Wild Symbol

It can be very tough on a player when during a game of slots, they have one symbol missing to complete a winning combination. For instance, if on one active payline you have a combination like cherry-orange-cherry-cherry, the orange logo ruins your winning chances. However, if the orange is a wild symbol, you have a winning line. Wild symbol slots online make all of this possible.

Essentially the work of the wild symbol is to substitute any of the other symbols on the reels to complete a winning line. In most cases, it works for all except the scatter. In the example given above, the orange working as a wild will be transformed or be viewed as a cherry. The line will, therefore, consist of only cherries.

Short History of the Wild Symbol

This slot facet has been in existence since the days of the one-armed bandit. It was a simple substitute of symbols but has evolved into a complex in-built game feature.

The wild symbol has been a consistent feature in most modern slots. It can be a useful tool that enables the player to get more lucrative prizes with every spin. They may get you ambushed win or even exceed your winning expectations. This slot feature has no consistent form. It can be represented by anything. However, most games would prefer the titular subject be their wild symbol. For instance, in Lion’s Share online wild symbol slot machine, the lion is the wild while in Thunderstruck, Thor represents it being the god of thunder.

Thematic slot games will usually opt to go for a more visually entertaining symbol. Perhaps even, the star of the show. The more clandestine games pick a rather reserved or traditional approach towards their wild feature. In most instances, the Wild is a sticker with the inscription “Wild” across it. So much for creativity.

Slot Machines with Wild Symbols

Many of the online slot games developed in the 21st Century contain this feature. For example, Couch Potato is a classic slot game spotting the feature, Tomb Raider with five reels, and Mega Moolah’s progressive jackpot also have wilds. The game additive can be found in any types of slots. It is easy to find and play free wild symbol slots in online casinos worldwide.

Types of Wilds

The concept of the feature was pretty straightforward at one point in time. However, modern slot games have evolved the feature to advanced heights. Among the types of wild symbols are:

Regular Wilds

They have been described at the beginning of this text. They replace or stand in for any symbol on the reels except for the scatter. Despite other names, all wilds will perform this function. However, how they achieve it, is what demands the different terminology.

Stacked Wilds

These types can be found in many bonus rounds of slot games. They occur in strips or columns. They may take up and entire reel that is three or four slots. The stacked wilds feature can be combined with other categories to create even more impressive combinations.

Expanding Wilds

It is more likely that expanding wilds will occur in bonus rounds than in the base game. It extends to the adjacent reel and may grow to cover up to 3 positions on the reels. Expanding wilds do so gradually after every spin.

Sticky Wilds

These often occur in bonus rounds or special features. Once a wild symbol occurs on the reels, it will stay in the same position throughout the bonus round. Subsequent wild symbols will also behave in the same way.

Moving Wilds

There has been no shortage of creativity with regard to the operation of the wild symbol slots. Moving wilds behave in such a way that the special symbol makes it way across or along the reels after every spin. This behaviour is also referred to as walking wilds.

Contagious Wilds

There is a thin line between expanding and contagious wilds. While expanding wilds actually freeze in place and gradually encroach the personal space of another reel, infectious wilds will straight out reign terror and evict whichever symbol is not that reel and make it wild. The latter does not freeze and is not a gradual process. Further, contagious wilds have been known to be extremely animated. Some of them that have been witnessed set other reels on fire while others explode. They rarely appear in slots.

Reel Specific Wilds

They will only come on certain reels. They cannot appear on any other reels. For instance, in a slot game wilds may only occur on position number 2, 3, and 4.

Multiplier Wilds

As the name suggests, these are special symbols that come with a multiplying effect. They increase the wins that they complete by a factor. Many icons have a multiplier of 3x or 2x.

Random Symbol Wilds

This category selects a character from the options provided and makes one a special symbol. In the currency of the bonus feature, the chosen symbol will be the wild symbol and will also payout like ordinary symbols.

Added Wild symbols

This category is for the wild symbols that have been customized to fit within the theme of the game. One good illustration is in Transformers: Battle of Cybertron where a transformer will breathe fire on the reels to create new wilds.

Tips and Tricks

The best way to make use of wild symbols is to play all payline available. When playing all paylines, it is more likely that one of the lines will contain a wild and, therefore, increase the chances of winning on that line.

Even as wild symbol slots continue to evolve, creators will get more and more innovative. The wild featured is still being explored, and many other variations may come up soon. This is a true testament to the fact that wilds are an indispensable part of slot gaming. Gamblers can play free wild symbol slots online without having to download the software.