casinos that accept neosurf
Company: Neosurf Cards
Founded: 2004
Member Accounts: 200 000
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Casinos that accept Neosurf

These top Neosurf online casinos offer:
  • A fully prepaid card for anonymous payments online.
  • No personal and banking data required.
  • The cards can be bought for cash at a variety of outlets.
  • The process of making a payment is very quick and simple.
  • They are accepted in a limited number of European countries.
  • Not for withdrawal.
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This review will discover you a relatively young payment system called Neosurf. Of course, many are undoubtedly familiar with the world-famous payment service Neteller. It is the progenitor of the new Neosurf service.

What constitutes a system for e-payments? That is an electronic Neosurf card, which is prepaid. Its main task is to provide the client with the opportunity to make instant transactions, where the transfer of money is carried out exclusively in the Neteller system. Your money will be transferred to a virtual wallet. A potential client of a virtual gambling house will be able to quickly, quickly and without unnecessary delays transfer funds to his balance, thereby ensuring the comfort of the game process.

Unfortunately, this payment system, like many other popular services, is more oriented towards Europeans. Currently, residents of France, Spain, Italy, Belgium prefer the use of Neosurf service capabilities. However, in the plans of the developers is to expand the territory of the service, and this idea is being implemented through a steady increase in the number of official branches that sell Neosurf prepaid cards. We will also show some Online casinos that accept Neosurf.

Deposit and withdrawal method

Money transfer when using a Neosurf payment system has its nuances. It is necessary to take into account the presence of the upper and lower limit of the amount that can be sent to the beneficiary's account. So, the minimum amount of the transaction must reach 30 US dollars, and the maximum doesn’t exceed 4000 euros. The user will be able to get acquainted with the rules for making electronic transfers of Neosurf by visiting the official website of the system.

Each Neosurf card has a PIN that is located on its back side. This PIN consists of ten digits. To use the Neosurf card, you must first buy it at one of the sales outlets. Then you need to log in to Neosurf, which will allow you to fill out a particular electronic form, where you enter a ten-digit PIN. The process of filling the standard form will not be complicated, because the Neosurf system boasts an explicit algorithm of the depositing process, which consists of several steps. It is very convenient for those users who decided to use the service for the first time. Each transaction is subject to commission fees, the amount of which is 1.5% of the transferred amount of money.

After the virtual wallet is deposited, the lover of online games goes to the site of the selected casino. There you need to find the section with Neosurf Casino Deposit methods. You should choose the Neosurf payment system, after which the desired amount is transferred to the balance of the player of the Neosurf Online Casinos.

Customer support

The primary purpose of the payment system is to allow customers to pay online internet purchases without having accounts in other EPS (electronic payment systems). This problem solved by using prepaid vouchers. How does the system work?

  • On the site, there is a service for finding the nearest sales outlets where you can buy a Neosurf voucher. They are issued with a specific face value; so you cannot purchase a voucher with custom face value;
  • On the back of the card, there is a band covered with a protective coating. It must be erased, and under it, there will be a 10-digit code. You need that code to pay for goods in the online stores. Work with Neosurf is supported by more than 20,000 stores around the world;
  • To pay for the purchase you need to select the appropriate method of depositing and in the window that appears enter the same 10-digit code. Everything happens anonymously and safely.

We also note some additional features including the issue of NeoCash plastic cards. They work with the MasterCard payment system. They can be used in the same way as bank cards. It is not necessary to buy a voucher through the sales outlets. You can also do this online through MyNeosurf, but in this case, you will have to register, that is, anonymity is lost. That’s why Europeans use this payment system for gambling in Neosurf Online Casinos.

The voucher does not burn when you pay for goods in the network. If you, for example, bought a prepaid card with a face value of €500, but the purchase cost you €350, then the balance of €150 does not go anywhere. You can transfer it to the NeoCash card or use this balance together with another voucher to pay for another purchase.

Advantages and disadvantages

Neosurf uses an original (though not revolutionary) approach to online payments. It has both drawbacks and benefits, let's start with the strengths:

  • full anonymity and 100% security;
  • payments are processed instantly;
  • Is not a problem to find prepaid cards in the sale outlets in European countries;
  • Registration is not needed unless you want to create a NeoCash card.

