5 reel slots

One aspect that is used to distinguish slots is the number of reels. Some slot games have three reels; others have five or more. Five-reel slots are among the favourite titles that most online gamblers prefer. There are various types of slot games, and in each of the categories, it is possible to find a decent number of five-reel slots. Apart from the reels, games have rows and pay lines that come together to form the grid which is the layout. Some of the standard collections that have five-reel slots include:

Video Slots

Most video slot machines come with five reels. Software provider firms develop video slots with new technology making titles that fall in this category a favourite among most slot enthusiasts. The features found on the reels of video slots are clear cut. The themes explored by most of the titles are also diverse, and players can find a title with a subject they are interested in.

Three-dimensional slots

Three-dimensional slots are also among the common categories that feature five reels. Gamers who are into recent slot games that feature more comprehensive graphics can try games that are created using 3D technology.

Important to note is that five reeled games have a different number of bet ways. With regards to the gaming budget, players should stake on games that are within the confines of the money they have to place stakes.

Five Reel Slot Features

There are multiple features that gamers will find on the reels of games that fall in this category. The base game features are determined by the theme being explored. Other features are incorporated in the game whose sole function is to reward players when they achieve certain winning combinations or when a certain number of a bonus icon fall on the reels. Some of the standard bonus features that players will come across from time to time are:

  • Scatters
  • Wilds
  • Free Spins
  • Gamble games
  • Multipliers, among others.

Gamers can play free five-reel slots to establish this fact to determine the bonus offerings that a particular title has. Also, players can look at the pay table that comes with the slot game highlighting the different features that they will encounter when they play a specific title. Various reasons have been brought forward by both slot lovers and reviews regarding the popularity of slot games. Some of the factors that propel the growth of five-reel slots include:

Wager limits

Slot games are among casino game families that have low staking conditions. This factor has helped five-reel slots experience steady growth over the years since they are not limiting to players of all budget ranges. Gamers who play for fun are advised to place minimum bets allowed so that they do not spend a lot of money. Those who are after significant cash outs, on the other hand, should go for the maximum stakes permitted to maximize on their chances of achieving considerable gains.


The themes explored by five-reel slots online are numerous. Players can choose from a variety of ideas drawn from multiple sources. Software developing firms look for subjects that have broad audiences and explore them in the titles they create. Some of the sources that are used to provide background stories for slot games are:

  • Fairy tales
  • Motion pictures
  • Literary works
  • Memoirs and journals of prominent people
  • Mythologies of various cultures, etc.

Other sources inspire slot games such as emerging trends in the different sectors of everyday life. Currently, some of the slots being developed feature trends in communication such as emojis and some in science such as space exploration.


Gameplay is among the easiest in the online gambling realm. Players need to know how to place their stakes and initiate the game. Several functions are availed to make this achievable. On the interface, players will come across features that allow them to adjust their bet value. After the stakes have been set, for most five-reel slots, gamers have a choice of whether to spin the reels after every stop or preset the number of times that the reels will be in motion before they come to a halt. Playing slots do not dictate for players rules that they must follow to advance gameplay apart from the two discussed above.

Bonus provision

Slots come with bonus features on the reels, and those with five reels have not been left out either. Multiple features that fall on the reels have a rewarding effect on gamers. They carry different criteria on how to help players achieve more winning combos or an increase in their wins.


Slot games are among games that are available in most online gaming establishments. Gamers are not limited on choice regarding where to play their five-reel slots. This element has been able to raise the widespread nature of them because players from all regions in the world that allow gambling have establishments where they can play slots that fall in this category.


Programming languages used to create slots are different. Players can access five-reel slots of their choice on multiple devices. Desktop, mobile, laptop, and tablets are among the everyday gadgets that they can be played on. Slots that have an affinity for mobile are among those that have enjoyed a massive audience over time. Five-reel slot games available for mobile make it possible for players to enjoy them while on the move.

Players can find information about the slot game they wish to play online. They can also play free five-reel slots to familiarize with the other functions and features that come with a specific title.

Playing five-reel slot machines have been made immersive by software provider firms through the various bonus features that they incorporate on the reels. Players do not influence the outcomes because slots are games of chance and the results relayed to players are generated by Random Number Generators.