casinos that accept mtc
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Founded: 1993
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Casinos that accept MTC

These top MTC online casinos offer:
  • A major Russian provider of cellular services.
  • Allows easy and secure online payments.
  • It is convenient for the users of mobile casinos.
  • Deposit limits are relatively small.
  • For the most part, it is used in Russia and former Soviet republics.
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Casumo Casino
  • New promotions each week
  • Fast multilingual support
  • 100% secure payments
  • Welcome bonus to all new players

Payments & Withdrawals

1 day
  • Fast withdrawals without hassle
  • Win rate for players: 97.27%

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The company provides its customers with a comprehensive set of innovative solutions that allows making payments at the highest level of security. Using this method is economically beneficial for businesses of various types, including retail, restaurants (the ability to pay for an order in a cashless form, without leaving the table without the need for a signature), hotels, healthcare, e-commerce (the ability to pay using any website for online shopping sites) and even state-owned enterprises. Numerous Western gambling establishments that offer users to play real-money slot machines also use this system to pay out winnings. We will also make a brief review of some Online casinos that accept MTC.

Deposit and withdrawal method

Each MTC user will be able to make a variety of different cash transactions. The system will allow to make mutual payments between customers, make payments for goods from various online stores, make cash payments, transfers using the Internet. It is also possible to store money in a personal account while receiving monthly interest payments.

Customers will be given a chance to quietly buy gold, US dollars in real time, as well as accept and issue various loans with the participation of the Credits Exchange. Loan Exchange is a new operation that will allow receiving and providing loans to unknown customers, focusing on their Trust Score, the openness of account data, account verification, as well as the history of the loans made.

The Perfect Money system has some features, including the ability for the user to create about six additional accounts on his account. It is also provided for the creation of a sub-account with a personal login and password. The task of this account will serve only the transfer and reception of electronic money since the full functionality will not be available here.

That is an excellent opportunity to replenish a sub-account from the client’s main account without additional fees. Each client will be able to create a personal electronic voucher in cash equivalent. After its activation, funds can be transferred even through SMS messages or e-mail. Each user will be able to choose an individual status, which will increase or, on the contrary, reduce the range of services provided. Also, all gamblers can try MTC Online Casinos to find out the convenience of payments.

There are three types of statuses. The first and simplest is Normal, which is assigned to absolutely all customers after registration, and it does not imply any restrictions on the use of the system. Premium status may become available to users for using MTC services for more than one year. It assumes privileged opportunities, including a priority attitude in the implementation of possible cash transactions. Partner is the highest status that can testify to customer loyalty and trust in the payment system concerning the user and his business. This account is the most privileged.

Customer support

With the help of high-tech solutions in the field of credit cards, the company provides an opportunity for potential sellers to customize the whole process in just 2 hours. If MTC copes with remittances in 1-2 business days, then at analog firms this time is at least two times more. The company provides exchange and flexible pricing. Setting up payments is free, the rest - from 195 dollars. The share of positive reviews about the service is 98 percent. Gamblers repeat that positive statistic concerning MTC Online Casinos.

When using a mobile phone as a means to receive and send payments, you get the following options:

  • use as POS system;
  • signature capture;
  • shopping, selling, paying taxes;
  • opportunity to return payment to the buyer;
  • cash management;
  • quick deposits of $1,000 or more;
  • voice recognition system (Vingo);
  • real-time control system;
  • the ability to save the current operation if there is no online connection;
  • downloadable formats for easy reading;
  • free mobile device;
  • round-the-clock online support.

To contact the service specialists, you can use the e-mail, phone number or fill in a particular form on the site where you can specify the subject of the message and your contact details for communication.

All transfers are made exclusively in US dollars and only in the United States of America. MTC Online Casinos also accepts others currencies, but MTC is a dollar-only system. The interface of all programs and the main site is in English.

Advantages and disadvantages

MTC offers the following benefits to its users:

  • payment security and confidentiality of personal data;
  • fast money transfer within 48 hours;
  • the availability of online support, ready to answer any of your questions 24/7/365, so that your business will never stand idle;
  • the ability to make payments up to $5,000 without registering an account in the system.

