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King Of Luck Slot Machine Online

king of luck
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About King Of Luck Slot

Merkur Gaming can really astound gamblers with something outstanding. Their gaming library is full of interesting solutions that would definitely suit a wide range of different tastes – from super-primitive classics to unusual visions are all up for grabs. Most of their slot machines borrow a wide-spread subject and then Merkur’s local talents mix it up with another absolutely diametrically opposed theme, so that to create a fascinating blend capable of intriguing any skeptical mind. The King of Luck slot machine is exactly an instance – regarding all its kings-and-queens composition that we are usually accustomed to see in a traditional layout featuring from five to three reels, this Merkur Gaming’s brainchild has a truly different appearance with only one reel and one payline. Can you imagine that? Generally, there’s an unwritten law applicable to all machines – spread diversity in order to get players excited, so that they could linger around a game. The King of Luck breaks the mold and you’re going to be pretty happy about that.

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King Of Luck Preview

king of luck slot machine online

The gameplay has never been so simple: the screen displays only a couple of elements where the central position is occupied by the sole gaming reel. Overall, one reel might put gamblers off playing such an unsophisticated piece of gaming as it’s strongly associated with a following notion: no bonus – no wins. The King of Luck is definitely not boring even if the machine offers just rudimentary basics. You are still able to chase after 2500-credit jackpot which is, for the record, is easy to obtain. During one gaming session you can win a countless number of these money pots in comparison to stuffed with bonusing slots. The machine is equipped with five symbols to appear two of which are specialty icons – one to increase a wagering value, the other to completely void it. Naughty devilish creature with antlers has a specific mission to mess up your gambling action, so the things are getting a thrilling turn of events.

What’s more, The King of Luck slots game comes with a typical for Merkur Gaming gambling feature – Card Gamble and Ladder Gamble where you can multiply your funds significantly up to 140 credits per one game. Both features must be familiar to those who ever tested some of Merkur products because it’s a customary rule for them to supply slots with extra gambling action, probably to compensate for lack of bonusing or just spice things up. What is really amazing about these mini-game is the fact that they play supplementary role and represent an optional incentive – whenever you are ready hop on the board. If not, you can avoid using the features completely as there’s no punishment for that. It is great that Merkur Gaming brings more free space to their software. Anyway, the next question is still up to the point – what does hide The King of Luck?

Interesting features

Speaking of gameplay, The King of Luck should come as quite a unique game because it features a bit out-of-line action, so this is perfect choice of you want to walk away from conventional gaming with all that catching Scatters and waiting for the Wilds to fetch a better combination. Actually, here you won’t have any of these as The King of Luck provides one reel and three in-game symbols carrying the value – two other symbols stand for bringing or taking a reward. On the all hot and fiery backdrop sits the King surrounded by his retinue – bugs, coins and clovers. Each of these icons transmits various rewarding, so that for the latter to be accumulated in the ‘jackpot’ pool which you can claim any time you want. The most peculiar feature of the machine is that it covers only complete 2D basics, yet the whole scenery looks bright and appealing.

Item party is diluted with two additional symbols – cheeky devil character and the King figure both having opposite functions. The little Devil always tries to seize you jackpot belongings while the King wants to elevate them to a new number. Beware of this nasty creature because it empties your money pile whenever appears on the reel. Yes, note that it’s not necessary to take the stake right when you win something – there’s an option to go in a preserve and accumulate mode, so that to receive larger winnings. Jackpots are all great, but The King of Luck also has two more features on offer if you find a delight in extra gambling.

Card Gamble is a world’s classics where your major task is to predict the forthcoming colour of a random card taken from a random hand. To keep it simple, the game shows you the previous outcomes for you to judge from the real facts lying in front of you. Card Gamble gives casino players up to 140 credits which makes the feature especially helpful when it comes to low-win rewarding under a wager amount – throw winnings in and multiply them but be careful as one wrong decision will clear the path. The feature becomes available when you choose to withdraw funds from a jackpot pool.

Also, Merkur Gaming always includes one more gambling feature that is Ladder Gamble offering the same in its gist action, yet with a staircase instead of a handful of cards. Here you have the similar task: raise money basing on predictions. The Ladder is comprised of different steps filled with low to high multiplications for you wagering. There will be a commuting light, so you simply need to stop it in the upper position and continue in case you want to climb higher. Besides, both gambling mini-games present half-collection when gambling becomes too risky – place the half and get the other one back.

How to play

The King of Luck must be one of the simplest slot machine ever created over the whole existence of online gambling – it takes just a couple of moments to clear things out and understand how actually the game works. The game is based on one reel with one respective payline, so correct stakes value, make sure the machine operates properly and spin the reel to see the process. You need to recoup invested money with climbing up simultaneously three in-game ladders – you will see them on the main screen right above the reel.

If you still feel uncomfortable with the game, you can also visit information section on a dedicated page where all gaming details are covered explicitly. To begin with, start the machine from your gaming library and then wait for it to download. After that take a look at the controlling panel below the reel to learn controlling keys and their functions. The King of Luck slots feature all the same range of buttons as any other slot from Merkur Gaming, and here’s a full list of what you can click and what is going to happen:

  • “STAKES PER LINE” is a controlling key located in the bottom right point resembling a rectangular bar with the coin in the middle showing current value. The button controls an amount of credits you are going to use for one spinning round – choose from a range of 0.05 to 5 credits with two side arrows.
  • “SPIN” controlling key is located right next to the previous button and activates the reel to set in motion using you last bet – note that this is a manual-play button and if you want for the game to start automatically there’s a special button “AUTO START” in the bottom left corner placing The King of Luck on a concrete preset value up to 100 auto-rounds per session.
  • “MAX BET” does a pretty simple job and sets out the maximum value for a spinning round that is 5 credits for the case.
  • Question mark in the left corner is the above-mentioned information table where you will find game’s details – explore the machine all the way down to its rules and expected return-to-player per cent.

Rules and features

The King of Luck slot is a game far from traditional gameplay completely. Here you won’t be having classic reels set-up, free spins, bonus features – just plain collecting prizes and taking them. Casinos might include such games in their catalogue to diversify the action, yet this title is actually hard to get due to its out-of-standards layout. You are offered to select bets going from 0.05 credits to 5 credits and wager then on one single payline in order to get rewarded. When the reel is filled with a symbol, your winning is added to a jackpot that you can claim any time you like – however, take it slow if you want to have bigger prizes.

Cartoonish King joker symbol is an icon helping you to increase the value of your jackpot while the Little Devil voids the whole strike, so be careful with this wicked character. The more symbols you collect from the reel, the higher you progress to the main jackpot that is 2500 credits. You can choose tactics to be committed to the pot and wait for it to fill up to the apex or simply withdraw funds after every successful spin. Note that winnings can be gambled in an additional feature opening when you take prize from the jackpot. The King of Luck by Merkur Gaming offers the following paytable grid:

Number Coin Clover Beetle
1 x3 x1 x10
2 x8 x2 x40
3 x16 x4 x100
4 x29 x7 x200
5 x50 x10 x350


To be honest, The King of Luck is a must-play game even if you’re an experienced player having witnessed hundreds of different slot machines as the game has quite interesting gameplay and unique designing features. There are not so many one-reel machines, so retro fans should be happy about coming across this beauty. Here you can easily reach the jackpot sum and use additional gambling features to increase pot value up to 140 credits per gambling round. You won’t win some real money compared to progressives or slots with expanded infrastructure, yet you definitely can have loads of fun with this thrilling apparatus.

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