casinos that accept money transfer
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Casinos that accept Money Transfer

These top Money Transfer online casinos offer:
  • Funds are transferred through third-party agents, such as WU.
  • Payments are completely anonymous.
  • Processing of the payment can take several days.
  • Suits for both depositing and withdrawal.
  • Commission fees charged are relatively large.
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Money Transfer is a classic form of payment. With the transition of the work of gambling establishments to the “online” mode, each client of a virtual casino often thought about the methods of deposit. This issue is quite relevant because it is impossible to get a real win without making money to the account. Therefore, any information that will familiarize fans of online entertainment with options for deposit becomes relevant and useful.

The purpose of this review is to tell the user about the classic method of Money Transfer Casino Deposit, which consists in using the Money Transfer service. To put it more simply, the essence of a financial operation lies in the transfer of funds between bank accounts. The advantage of the payment system is that the client does not need to have a personal bank account - although its presence does provide a higher level of comfort. To conduct a Money Transfer, you can also use an electronic card account, which allows the subscriber subsequently to access the transferred money by withdrawing them from the nearest ATM.

It is most advantageous to open an account in dollars. However, it is recommended to know precisely what conditions the conversion process will take place. That is especially important if the client is going to use the system to play slot machines in one of the online gambling houses. Also, the user should familiarize himself with the existing tariffs. If you use the recommended online casino account deposit option, the user will be considered to be the sender, the gambling club is the recipient, and the financial institution is the intermediary that charges the service fee. The result of the transaction will be the transfer of funds from the player's account to the account in Money Transfer Online Casinos. Next, we will consider online casinos that accept Money Transfer.

Deposit and withdrawal method

The transfer of money can be made within one or different states ("internal" and "external" transfers). It will not be superfluous to mention that funds transferred abroad often bring good commissions and, thus, provide many countries with a good source of income. There are also international financial transfers that go separately, making up the "remittance" class. Currently, Money Transfer is ubiquitous for the implementation of which bank cards are used - this option includes the opportunity to send funds from one electronic payment card to another.

The client receives the amount of money addressed to him in the currency that is used in the turnover of his country of residence because the conversion process converts currencies following the current exchange rate.

Customer support

Visitors of Money Transfer Online Casinos should take into account that the money transfer system is not very convenient to use for depositing Money Transfer Online Casinos since it takes a considerable time. But it is quite acceptable to get your winnings in this way. By the way, this service is free in some online casinos that accept Money Transfer.

It's not a secret that bank transfer is a universal classic type of payment for a wide variety of services: you can pay for goods ordered in online stores, deposit a mobile phone account or a virtual gaming house.

Money transfers are now very popular among users around the world. Also one of the significant "pluses" of use is that the cost of the service is quite small, so the client can freely send any amounts of money while paying a tiny percentage of the commission fees.

Advantages and disadvantages

It can be noted that the benefit of the payment system is its availability and the absence of restrictions on the amount transferred (the exception is the "lower" limit of the amount stipulated by the rules of a particular bank). Among the shortcomings of using the payment system, we can note a significant period of waiting for the transaction to be completed. Compared to other payment systems, this period is quite large and can range from two to five working days. It should also be taken into consideration - especially to clients from the CIS countries - that transactions in rubles (Russia) and hryvnia (Ukraine) are relatively inexpensive compared to dollar transfers.


Money transfer is also used to deposit the account in the casino. In comparison with other ways to replenish the account in the casino (bank card, payment system) this method has a couple of advantages:

  • Maximum reliability. If the Money Transfer Online Casinos accepts funds through the bank, you can be sure that your money will not go the wrong way;
  • This method works in both directions. That is, you can not only put money into your account but also withdraw them from the casino;
  • That method is available in most countries of the world. The exception is underdeveloped regions;
  • Most banks are quite reasonable to Money Transfer Casino Deposit.
  • Disadvantages also exist:
  • Terms: money transfer is very slow. A transaction can be processed up to 5 business days;
  • The need to manually enter the data of the beneficiary's bank by the employee. The human factor sometimes becomes the reason of an error in requisites, and such payment will not be carried out;
  • in some Money Transfer Online Casinos, the commission fees for such a method of withdrawal is higher than for others.

