is a limited coverage. Now it is for holders of bank accounts in German and Austrian banks only. Maybe in future, its scope of activity will be expanded.

Depositing with Giropay is available in the majority of web-casinos that are open for gamblers from Austria or Germany. Check our list of Giropay casinos on this page.

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