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Jester's Follies Slot Machine Online

jester’s follies
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About Jester’s Follies Slot

Meet Jester’s Follies that is a vibrant game with five reels and 10 paylines ready to catch you into an interesting gaming session. Merkur Gaming, a German-based software developing company, has created a vision of how both classy and classic slot machine should look like – here Jester’s Follies comes to play. Following the finest traditions of simplicity solidly set by Realistic Gaming, Merkur equipped the slot with a unique theme behind and crisp graphics. The main character of the game is obviously a naughty jester who prepared loads of capers and japes to entertain casino players on their way to conquering the jackpot prize.

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Jester’s Follies Preview

jester's follies slot machine online

Going back to the times when medieval folks were solely amused by jesters, so that it probably was the only form of entertainment apart from lynching witches and drinking tons of red wine. Jester’s Follies by Merkur Gaming is just full of this typical atmosphere of joy and overwhelming fun characteristic for old-centuries days. Here you can enjoy being in the middle of an actual performance made by an astounding, a bit foolish jester using juggling balls, lutes, dressed monkey and a classic-for-an-occasion accordion. Jester’s Follies slot is great in its filling.

In addition to a charismatic clownish personality, spinners would definitely appreciate the backdrop of the slot machine which is represented in the form of a stage – imagine reels being positioned right upon the scene with curtains and light to emphasize the whole happening action. Merkur Gaming chose background not randomly – there’s nothing as appropriate as a stage for jestering affairs. Beside splendid interface details, this slot machine also has a set of beautifully-ornamented in-game symbols, amazing sound complication escorting spinning reels and gambling rounds to enhance chances for big stakes. Jester’s Follies is so approachable and down-to-earth, so that you will immediately fall in love with this astonishing plainness and allow the game to devour lots of your time, but it’s worth it.

Interesting features

First thing to mention is that the designing features are depicted in a very peculiar way which makes Jester’s Follies slots to be quite unique if compared to other machines copycatting one another. Overall, set everywhere stays the same, but in-game symbols and animation elements stand up for slots’ exclusiveness. Generally speaking, Merkur Gaming in one of three instances are able to create something outstanding and Jester’s Follies is exactly the case. Get blown away by stunning backstage represented as a concert stage where reels with symbols give a great round of performance. Among icons you will find all attributes corresponding to a jester’s toolbox – ruff-dressed monkey, juggling clubs and balls, a medieval flute and, of course, the jester himself dressed impeccably for the occasion.

Interface moments are crucial as ever, because gamblers tend to appraise appearance at first, though Jester’s Follies slots game is full of other spectacular features among which is Gamble option. Don’t expect to become a millionaire just by participating in ordinary spinning rounds as they allocate a limited payout amount, but Gamble Feature allows to increase winnings considerably by guessing colours or climbing up a multiplication ladder. Both options work pretty likewise and offer a 50/50 chance to double your previous reward. So, say, your last bet was a success and you won some 60 credits catching a rewarding combination. Then you can gamble your 60 to turn it into 120. Please note that the maximum sum to be won during these features is 140 credits in any currency.

Apart from Gambling aspects, players may witness a lucrative Wild symbol with a face of the main character. Jester’s Follies slot is game where Wild symbols appearing on the reels can substitute any in-game symbol – this feature opens a door to high stakes. The symbols as a rule strike the reels in a payline disposing at least three of a kind. But unfortunately, there’s no bonus game and Scatters triggering it, though it’s rather compensated with Gambling and Wilds. Anyway, Merkur Gaming’s major hallmark is clarity, so if you look for some whirling action explore, for example, NetEnt machines.

