Multipliers are slot features that carry a certain factor by which your bet will be multiplied. They are quite common in slots but do not occur universally. The multipliers are often attached to certain symbols and may carry values such as 2x, 3x, or even 100x and 1000x. Sometimes, they are very straightforward, that is, a certain symbol appearing in a payline will increase your winnings by three. Other times, things might be a bit complex. For instance, certain conditions have to be fulfilled to activate the symbols multiplier. Regardless, the end result is the same. This game feature can be found in the base set of a slot or might make a cameo in the bonus rounds such as free spins.

It is imperative to learn how this feature of a certain slot game works. This is because some multipliers will affect your winnings directly while others only count towards your line bets and total bets. The principles and rules vary with each slot game. Such information can be found in the paytable of the slot.

Today there are myriads of multiplier slots online. You can play free multiplier slots or real money slots. It is recommended, however, to play real money multiplier slot machines to get the real deal with them.

Multipliers in the Base Game

This slot feature hardly occurs in the base game except when attached to a special symbol like the scatter or wild. This does not, however, mean that there are no games that feature multipliers in the base play. In fact, many of them do but only to the extent that they affect the line bet. Picture a payline with 5-of-a-kind-icons aligned. The multiplier for this game is set at 2x. Only the win for that line will be multiplied by 2. Other winning lines will pay out regularly unless they have multipliers too.

Bonus Rounds

One of the most common bonus rounds in the slot business is the free spins rounds. In addition to giving players additional games for free, the feature also comes with other special perks. In this context, the bonus rounds sometimes give players the chance to multiply their winnings. What’s more, developers have become creative, so that there are now many variations of the traditional multiplier.

An example is a situation where the game prompts the player to pick the symbol that will give them a prescribed multiplier. The symbol chosen will act as the multiplying symbol in each active payline that it occurs. Other games will allow the player to choose their own multiplier through a small bonus game. The most common asks the player to select the number of free spins. The catch is the higher the number of spins, the lower the multiplier.

Wild Multipliers

The wild has become one indispensable feature in modern online casino multiplier slots. They can replace any icon on the reels except for the scatter. There are different kinds of wild symbols. Some of these include:

  • Sticky Wilds
  • Expanding Wilds
  • Contagious Wilds
  • Multiplier Wilds
  • Reel Specific Wilds, and
  • Regular Wilds.

Multiplier wilds or wild multipliers carry the same function as the regular wilds. However, they have been combined with multipliers to make them even more lucrative. Therefore, if a player has four matching symbols on a payline, the wild appearing on that payline can complete that combination. Moreover, if it is a multiplier wild, it will multiply the win on that line by the prescribed factor.

Scatter Multipliers

Scatter icons are used to initiate bonus rounds. Some multiplier slots give an incentive to the player by attaching a multiplier to the scatter symbol. Ordinarily, they trigger a bonus round the player need to achieve three or more scatter symbols. Scatter icons with multipliers will work even when a single icon occurs on the reels. For instance, if the scatter is depicted by a clown, anywhere that the clown is spotted in a winning line will attract multiple winnings.

Multipliers Distinguished: Win Vs. Bets

Earlier, it was determined that the feature may have an impact on either the total winnings or just the line bet. Multipliers that alter the line bets can be very useful. Instead of merely increasing your winnings, they will multiply your stake. For instance, a line bet multiplier of x2 will increase your initial stake of 20 Pounds to 40 Pounds and give your exponential winnings. Moreover, sometimes winnings might be significantly lower than the stake. In this scenario, line bet multipliers are the best option.

Most multipliers alter the winnings of a player. While not bad, they do not compare to the effect of a line multiplier.

Free Spins Multipliers

Ardent gamblers will attest to the fact that at one point or the other they have encountered a slot game that gives a multiplier that affects the entire free spins round. When reviewing the information contained in the pay table, a player will realize that the free spin bonus round automatically comes with a multiplier. This number is often a small factor such as 2x or 3x. Unlike others, this kind of incentive will affect the total wins. If the multiplier is x2, then all wins during the bonus game will be multiplied by two.

In Brief

There are many different kinds of multipliers out there. Multiplier slots have since evolved to provide incentives to their players. The best part about using it is that they have no detriment to your bankroll. Whether you win or lose, the status quo will prevail.  Play free multiplier slots online in your favorite casino.