There are two ways to gamble online:

  • For Free
  • With real money

The first one is mostly used by beginners or simply those who like to explore and have fun from time to time. Most of those who keep going for a while decide to invest some of their own cash and try their luck. However, a free version is available for 99% of all the machines and games available at all casinos, and anyone can play that way at any time.

The times have changed, and no one is forced to go to a land casino and put some money in right away, just to go through several available machines, without any knowledge. All information about online gambling can be found online in forms of tutorials, different guides, strategies, etc.

Whoever moves on from the fun version is fully prepared to play online casinos for real money. With a proper training and enough time spent learning using the free mode is fully competent to start playing for real.

It boosts the excitement, makes people play the games more seriously and offers a chance to win millions. The chances of winning are always presented as the RTP (Return To Player). That number shows the theoretical return to all the players involved. As more people join and start gambling, the chances of you being the one with the positive cash flow increase.

The part that the casino takes is the house edge, and is usually below 10%. Even though each game has its own percentage, every casino has an overall number publicly shown on their webpage.

The main advantages of playing for real are:

  • Casino bonuses
  • Jackpots
  • Promotions

Casino Bonuses & Promotions

The first thing that needs to be done before switching to online casinos for real money is to look for the casino that has the best bonus offers currently available. Of course, some of the steps before that are:

  • Finding the casino with a good license
  • Making sure that it has the games you enjoy the most
  • Works with the best companies in the industry

The most important bonus, for all of those who are just getting started is the no deposit bonus. It allows anyone to win money without investing any at all. Usually, the only recommendation is the registration, sometimes with a few additional steps required. Those steps mostly include clicking on a specific link or verifying the e-mail address.

Keep in mind that each unique player can claim this bonus only once. If the offer is good enough, it should be a no-brainer as there is literally nothing to lose. The casino gives out free cash to anyone who is willing to sign-up. Anyone who gets the free real credits is 100% equivalent to those who already invested money. That means that the jackpot can be won even by playing with the bonus cash.

Moving on, the next bonus to look for is the first deposit bonus. It becomes extremely valuable if there are no other options for getting free money (no deposit). The percentage varies anywhere from 50% to 300%, but the most common one is 100% or 200%. Doubling or even tripling up helps a lot, especially if a lot of money is deposited.

The first one is sometimes followed by the 2nd and the 3rd deposit bonus, both extremely valuable but with lower percentages in most cases. Some of the offers that may appear as well are:

  • All kinds of matching bonuses
  • High-roller
  • Cash-back
  • Reload
  • Loyalty

You are probably wondering now why wouldn’t you simply claim the money and immediately request the payout. That is why each promotion has a withdrawal requirement attached to it. In order to withdraw the cash, players need to gamble certain amounts, or spin the slots, roulette wheel, or play enough hands.

All these requirements can be found in the terms & conditions page under the “Bonuses” subtitle. Make sure to read each and every line before getting into it.

Promotions present a bonus offer variation and are usually time-limited. Using the notifications is always a smart thing to do, because it is a way to get notified of all the new promotions and offers. New games are also getting promoted by offering free spins or hands to the players, which can only be interesting, as it is very similar to the no deposit bonus.

Mobile VS Web Version

Playing online casinos for real money was done through the web browsers, ever since it appeared, back in the 90’s. However, in the past 10 years or so, with the appearance of the first smartphone devices, it became available through the mobile phone.

Even the mobile users can access casinos both by downloading the application and loading the website through the mobile browser. It is important to get all the apps from the official stores (Google Play, Apple Store, etc.) or from the casino’s website.

Be aware of all the scams circling through the internet, such as stumbling upon comments on forums that promise free money after you click the link they have posted. There are referral links, but 99% of the time it is a scam. That is why most casinos use the referral code, which can be used while registering or depositing which benefits both the new user and the one that provided the code.

Most mobile users find the application version of a casino more convenient, but accessing the casino while on the road and away from your PC is always possible because of the web version. Once the account is created, all you need is the login information. Using the 2fa (2-factor-authorisation) is also recommended as it increases security and makes it impossible for anyone except you to get into the account and gamble.