Can’t seem to find a mobile-friendly slot machine game that will stick? Do the new slots, that you play, throw you off the game after taking a few spins? Trust us, you are not the only slots aficionado that feels like it’s getting difficult by the day to enjoy a video slot game for a long time. After all, the attention span of the modern human lasts for only a few seconds!

Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that selecting a video slot game is getting a little more difficult as newer slots are released. This makes it very rare to find a player(s) who can say they have one game that easily stands out from the thousands as their favourite.

Does this mean that the slots developers are choosing quantity over quality? Far from it. The new slots being developed are getting much better by the day, but since there are so many companies developing new titles every month, it’s very difficult to get a handle on all.

This is why we’ve decided to write something comprehensive on new online slots – listing all the popular titles online – and highlighting some of the prominent features that we look for in these games.

If you aren’t sure on how you can choose the best new online slots game, this page should make it very easy for you.

Choosing the Best New Slots – What Features Do We Look For?

We all love online casino video slot games – you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t! However, as with all other things associated with online casinos, our love for slots isn’t unconditional, and there are some features of mobile slots that we detest.

Every player will search for something slightly different in the game they choose to play and keep their eyes peeled is certainly one of the best ways to find a video slot game that will quench your thirst for thrills.

But what of the inverse; what about some of the features that you love? While tastes vary from one player to another, there are certainly others that are loved more than others, and as such we’ve decided to share with you some of our favourite features – those that we look before recommending any new slot game.

Wild Symbols

You can’t say a slot game is perfect or okay if it doesn’t feature wild symbols. Although technically they aren’t bonus features as such, wild features are definitely still special. They can substitute for all the other symbols in the game to form winning combinations, so they have a very special role to play in any new slot game. Those new slot games that lack wild symbols, we tend to think they are not worth our readers’ time and we’ll hardly recommend them.

Scatter and bonus Symbols

Scatter symbols count regardless of the position they fall on the reels, whilst the bonus symbols tend to appear on specific reels. Both symbols can trigger bonuses in a video slot game, and as a general rule of the thumb, they fewer the number, the better.

We tend to look for new slot games with scatter symbols, review them, but highly recommend those with fewer symbols. This is because too many of these symbols appearing on the reels might stop you from landing regular wins.


They can also appear during bonus rounds, on wilds, through scatters, or in other combinations. The basic concept with multipliers is that any winnings resulting from wilds and scatters will be multiplied by the amount determined by the multiplier.

Randomly Triggered Features

These features might as well be present in some other slot games, and they are some of the best features in the game. At any one point during in-play, a bonus feature might be activated. This could range from a simple wild bonus to an instant cash prize. In fact, some of the new slot games might have a progressive jackpot that might be won through the randomly triggered feature.

As such, we try new slot games and highly recommend those with the randomly triggered features.

Free Play

What if you actually don’t feel like playing the new slots for real money, even if it’s by using the bonus cash? There’s one last option that we’d really feel bad if we didn’t tell you about it – free play or demo play! That’s correct, for every game offered at some of these new slots sites, you’ll be able to try the game without any charges attached to it by simply selecting the free play option.

The benefit of using this option is that there’s no need of depositing any money so that you can play the game and you’ll still be in a position to play these games. Yet, unlike when you shall be using your free spins or welcome bonus, you’ll also not be able to gain anything – financially wise – as you play the game in free play mode.

Therefore, we strongly emphasize that free play mode is a very good way of trying out some of the new online slots in a short period of time, but it’s not suitable for a long-term as any wins resulting from the spins might leave you feeling frustratingly empty.

Getting the Balance Right

Every year, there are plenty of new slots being released, which contain a good number of the listed features. You are going to discover soon that most of the games out there don’t include all these features through software providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, Betsoft, and IGT tend to try and include as many features as possible.

We have a good selection of new slot games, but we tend to encourage our readers to try them out instead of taking our word for it. They can be played at some of the new slot sites, which tend to include more than 500 games for players to choose from.