Alien-themed slot games are well-known among the punters and gamblers. Each of these slots has exceptional highlights, yet they have special graphics and designs.

From the starting point of slot games, the game providers had attempted their best to plan and design such slots that can amaze both punters and players. To make the slots imaginative and noteworthy, they have begun making slots in view of various themes.

As a result of this reason, a lot of developers arranged and outlined the Alien slots. With the progression of time, these slots have achieved a great amount of fame among the gamers and gamblers. These games give the gamblers an aim to play. Each slot that has been created on this specific topic had a unique story.

Many people around the world have a question in mind if the Aliens exist or not? Well, the science does not have any proof that the Aliens exist, yet the fancy is still searching. Many movie makers have created movies on Aliens which were a big hit.

Due to these reasons, the game developers decided to create slot machines on this theme. When the first Alien game was introduced online, then many punters were attracted towards it. It became quite popular in a short time.

From that moment on, the developers created a range of slots on this theme. So, you can play free Alien slots on different gaming sites.

Game Providers

There are numerous game developers from everywhere throughout the globe that have an enthusiasm for the creation of these games.

There are a huge number of players in the United Kingdom, the United States and different parts of the world who love to play free Alien slots. The most well-known providers include the following:

  • Rival Gaming;
  • Big Time Gaming;
  • Realtime Gaming;
  • Microgaming;
  • IGT;
  • Novomatic;
  • Next Generation;
  • Net Entertainment.

Top Slots

Alien slots online dependent on this theme are accessible on different gambling sites. They have coolest features that make them imposing. However, there are a couple of slots that have got more fame as compared to the others. These top slots are mentioned below.

Star Trek

Star Trek has been designed by IGT developers. It is actually based on the movie known as Star Trek. The developers have created it according to the film. It includes all the symbols that are relevant to the movie.

When you open this slot on your browser, then you will be taken to a planet of Aliens. You have to target the icons on the reels to enter into the bonus rounds.

In these bonus rounds, you can win diverse free spins as well as multipliers. It is imperative to land the Scatters and Wilds to the maximum. The maximum multipliers which you can win in this game range from 3x up to 5x.


It is introduced and launched by Microgaming developers. This slot contains five reels that are linked with forty pay lines. There are 1024 methods to win in this game. You will have to collect gems in this game to win diverse prizes.

You can win up to 13 free spins. There is a special mode in it which is known as Radiant Re-spins. The jackpot can go up to 200,000 coins. You can do wager ranging from 0.4 dollars to 400 dollars. The RTP is around 97 per cent.


It was introduced and launched by Big Time Gaming. In this game, there is a female space traveller who will go on a quest. It has a modish design. You will be able to find arcade aspects in it.

There are 649 ways to win this game. Its exceptional features include Multiple Full Reel Wilds as well as Full Reel Wild. Both these features can multiply your payouts.


Starburst has been appreciated and loved by many gamblers and punters. It was planned and created by Net Entertainment. It has a lot of appealing features.

This slot offers a big jackpot which can go up to 50,000 coins. It is present on the big branded casinos online. It has the coolest visuals. This game provides many bonuses and prizes.

Common Features of These Slot Machines

Alien slot machines are based on different stories. However, every slot machine has some standard features and symbols. At the moment, we are going to tell you about these features and symbols below.


When you look into each slot game based on this theme, then you will see the stars in it. There are diverse games that include stars falling from the sky.


As Aliens are present on a separate planet, you will be taken to a new planet whenever you open a slot. Any type of planet could be featured in the game. You need to follow the story of the slot properly to win the prizes.

Unique Element

All Alien slots have numerous common symbols. The one symbol which you will find is that every Alien will have a unique element.

This element can be a technological item or a simple land-based item. In most of the Alien slots, the Aliens are trying to conquer the Earth, and you will have to stop them from doing it. Thus, mostly you will find a unique element in the hands of the Aliens.


Almost 90 per cent of the Alien-based games, you will be able to find our Earth. Earth is a very important element in the majority of the slot machines based on this theme.

The reason behind it is that the Aliens live outside our motherland and to show that they are distant, it is important to show Earth.

By understanding the above review, you could undoubtedly come to realize why Alien games are so popular. They have astonishing highlights which make them engaging.

The game providers and designers have made a big range of these games. You can play free Alien slots on various gaming and gambling sites. In any case, it is encouraged to the gamers and punters to be mindful while picking a specific betting website.