The world has evolved a great deal since the first mobile phone device was invented. But what really changed how things ran and operated in the world today was the invention of smartphones. We are not just looking at the ability to communicate on the move, no! We are looking at the technological advancements which were witnessed since the first smartphone device appeared; such as the capacity to play games directly from your Apple or Android device.

In this page, we look at mobile slots in general and all aspects that surround them.

What Are Mobile Slots?

They are what they exactly sound like – mobile video slots that can be played on the go through mobile devices. They are slot machines that have been specifically designed and developed to work seamlessly on smartphones and tablets including iPhones, Android, blackberry, WAP powered and iPad devices.

These games are broadly categorized into two sections:

  • The download games – These are games that have been specifically designed to be played on the mobile phones. Usually, you’ll be required to download the mobile application to your device, and through the device, you can have full, exclusive access to the slot machines. Normally, such games are not available to users who haven’t download the mobile application
  • The no download games – They are the complete opposite of the download games, and just as the name suggests, you don’t need to download any software in order to play them. Contrary, you can easily access them using some of the popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. In other cases, you might find them being referred to as flash based or HTML5 slots

Different Categories of Mobile Slots

There are so many games to be played online, and slots are always the most popular ones. This is perhaps because of how easy they are to play and the amount of prize money that they have. But do you know that there are different categories of these games? In case you didn’t know, we’ve listed them below for you to read and choose the one that best fits your gaming experience.

  • The classical fruit machines. They are the first generation of modern day video slots. They were mostly developed using old-fashioned electronic technology and were mainly played at the land-based casinos. Companies such as IGT, Aristocrat and Bally Technologies are credited with the efforts of developing these slot machines. Popular titles under this category include Bullion Bars, Rainbow Riches, Cleopatra, Elvis Top 20, Reel King among many others.
  • 3 reeled slots. They are one of the simplest games in the online video slots genre, and they are the next in chain after the classic one arm bandit. However, these machines can vary in complexity. There are those, which are straightforward to play, featuring a single payline and no additional features, while there are those that offer extra features such as the free spins, hold and nudge features. Some of the popular 3-reeled slots online include Zanny Zenra, Billion Dollar Gran, and the popular Major Millions progressive slot by Microgaming. You can try some of these and other games at our recommended casinos.
  • 5-reeled slots. These are the new age video slots, which present an impeccable mixture of top-notch gaming quality and online casino gambling experience. Most of these slot machines come with superb designs alongside innovative in-game features such as bonus rounds and free spins, which offer the player more than just the spinning experience. As the number of bettors trying these games increases by the day, the jackpot prizes on some of the progressives continue swelling in prize than before. These modern-day slots have mostly been themed on famous comic books, fairy tales and movie themes making them very popular among the millennials. Popular 5-reeled slots include Gonzo’s Quest, Jack and the Beanstalk, Starburst, Superman, Avalon, Thunderstruck, Tomb Raider among many others.
  • Jackpot Slots. Jackpot slots is a general name used to refer to all slots mobile games that have a very large prize attached to them. It could be a fixed pot or a progressive pot, which keeps increasing as more and more players continue playing the games.

Free Mobile Slots on Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows and Symbian Devices

We are always committed to ensuring that every reader looking for something that suits their preference is accommodated at the site. As such, we have games that can be played on all mobile phone devices including those powered by Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows and the not so common Symbian OS devices.

Android, iOS and Windows phones are the widely used ones, and as such, more software developers focus on producing games that can be played by the users. Android and iOS can support both the download and no download games, while the other devices mostly support the no-download games.

Mobile Slots: It Comes Down to Convenience!

Convenience is the most probable reason why the majority of the bettors are preferring to play casino games using their mobile devices instead of the traditional PCs. The freedom to play the video slot game of their liking from anywhere, whenever they feel like is just too awesome to pass up.

Just imagine; you are catching a lunch break, and you still have a few extra minutes to kill before heading back to work, what do you do? Head back to the nearest casino, which could possibly be 10 minutes away? Do you look for the nearest cyber café to log into your casino account to enjoy your game? Or do you pull out your smart phone and start playing the game right there and then?

It’s simple, really simple to play slots using mobile devices!

Mobile Casino Websites Are the Way Forward

Over the past few years, we have witnessed more and more games being released both on mobile and desktop as opposed to the previous years where games were only being released on desktop. However, with the number of bettors who own smartphones increasing as time passes by, online casinos and software developers have joined forces to give bettors their money’s worth. As such, they are producing more video slots, optimized for use on any mobile devices.

Mobile Slots FAQs

Can I play mobile slots free of charge?

Yes, it’s possible to play most of the mobile slots free of any charge. Usually, software developers create two gaming modes in their slot machines – the play money and real money mode. What the play money mode does is to enable you to enjoy all the games without paying any money using the free credits offered by the casino. As such, you cannot win real money in the process. The real money mode, however, enables you to play using real money and win real cash.

Are free mobile slots fair?

Yes, they are equally as fair as the real money ones. Usually, these games will have all the features included in the real money games – including RTP percentage, graphics, animations and the random number generator used to determine the results of the game. As such, the results are just a representation of what you’d expect while playing using real cash.

How do I know the games are not rigged?

There are a number of ways to determine this. First, you could decide to physically look up for the game’s return to player percentage – a figure that represents how much you should expect from the game in the long run. Some games might be having this figure, while others haven’t been indicated. Secondly, you can opt to look for what is referred to as a ‘seal of approval’ from one of those companies that independently audits online casinos to ensure that the games are totally fair.

Which is the best device to play with video slots?

This will vary from one player to another as well as the type of game you’d love to play. Some games take so much resources of your device, and as such, you’ll be required to play using a high-end device such as an iPhone 6+ or higher versions. Those slot machines with classic themes and light graphics, as well as animations, will just require a simple device.

Why does the slot game keep lagging as I continue playing it?

Performance depends on a number of factors, but the main reason why your device keeps lagging could be that it does not have enough resources – RAM, Physical Memory as well as the main memory – to handle the features present in the game.

Is there a way to improve my video slots gaming experience?

The best way to improve your gaming experience is by freeing up some of the used memory. For example, you could close all the unnecessary programs running in the background. This will not only free up some memory, but it will also boost your device’ performance greatly.