Among the shortcomings, we note:

  • Sometimes commissions fee may be high. Its value depends on the seller of the prepaid card, as well as where you will transfer money;
  • You cannot use Neosurf at any time of the day because you need to purchase a card at first unless you stock up on prepaid cards;
  • Neosurf is not available in all countries. This method is convenient in Europe, but outside it has some problems. You will not be able to purchase a card, and therefore you will not be able to use the system.


It can be noted that such a replenishment option allows the client to feel protected, because the risk of the fraudulent activity is minimized, and the client can make the necessary Neosurf Casino Deposit procedure while at home. The speed of the operation of transferring money to the account is very high, which is a weighty factor, which speaks in favor of the Neosurf system.

Residents of Europe can also deposit the electronic wallet of the popular WebMoney payment system through the use of the proposed service. The commission fees for the corresponding operation will be less and about only 1%.

Neosurf's electronic payment service was launched in France, but over time it has become quite popular in Switzerland, Italy, some countries in Africa, Belgium, and Spain. The original card which you can buy in European countries can have a face value that ranges from 10 to 100 euros. You can buy a Neosurf card in kiosks, in the café, mobile and Internet communication salons.

Casinos that accept Neosurf

Fans of playing online slots are also not deprived of the opportunity to use this service. Currently, there is no extensive list of online casinos that offer a deposit option using pre-paid Neosurf cards. The list of Online casinos that accept Neosurf is represented by 21 gaming houses (7 Sultans Casino, 7 Regal Casino, Caribic Casino, Casino 777, Next Casino, etc.).

Unfortunately, replenishment of the account in the casino is supported by very few online casinos. Search on our database gives out only a few dozen casinos supporting Neosurf. But even if on the site of the Neosurf Online Casinos this method is recommended, we still need to clarify whether it is possible to deposit via Neosurf.

Alternatives to Neosurf for Funding Online Casino Accounts

We found some other popular prepaid card which is accepted by some casino. The list includes Worldcore, ecoCard, Payoneer and some others. It is worth saying that Neosurf is a more common variant of prepaid cards for casinos. Nevertheless, in each region, various options can be used to pay for goods and services.


As a result of the review, it can be noted that the Neosurf payment service provides its customers with a high level of comfort, which includes the ability to quickly deposit the account, ensure the safety of the user, a simple algorithm to use the service possibilities.

Neosurf is a reasonably popular payment system that allows you to pay for online purchases without even having a Neosurf account. We cannot call it local so that you can use the payment system in many countries of the world. It can be used to deposit the account in Neosurf Online Casinos, although it cannot be called the most popular method.

Neosurf is a European service. However, it should be noted that it is not yet possible to assess its benefits in the countries of the near abroad to use the Neosurf system because the service is primarily focused on Europeans. It remains only to hope that over time such a service will be available for residents of America and other countries.


  1. How to use?

    As already mentioned above, the user needs activate the prepaid Neosurf card by entering into the system a unique PIN code. After this procedure is completed, the use of the card is possible within six months. If on the old Neosurf card there are funds left, they can be transferred to a new card of the same system, which is quite convenient.

  2. How to fund a Neosurf Online Casinos account?

    It all depends on how you will deposit the account. If you use a voucher, the scheme looks like this:

    • choose on the casino site the Neosurf deposit method;
    • In the opened window there will be a field in which you need to enter the voucher code, having previously indicated how much you want to transfer to your account. By entering the voucher code and clicking on "Pay," you will send money to your Neosurf Online Casinos account.
  3. How to fund NeoCash card account?

    If you have opened a NeoCash card, you can deposit the account just like with a regular bank account. That is, you need to choose the option MasterCard in the methods of depositing.

  4. How to withdraw funds from the casino?

    As for the withdrawal of funds, if you use a voucher, then in this way money will not work. If there is a card, then the money from the account in the Neosurf Online Casinos can be transferred to it as well as to the bank card.

  5. Are payments in the NeoSurf system anonymous?

    In Neosurf Online Casinos, all financial transactions are performed anonymously without the possibility of access to the personal data of the third party client. The NeoSurf security system eliminates the slightest risk of information theft from the database, which was another reason for the popularity of the company in many developed countries.

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