Progressive Jackpot

Progressive jackpots are among features that slots have been designed to draw in. Not all slots draw in prizes. On the other hand, some jackpots brought in by specific titles may not be progressive. Some of the games in this category that pull in this feature are referred to as progressive slots. There are several types of progressive jackpot slots, they are:

Single stand machines

Stakes made by players on a specific slot machine contribute to the jackpot. The number of players playing a particular slot machine game and the bets they make adds to the total amount that feeds the jackpot. The amount won in any of the stand-alone progressives may not be colossal, but it is more than what players would have gained playing the slot without the jackpot. The winners are chosen randomly, and the bet value players stake may not influence the outcomes.

Wide area network progressives

It is possible to link several slots over a wide area since they rely on algorithms to function, and they are based online. Titles that are part of an extensive area network progressive jackpot stand a chance to cash out vast amounts of money to the tune of millions. Some slot providers are known to create games that are among those that draw in vast area network jackpots. IGT is among software developing firms that have made a name for themselves for producing slots that bring in this feature.

Local progressives

Local progressives are available for titles provided in the same establishment. The number of slots that come together to feed the progressive jackpot varies from one casino to the other. Some casinos allow a small number of slots to link while others have a provision for hundreds of titles.

Knowing the type of progressive jackpot, they are part of is essential for gamers since the chances that they may win is also influenced by the number of people who are part of the prize in question. Gamblers also need to know that their name and other details may be put up if they win. It is essential therefore to go through the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy prints availed in a gaming site to know if they are comfortable with the exposure they may get or not.

Progressive Slot Features

Slots that can be placed under this category have some additional features that players must be aware of. The functions for gameplay remain the same. Gamblers are then given some other features to help them monitor the status of the jackpot they are a part of. Jackpots meters are an example of these features. Gamers in land-based casinos are given a way to see the jackpot advance as more players make their bets. For online progressive jackpots, the meters are displayed at salient points. Also, players can visit informational websites that always have this kind of information running in real time. Apart from this extra feature, most of the slot games have regular symbols on their reels and others that come in from time to time to reward players. Some of the bonus symbols available in most online slots include:

  • Bonus Rounds
  • Gamble game
  • Wilds
  • Scatters, among others

These symbols payout differently, and players who want to enjoy their gaming experience playing progressive jackpot slots can look for those that have multiple bonus features to keep rewarding them as they wait on the big pay from the jackpot.

Other Progressive Games

Progressive jackpots are not drawn in by slots only. Other casino games are also part of jackpots although they may not be linked to the ones that are meant for slots. Some of the different game categories that draw in jackpots are video poker, and table games. For most of the games in the other casino selections such as poker, there are progressive side bets that players are allowed to place, but it is entirely optional. When choosing a variant to play among table games and video poker, players who are interested in jackpots can always seek to know if any of the titles they are interested in is part of a jackpot or not.

For card games, punters have a chance to influence the outcomes by employing strategy. The table limits should also be within a gamer’s budget. Gamers must also be in the know of the necessary skills that advance gameplay if they want to be among the winners of a progressive jackpot. Some jackpots are paid out by the casino while others are credited by the software provider firm that designed a specific game. Gamers must be keen to see if the previous jackpots have been paid out and if players have any complaints regarding the same in the site that they are playing in.

Progressive Slots

There are numerous variations of progressive jackpot slots up on the World Wide Web. Multiple other factors have come together to ensure the growth of games in this category. Apart from the anticipated colossal cashout, players enjoy other pluses as well. Some of these elements are:

Bonus provision

Slot games are among casino games that have bonus features infused in their gameplay. Some of the bonus symbols available on the reels of slot games have been listed above. Bonuses offered by the casino to gamers help them reduce the amount of money they draw from their pockets. The bonus features available during gameplay help players land more winning streaks, and others help players increase the amount of money they have earned. The gamble game, for instance, allows players to double their wins or quadruple if players get the gamble right. Gamers can see what is in store for them when they play free progressive jackpot slots.


Progressive jackpot slots are among those that exploit different themes. Gamers are exposed to various subject matters from different sources. Some of the topics covered by games in this category are drawn from fairy tales, mythologies, famous motion pictures and memoirs of public figures among others. The topics are explored using the audiovisual elements. The features on the reels of a particular slot game must reflect on the idea being exploited. The sound set to accompany the visuals must also be in sync with the theme.

Mobile compatibility

Some slot enthusiasts may be interested in games that they can play while on the move. Mobile compatibility is an aspect that must be considered, therefore. Some slot games are designed with software that is compatible with operating systems used to develop smartphones. Other games are designed for compact devices such as desktop limiting players who need to gamble while in transit. When selecting a title to indulge in, players should find out if the game is available for mobile or not. Gamers can play free progressive jackpot slots to test them on mobile before they start staking.

Low staking limits

Slot games are among casino games that allow players to stake using little money. Gamers are given minimum stakes that are accommodating to almost all budget ranges. The amount of stake placed by a player affects the amount of payout that they receive if they win. Placing maximal bets has been advised in most instances especially for players who are after making money on the internet playing slots. For gamers playing for fun, the low wagers can be used for them to extend their play time. Progressive jackpot slots allow players to earn a considerable amount once if they win the jackpot that they are a part of. The wagers set have no direct effects on the reward, but some reviews state that placing maximal stakes is for the gamer’s advantage.


Progressive jackpot slots are among those that can be found easily on the internet. Also, players have a chance to access them on an array of devices in numerous virtual gambling destinations. Playing progressive jackpot slots online has been made even more comfortable with the entry of mobile and other portable devices in the gambling world.

Progressive jackpot slot machines can be found in numerous casinos, and it is up to gamers to decide which variation they would go for. There are many types of slot variations set apart by the layouts. Some progressive jackpot slot machines are three reeled while others have five reels or more. The number of bet ways is also different. Gamers need to know the bet values allowed for each active pay line. This will help them to calculate the sum they spend on a single spin. Once they have this info, players can then decide on a variation to play as dictated by their bankroll. Some of the conventional alternatives to slots that players will find online include:

  • Three-dimensional slots
  • Classic Slots
  • Video Slots
  • Fruit machines
  • iSlots, among others.

The differences between the various forms of progressive jackpot slots may not be very explicit, and players will learn with time the differences between each.

In Brief

When playing slot games that draw in progressive jackpots, it is inherent that players understand what it entails. For players who may not be into slots that offer the progressive jackpot feature, there are numerous other alternatives that they can play instead.