casinos that accept lottomaticard
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Casinos that accept Lottomaticard

These top Lottomaticard online casinos offer:
  • An Italian series of prepaid Visa cards.
  • Can be used for funding casino accounts.
  • They are not available to the residents of other countries.
  • Safe, reliable, and convenient, like all Visa cards.
  • Fully prepaid, prevents overexpenditure.
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Casumo Casino
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Fans of spending time in online casinos will indeed unanimously note that when choosing a payment system, you should pay attention to the speed of transactions of funds, as well as the quality of service. The electronic payment system called Lottomaticard can boast of the high speed of depositing money into the user’s gaming account that

Using this payment system, the gambler will be able to deposit funds to the account literally at any time of the day. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that complete anonymity is observed when funds are credited to a Lottomaticard Online Casinos account. The Lottomaticard payment system issues special cards that are sold at banks and other outlets. The advantage of this payment system is that the user does not need to open an account, spending time and effort on this. We will also mention some best online casinos that accept Lottomaticard.

Deposit and withdrawal method

The Lottomaticard Casino Deposit can be made quickly and easily. After all, the electronic payment system Lottomaticard has offered its customers a great option, which is to use a particular voucher card, the primary function of which is a prepayment. These cards are available with different face value - the player can make a deposit of 10, 25, 50, 100 euros. Which card to prefer? The choice of face value depends on the thickness of the client’s wallet and its preferences. If the user wants to deposit an account with an amount higher than the face value of the most expensive card, you should remember that you can use no more than 10 Lottomaticard vouchers for one deposit process.

This cashless settlement will suit many users because it resembles payment for services that are made using cash. No need to worry about anything - you need to buy a Lottomaticard voucher, which already includes electronic money. Lottomaticard Online Casinos is a perfect option for those who do not want to use his banking account.

Customer support

To find points of sale of prepaid cards of the electronic payment system Lottomaticard, you can use the World Wide Web - enter the corresponding query into the search engine. All Lottomaticard Online Casinos are ready to help with the issues with that payment system.

Currently, this payment system is prevalent in many different countries of the world - these include the United States of America, Austria, Poland, France, Turkey, Germany, and many other countries. Residents of these countries prefer to do shopping in the virtual world, paying with electronic Lottomaticard vouchers because this payment system is quite easy to use. It should be noted the possibility of different types and methods of depositing through the use of the payment system.

It is fair to note that the electronic payment system Lottomaticard has not yet gained significant popularity in Eastern Europe. Surely this is due to the inability to buy a real card and deposit money without registration and the mandatory presence of the WebMoney wallet. However, this payment system still deserves the attention of Western Europeans - at least as an alternative option to make a deposit.

The Lottomaticard electronic payment system is characterized by conciseness and ease of use, as well as the high speed of funds transfer. It will be useful for those people who are accustomed to using the services of diverse communities and online entertainment establishments. Lottomaticard is a very convenient cashless payment system that has gained popularity in Europe.

Advantages and disadvantages

What are the "advantages" for the client during use of the recommended payment system? First, as mentioned above, the user does not need to provide personal data, which automatically excludes fraud options. Lottomaticard is available to European customers and can be purchased almost anywhere. Throughout the year, customer service in the Lottomaticard payment system is free. Also, many online stores and bookmakers around the world accept payment by similar voucher cards. Using Lottomaticard vouchers is safe - minimizing the risk of fraud helps build customer confidence and a positive attitude towards the chosen payment system.

Among the drawbacks of using Lottomaticard prepaid cards, it should be noted that funds not used during the year are subject to a commission.

Another significant drawback of the Lottomaticard payment system is the absolute impossibility of withdrawing winning funds to a bank card. Why is the withdrawal operation impossible with the Lottomaticard payment system? Everything is logical, because the system provides its services through card vouchers, while the user is not registered anywhere and, accordingly, does not indicate the details of his bank account. Therefore, it is impossible to get money for it.

