casinos that accept oxxo
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Casinos that accept oxxo

These top oxxo online casinos offer:
  • This payment method is widely used in Mexico.
  • It is fully anonymous and safe.
  • This is not an instant method – you pay in an offline outlet.
  • No personal data is ever collected and revealed.
  • No commission fees.
  • The coverage is limited by Mexican casinos.
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OXXO is a payment organization that is not an electronic wallet. That means that the system instantly transfers funds from one account to another, and you do not need to continually visit a virtual account to make a bank transfer to another account. As a result, this service is completely safe, because it is a kind of intermediary between you and payment services.

OXXO is also the most significant and oldest retail chain in Mexico. The company has more than 11 thousand outlets in Mexico and Colombia. OXXO offers a wide range of payment options and is very popular when making payments on the Web. Below we will consider top Online casinos that accept OXXO.

Deposit and withdrawal method

OXXO, with offices in Mexico and Colombia, works primarily for its customers who wish to provide their users with care, quality service and convenient means for payments. The company is divided into five components: payment solutions, call center, marketing, logistics, and information systems. Thanks to useful knowledge in these areas, the company provides services, where each industry is somehow connected with others. Thus, reliability increases and costs are reduced. You can make OXXO Casino Deposit instantly.

As for the first component of Payment solutions, this service works according to the following principle: the user selects the goods he needs in the online store, after which he puts it in the basket and selects OXXO transfer, after which he finds his bank or can use a voucher. After confirmation, the seller can immediately proceed to send the goods to the final consumer. If you wish to use a credit card for payment, but at the stage of choosing a method, you will have to indicate the CVV number and number shown on the front of the card. OXXO Online Casinos are a reliable option for those who live in Mexico and Colombia.

Customer support

To increase sales, the company offers to use individual payment terminals that allow sellers to accept payment cards on the spot. The advantage of using them is the protection of customer data. Together with the ability to pay for the goods with a card, customers will keep large amounts in stores during the transaction. As a rule, stores offering these payment methods are in priority with customers, so that in the future they will return for more shopping. Non-cash transactions reduce the chances of unwanted money manipulations. These terminals are offered in conjunction with several banks, which provide high security and charges relatively low costs for transfers. Together with the terminals, wireless equipment with built-in Sim cards are offered, so no need to access the Internet.

Another service is an automatic system of payment accounting. As practice shows, regular but low payments are perceived by users better than one large amount at the beginning or end of the month. OXXO Online Casinos have a rare issue with unsuccessful payments. Anyway, you can always contact to support via phone or e-mail.

The principle of work: the company organizes payment solutions with users through the call center. If the user decides not to complete the payment transaction, then the call center specialists react in the shortest time and begin to advise the buyer. If there are regular customers, they are entered into the database, after which they do not need to open their registration data and account numbers when purchasing - the system will do it for them.

The costs are covered by the number of customers and sales volumes. In practice, the percentage of buyers who choose regular payments is several times higher than those who pay monthly, even though the monthly fee is slightly lower. So the use of regular payments is economically justified for you, and it's nice to use for your buyers. The launch of the system is also simple, as the implementation of a single payment via the Internet using a plastic card.

Advantages and disadvantages

The principle of OXXO operation is simple: the user sends SMS to a unique number and receives an immediate response. The operator charges the cost of the service. The advantage of the method: high prevalence of mobile gadgets. Almost every person does not part with a mobile phone under any circumstances, so a smartphone is an ideal device for payments. The disadvantage of the method is a high fee for using the telephone line of some mobile network operators. The accessibility makes OXXO Online Casinos very popular in Mexico and Columbia. Gamblers can avoid using bank cards and deposit voucher.

Another service is OXXO mPayment. With its help, you can pay for services using the Internet. Advantage: the payment is automatically deducted from the credit card at the end of the month. This method is slightly more complicated than the previous one, however, when using this method, the amount of the transaction fee is higher, which means fewer charges from the used communication operator.

The principle of operation: for example, the user wants to buy a ticket for the concert. He chooses OXXO mPayment in the list of available methods on the site. Next, he indicates his mobile operator and enters the mobile phone number or e-mail address. After that SMS notification comes with a secret code, which should be entered into the form on the website and press the confirmation button. Additionally, the user receives a receipt by e-mail.