If you assess the benefits and shortcomings, the critical challenge promises to be the date of confirmation of payment. Often players decide to play spontaneously, and they want to deposit their account and after a couple of minutes’ start playing in Money Transfer Online Casinos.

Casinos that accept Money Transfer

We found dozens of online institutions that support money transfers. Highest ratings in this list are Slots Million, Energy Casino, Guts Casino, DasistCasino, Marathonbet, EUcasino, Betchan, and many others.

Alternatives to Money Transfer for Funding Online Casino Accounts

There are a lot of alternative ways of replenishing the account in the casino. First of all, these are electronic payment systems that allow you to make almost instant payments. Money transfers are one of the safest options, but the transaction can last up to one week. Also, an affordable alternative is payment through MasterCard and Visa.


If you do not play casino regularly, then you need a faster method of depositing. So there is a considerable alternative when choosing electronic payment systems and bank cards.

Only those players choose Money Transfer Online Casinos who play regularly. They can transfer a substantial sum to their account, so the timing of the money transaction is not critical. Since the amounts can be significant, safety comes to the fore.

Even though this method is not very popular among players, many casinos still allow you to deposit your account via money transfer. So treat it as a backup option, if the usual way with depositing via Electronic payment system or by using a bank card is not available.


  1. How to transfer money?

    To transfer money, it is necessary to visit the bank branch, where you will need to fill out the form. The procedure is also available for Internet users (e-banking). True, the proposed method is not very fast - the time for sending money can be from one day to a week. Also, the potential user should consider the amount of the commission, which depends on the type of financial transaction. For the countries of the near abroad, it will not exceed 5% of the transferred amount.

  2. What information would you need to make on the form by visiting the bank branch?

    There are numbers of settlement accounts: both the sending bank and the receiving bank. You also need to know the name of the bank that participates in the transaction. The next step will be the indication of personal information about the sender and the recipient, which includes passport data and address. Do not forget to also enter the payment amount and its purpose, as well as bank ID.

  3. How to transfer money without visiting the bank office?

    Using the method of electronic transfer will be even more convenient because the user will be able to carry out the necessary actions by visiting the official site of the selected bank. As a payment option, money transfer is a ubiquitous procedure, but it is worth knowing that the algorithm of a traditional financial operation can differ - it all depends on the bank whose services you decided to use. Electronic transfer is faster because the period for sending money will be from 2 to 4 days. Most of Money Transfer Online Casinos also support other payment methods.

  4. What are the nuances to take into account when making a money transfer?

    In the rules of using any payment system, there is a point where an amount is indicated that can be transferred at a time.

    The receipt, which is issued to the sender, must be filled carefully and contain reliable personal data of the client, including his surname and first name.

  5. How deposit occurs

    Unlike other methods of depositing the account, bank transfer will require a lot of information. Need to know:

    • name of both banks;
    • bank IBAN;
    • number of the current account;
    • ID;
    • you need to specify the purpose of the payment.

    In general, there are lots of details. One error in figure enough and payment will not work or go not in the casino, but on someone's bank account. Alternatively, a confirmation code may be used for bank payment. It indicates the sender when making a payment, and the Money Transfer Online Casinos, to receive money, will have to enter the code and only after that the money will be credited to its requisites.

    The above is the most complicated and inconvenient version of the transaction. Internet banking is now developed so that you can apply for such a transaction online. But all the same, there is a problem with the accuracy of the information indication, terms of processing of transfer.

  6. What if the casino does not support money transfers?

    If there is no such option in the list of available account payment methods, do not rush to change the casino. Specify in technical support; many casinos do not include this method in the list available due to low popularity.

  7. How to withdraw funds using direct money transfer?

    To do this, you need to use the casino cash office. After you specify the amount on the withdrawal screen, select the "Direct Money Transfer" method. After that, it is necessary to define the details of your bank account. Then check the entered data and confirm that it is correct.

    Please note that the registered owner of the bank account must match the account specified in the casino account.

    Casino usually will need up to 72 hours to process your withdrawal request. The money will be credited to your account within 2-5 business days from the date of processing the request.

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