Also, this service cannot be called focused on residents of Eastern Europe, so the method of Lottomaticard Casino Deposit through a voucher is found in online gambling houses that work for Western and Central Europe.


What is a Lottomaticard? It is reliably protected by a special PIN-code, which has 16 digits. This PIN code used in a particular field on the payment system page. So it is easy and straightforward, as the user keeps secret his own account number, personal data and a lot of other information that must be protected from outsiders.

The Lottomaticard payment system ensures the safety of confidential data and banking operations to its customers, which prevents the risk of fraud. If the user has any questions regarding the use of the Lottomaticard, you should immediately contact the Customer Support Center. It is available 24/7. For a consultation, it is enough to make a phone call or send an email to an e-mail.

Using the Lottomaticard payment system carries a lot of advantages, among which are the following points:

  • the maximum possible speed of the transaction;
  • Minimum waiting time for a request for a state of the account;
  • obtaining direct access to a personal account and full control over finances;
  • the possibility of using the service to accumulate funds;
  • support of the most popular electronic cards Visa (plastic and virtual);
  • security guarantee during the transaction;
  • high-quality technical support.

The main drawback of the Lottomaticard payment service is the focus of the resource on users from Europe and the lack of and technical support services because sometimes you have to wait more than 24 hours to resolve your issue. Lottomaticard Online Casinos provide a reliable option for depositing because prepaid cards are the best way to protect yourself dorm fraud.

It should be noted that you will not have problems with the purchase of a payment card in European countries, because at this time about 450 thousand points offer account depositing with the help of the card of this electronic payment system.

Casinos that accept Lottomaticard

We gathered some online casinos that accept Lottomaticard. The list of rated gambling houses includes EUcasino, Vegas Winner Casino, DrueckGlueck Casino, Cozino Casino, Play Million Casino, QueenVegas Casino, Slots Magic Casino, Paris Vegas Club, Casino Euromania, and few others.

Alternatives to Lottomaticard for Funding Online Casino Accounts

Lottomaticard is a prepaid service so you can replace it with any other payment system of that type. It also could be EcoPayz, Paysafecard, Speedcard, and Comgate (AGMO). Most of Lottomaticard Online Casinos also support other payment options with the use of your bank account.


Choose an electronic payment system that will be convenient to use and will make the operation of depositing a game account comfortable for the player. Lottomaticard allows users to feel free, not tied to a bank account and has no complex multi-stage registration system and other useless formalities.

The prepaid card of the Lottomaticard payment system is capable of solving small but once and for all reasonably troubling issues to the client of the Lottomaticard Online Casinos, including problems with depositing the gaming account, preventing issue to the free enjoyment of the game.


  1. How to use Lottomaticard?

    How to make a deposit using the Lottomaticard payment system? Again, everything is easy and straightforward. On the official website of Lottomaticard, you should learn the list of recommended payment methods, then enter the desired amount for the account replenishment, as well as the bonus code in the particular electronic line. By the way, it is up to the client to enter the bonus code or not. After making the operations described earlier, the user enters the code of the purchased card on the page of the Lottomaticard payment system, which completes the payment process.

  2. What are the options for depositing the gaming account in Lottomaticard Online Casinos using a Lottomaticard?

    At present, there are two options for depositing through the use of a voucher electronic payment system Lottomaticard. As mentioned above, the user can purchase a Lottomaticard prepaid card, and then enter its code in a unique line on the official website of the payment system, after which the payment will be made. Playing the slot machines with a withdrawal on the Lottomaticard is now much more comfortable, which caused the popularity of the service among gamblers around the world.

    The second option involves registering with an electronic payment system called MyLottomaticard. Having created such an account on the Internet, the user will be able to manage the pin-codes of his virtual cards to which the corresponding face value has been assigned.

  3. How fast will payment get to the casino provider?

    Payment information is received by the supplier either within 3 minutes after the payment is made in Lottomaticard service (if the service provider supports payment in the instant access mode: mobile operators, Internet service providers, communication services), or sometimes it is transmitted on the next working day in the form of registry for the service provider.

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