Thanks to the SMS/MMS OXXO service sellers can reach a vast number of customers in a short time. It provides the ability to service hundreds and thousands of SMS requests per hour. A typical example of this kind of automatic messages is "Your goods are ready for dispatch," "Order Confirmation," distribution of promotional offers to users and reminders. With the help of a particular interface you enter the text of the message, then, using the sheet with all contacts, specify to whom it should be delivered. The service is available in Columbia and Mexico. If you want to make OXXO Casino Deposit, you may be calm about the security of payments.

Casinos that accept OXXO

We create shortlist of Online casinos that accept OXXO: 1xBet Casino GanaBet, BetSafe Casino, Betfair, Winner, Wintrillions, BetCRIS, XM Markets, XTrade, and some other gambling houses. These are reliable OXXO Online Casinos and have good reviews rates.

Alternatives to OXXO for Funding Online Casino Accounts

OXXO Online Casinos also support other payment methods. OXXO is the primary choice for Mexicans, but they can also use other worldwide payment systems.


OXXO is a modern and dynamic service that allows everyone to use familiar gadgets, such as a smartphone or tablet in an entirely new way for both sellers and buyers who will gladly take advantage of the opportunity to pay for usual services, such as parking or buying a ticket is not yet as popular as mobile payment. Also, the seller can remind the buyer about the need to pick up the goods from the receiving point or please the next order using a regular SMS message in automatic mode. Even though the service fee depends not only on the supplier but also on cell operators, using regular payments does not take much of the money out of the user's wallet. We recommend using OXXO Online Casinos as the comfortable gambling houses for residents of Mexico and Colombia. If you are in any other state, then you may find a more suitable option for yourself.


  1. What are the reasons for the unsuccessful payment in OXXO Online Casinos?
    • Insufficient amount of funds on your card;
    • The card has expired;
    • The request for payment is not allowed by the payment gateway:
    • Most likely your card has disabled checking the CVV2 code. Contact your bank. You will be able to enable the verification of the CVV2 code. The customer support phone is usually listed in the back of the card.

    • The transaction is not allowed by the issuing bank:
    • This message means that the bank that issued the card refused to pay. Most often this is due to the blocking of the card for payments through the Internet and the established limits. 90% of cards in are issued with an established threshold, prohibiting payment through the Internet. To resolve this issue, call your bank. The phone number is on the card usually on the reverse side. On the phone, you will be helped to change the limits that you need. Limits can limit both the fact of payment via the Internet, and the maximum single payment amount and the maximum daily amount of pay. Therefore, learn all the limits associated with payments through the Internet and ask to install those that suit you. All these operations you can perform via internet-banking.

  2. What happens if the payment card does not have enough funds to pay?

    When conducting a transaction in the system, its information transmitted to the issuing bank. The bank either confirms or does not approve the deal, including it, may not confirm payment due to lack of funds on the payer's account. For customers who own cards with credit lines, payment can be made even with a real lack of funds on the account.

    Only the issuing bank that issued you a card can open a credit line for you on the card and set its size, as well as give information about the balance on the card account. Besides, the only bank can give you full details on the transactions and operations that have received the status of "Refusal."

  3. What is CVV2 / CVC2 code?

    The code CVC2 and CVV2 is the digital security code that is on the back of your Visa or MasterCard. This code will be necessary for you to make payments on the Internet, so it serves to confirm the authenticity of your card.

  4. What kind of cards are accepted for payment?

    OXXO service for receiving payments accepts only Visa/Mastercard.

  5. What is Card Verification?

    Verification of a card is a security measure that allows the system to make sure that you are the owner of the card. How does the card verification process go?

    On the card account of the payer, the bank blocks a small amount - up to 1$, which will be automatically unlocked after a few minutes. You need to specify a blocked amount. If you have SMS banking, then you will receive a message with a blocked amount on your mobile, if not - you need to call the bank that issued the payment card at the number indicated on your card and get the exact amount from the operator.

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