When it comes to Asia, the first thing that comes to the mind is the diversity that is there on the continent. With so many countries, languages and cultures, Asia truly is a unique location. Be it the famous great wall of China or the sushi in Japan, Asia is known for its diversity and its natural beauty. This diversity though cannot be experienced by everyone. However, there are certain table games or online casinos platforms which develop games based on an Asian theme. These games give us an insight into the culture and the uniqueness of this mysterious yet beautiful continent.

Asian Slot Games for Gambling Enthusiasts

The Asian theme games have gained a lot of popularity all over the world. There are certain Asian themed slot games which are popular among the people. Some of them are stated below:

  • Sushi games: Many Asian slots have sushi symbols in it. These slot games attract the player and would make you feel hungry because the sushi looks so damn tasty.
  • Panda games: Who doesn’t love pandas! Those cute animals found in China, are even used as symbols in certain casinos which have Asian slots.
  • Dragon games: The beautiful fire spitting mythical creatures are a part of the ancient mythology of certain Asian countries. Asian slots with dragons are considered to be attractive and fun to play.
  • Ninja: Ninja-themed slot games would give you an insight of the Japanese culture. When a person wins this slot games, he/she gets free spins or other bonus features.
  • Samurai: Samurai-themed slot games are prevalent in many casinos. The beautiful yet dangerous Samurai Princesses are often used as symbols in these slot games. The games are tough to beat, but if you win, then you can get your treasure.

Some of the Most Popular Asian Themed Slot Games

The points mentioned above were some Asian themes that are popular among the people in other continents. There are casinos that are based explicitly on an Asian theme. Some of the best online casino slots based on the Asian theme are stated below.

  1. Geisha Wonders: Geisha Wonders by Net Entertainment is based on the Japanese theme. It is a five reel slot machine with thirty ways of winning. You can give it a try as it even has a jackpot feature.
  2. Bruce Lee: Online casinos providers have even created games like Bruce Lee. With wild symbols just like Bruce Lee, this game has gained popularity within the community. If you are looking for something adventurous on the online casinos forums, then do try WMS Bruce Lee once.
  3. Ronin: This is yet another Japanese themed slot game which is developed by RTG. It’s a kind of jackpot pokie where one can win randomly.
  4. Golden Lotus: The symbol of beauty is taken as a reference for this popular game. With free spins, magic petals and many such amazing features, Red Tiger Gaming have developed this game for all those who admire the beauty of lotus.

Free Spins and Bonuses

Many such Asian theme slot machines are there in casinos of other continents which give its customers a fantastic aesthetic view of the Asian culture and cuisine. There are even games which provide free spins if a person wins. Many Asian themed casinos have specific rules for free spins.

The rules are simple. One has to get three Asian symbols in the slot machine after which he/she can play free Asian slots. Players in other continents can experience such amazing games either online or physical land-bound casinos. People all over the world love Asian theme games. With such bright colours and designs, the slots have the ability to attract an audience just by its appearance.

Bonuses are also available in such games. If you play free Asian slots, then you would know that by re-triggering the bonus, you can get extra spins. Such spins can be further used for various games. Random lucky draw, awards bonuses or if a player wins a game. These bonuses can be used for other games as well. Different games have different rules of providing a bonus and other such amazing offers.

How to Play Asian Themed Games?

Though there are so many games in a casino, there are certain tricks and rules in how to play such amazing Asian theme games. To get free spins, one has to first get three or five corresponding wild symbols or some other Asian theme symbols in the slot machine. After that, a person can get free spins. These spins can get you a step closer towards winning a jackpot. Different games have different rules. Following the rules will help you in winning the game in the long run.

People all over the world love Asian theme games due to its features and fantastic diversity. Each game based around an Asian theme is different from each other and is unique in its own way. Gambling enthusiasts should try for these games if they want to experience the incredible beauty of games based on an Asian theme. With free spins, sushi icons and panda characters and Asian slots online with symbols of dragons and pagodas, lose yourself in the virtual world of gaming.

A Final Overview

With so many varieties of games developing each day, people can get to know about different countries and cultures. With the help of these type of Asian slot machines, people get to know about the country without even visiting it. Through games, people can unite, and the online gaming community can grow.

Due to these reasons, casinos and online games have started such theme games based on each country, food, destination, nature, continents and many such factors. Such Asian-themed games have gained popularity and love since the last few years.