To date, the company has more than 25 years of experience in this field. During this time, more than 150 thousand business transactions were made of about $5 million daily. The company has expanded to more than 400 subsidiaries, which makes the network one of the largest. Service for its long history awarded a mass of prizes. So, in 2015, the system was recognized as the best in servicing credit cards, and from 2012 to 2014 it was consistently in the top three regarding maintenance.

The system provides the following services:

  • provides users with the latest solutions regarding credit card servicing and data protection;
  • the possibility of using credit cards linked with a mobile phone;
  • a period of 90 days, for which you can, without any obligation, provide your customers with up to $5,000;
  • gift cards to customers;
  • devices for reading paper checks;
  • cash terminals for customer service.
  • MTC Casino Deposit is available all over the world.

The paragraph of the Privacy Policy reminds the company that during the use of the service there is analytics of users' actions. However, all the obtained information is used exclusively for statistical purposes. MTC Online Casinos are worth to try because of instant payments and easy to use.


MTC Service is entirely safe. Your data does not reach the sellers when making a money transfer. The company has all the necessary licenses for carrying out activities. Additional measures of caution are provided by partners McAfee and SRC, supervisors and antivirus programs. Inside the system, all operations are encrypted with a TLS code.

When you go to the website, you will receive small files on the computer - cookies that allow you to use the full functionality of the web service. Cookies are a session and permanent. The first ones keep the password and login so that you do not enter your details every time you switch between the pages of the payment site. However, when you close the browser or exit the site, these files will be deleted, and you will have to enter the login with the password again. Using permanent cookies, you can always see your email in the address of the password entry. That is convenient, but dangerous because It is easy for an intruder to seize your money and your entire account if you take over your computer.

In the case of buying goods through this service, if you wish, you can return the money for a poor-quality purchase if you use the protection program. These or other questions can be clarified in the help desk or the section of the FAQ. We cannot find any unresolved issues raised around payments in MTC Online Casinos.

Casinos that accept MTC

We found some Online casinos that accept MTC. But the list is too short and include Casino Pobeda, Red Star Casino, 1xslots Casino, 22Bet and some others. We do not know precisely the reason for such low popularity of MTS among gambling houses.

Alternatives to MTC for Funding Online Casino Accounts

There is a massive amount of other options to MTC Casino Deposit which are more widespread and convenient for use in the particular region. Take a look at GlobalMoney, Neteller, Skrill, Wirecard, WebMoney, and others.


As a result, we have an excellent service, with which you can easily set up your business in just a couple of hours, be it restaurant services or retail. The system allows for reasonably attractive conditions to make money transfers both between buyers and merchants and between business companies. To preserve the security of personal data and transaction information, modern software is used, which is particularly easy to use through mobile phones and tablets. Unfortunately, this service is currently designed exclusively for the United States and the list of currencies used is only the American dollar. We are ready to recommend MTC Online Casinos since it’s usability. Anyway, this service is not so popular among gambling houses.


  1. How to pass registration?

    To log in, you need to select Login - Merchant login (if you will log in as a seller) or Agent Login (as an employee of the company) at the top of the browser page. To register, you should select Get Started Today on the right side of the page, after which a particular form opens where you need to specify the name, business name, e-mail address, phone number, the current rate. Than choose a state from the drop-down list (State), indicate how you learned about MTC (by radio, Internet, newspapers/magazines or from a friend) and correctly write the sum of numbers, designating yourself as a real user, and not a robot after which you need to click on the Submit button, completing the registration.

  2. How is the transfer of funds in the system?

    To transfer money to the beneficiary you need: the sender must have a bank account with the partner of the payment system; when transferring funds, you need to specify the payment amount, pin code and phone number of the recipient; The recipient will be informed about the receipt of money via SMS. In the same message will be all the necessary information for the withdrawal of funds.

  3. How to withdraw money?

    To withdraw money, you need to find an ATM and select the option “Withdrawing without a card.” You must enter the pin code, specify the amount that you sent and your phone number. Payment can be processed up to several minutes. As soon as an SMS message arrives on the phone, you can immediately withdraw money. That method also suits for MTC Online Casinos.

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