How to play

Actually, don’t jump into gambling real money right off the start, but get accustomed to gaming animation and Jester’s Follies machine’s behaviour – in order to do that, you may either watch videos with a slot being tested or try out the slot yourself in a demo-play regime which is available in many casinos provided they cooperate with Merkur Gaming company. But basically, the machine is pretty customizable and user-friendly, so as soon as you click on “SPIN” everything become clear. For your convenience, there’s a full list of buttons on the control panel:

  • “SPIN” button that activates one spinning round manually using the stake you’ve previously placed – so don’t forget to work with “BET” panel and set a comfortable amount;
  • “MAX BET” is simple button that is responsible for setting the maximum bet possible in Jester’s Follies that is 20 credits;
  • “BET” panel is located in the bottom right position and it has two buttons around – “+” to increase wagers and “-“ to instead lower them;
  • “PAYTABLE” is an additional window that keeps records on in-game symbols and their value;
  • “AUTO START” allows to conduct rounds automatically without clicking anywhere – use joining arrows to preset a number of spins (from 5 to 100 is available);
  • “SETTINGS” locating in the upper right corner opens a small window in the middle of the screen to show you a couple of adjustments like Fast-Game enabling or Volume level.

Whenever you’re done with looking around, dash forward to actual playing. You may use fast tactics using automatic spins and enabling fast rolling, so that one spin lasts for a second, or you still can stick to classic and watch to every action happening on the screen. Jester’s Follies features an explicit information section, so if you yet feel a bit unconfident about how the game works, visit the page to read everything regarding gaming process.

Bonus rounds

Jester’s Follies slot machine doesn’t have any particular bonusing that players are used to, but instead the game offers Gamble Feature presented by Gamble Ladder and Gamble Card options. Both features become active as soon as you form a winning combination – right after that the machine gives you an opportunity to double the sum. You are to choose from two, so it’s up to you to decide whether you want to transform into a soothsayer predicting card colours or a risky climber mounting money heights.

Gamble Card option

When choose to gamble rewarding with a Card option, then get ready to foresee the next coming card, but to exact the colour of this card which can be red or black. There will be displayed two additional buttons for each colour, so pick one and test your luck – if your predictions are accurate, the stake is doubled. If not, you return to the main gaming screen with no cash into your pocket. Please note that the maximum sum for the feature is 140 that you cannot exceed. Thus, it’s highly recommended to wager low sums like 10 or 20 credits to recoup bet.

Gamble Ladder option

Game Ladder mini-game seems to be a bit more exciting than its brother-in-arms Card option because it has an extra feature “COLLECT HALF”. The rules are simple as well: form a winning combination, choose this mini-game on the panel with the respective button, and then turn on your luck to climb the ladder up to 140 credits (the same max limitation). You can step forward and raise stakes or, reversely, fall down on one position. Nevertheless, in case you miss the shot, Jester’s Follies provides you with a chance to withdraw half of your money back to the account balance which is pretty handsome regarding all bonus games aren’t supposed to return something.

Rules and features

Probably, what is the most charming about Jester’s Follies slot is the fact that you can wager incredibly low sums on paylines in comparison with standard five-reel machines where stakes can mount as high as 250-300 credits per one spin. This slot has a flexible policy in terms of betting, so the range looks as follows: 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 credits. That is why the game would finely suit players on the budget. The scope is so narrow due to 10 paylines which makes a maximum bet per one line to be just two credits. The rules are plain: wager some amount of money, form combinations, get rewarded for being lucky. The in-game symbols are represented in the following value table:

Symbols 2 3 4 5
Jester Wild icon x10 x30 x200 x1000
Monkey the Animal None x20 x100 x500
The Lute, The Accordion None x20 x70 x300
Juggling Clubs, Juggling Balls None x20 x50 x200
Aces, Kings, Queens None x10 x30 x150
Jacks, Tens, Nines None x5 x20 x100
Any symbol can be replaced by The Jester Icon when three symbols appear on the reels – The Jester joins them, and the stake increases according to this playable.

Closing thoughts

In case you are a big fan of fun novelty going around, then Jester’s Follies is a perfect choice for you as it’s stuffed with hilarious details actually making you if not laugh but at least smile. Music accompaniment is truly a pure gem of this slot machine as well as the whole symbol setting, so that you could come closer to the era of medieval entertainment. Yet the game might appear quite boring if you’re in the team of jam-packed bonuses because this game doesn’t provide any Free Spins or random mini-games.

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