Since the appearance of the computer gaming, most of the games are based on battles, fights, and wars. In all of these games, the basic objective is to take down structures and defeat the enemy. Not everyone loves this type of fighting and mayhem, but it goes without saying that it feels just right to take out your rage after a hard day of work. The Online casino market has designed top of the line battle slots. You can have all the fun you want and also make yourself some solid cash in the process.  Unlike the usual computer games, the Battle themed slot games are designed to reduce your stress without virtually killing opponents. All you have to do is take the spins, get the required combinations, and enjoy your winnings.  This is simple as it sounds and is bound to keep you engaged for hours.

The Best Battle Slots

Now, you might be interested to play these battle slots and we have just the right collection for you. Our site has the best battle slots that can give you the much-needed satisfaction. Do give them a try if you want the best games with a fair probability of winning.

Hall of Gods

This battle slot machine has been developed by NetEnt Company. It is an exceptionally designed video slot with 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 pay lines. This slot includes all the Scandinavian Gods like Odin, Loki, Thor, and Idun that bring free spins and a mega Jackpot.

Pacific Attack

This is one more battle-themed slot developed by NetEnt. In this 5 reels, 3 rows and 15 pay lines game, there is an entire round of free spins where your payout gets tripled. It uses different war symbols including ships, planes, and bombs. The bonuses are rewarded to you by sinking enemy ships.

Battle of the Gods

This slot has 25 pay line and 5 reels. Apart from the amazing sound effects, it features Gods and Demons. You have a chance to land 5 Gods in an X shape to claim the mega prize.

Free Battle Slots

All of these battle slots can be played for free and you can also wager real money. We recommend you to get familiar with the gameplay for free and then play with real money to win big. This is a good opportunity to play free battle slots.

Most of the battle slots online include swords, cannons, gun and many more weapons. These games can have storylines of some of the historical events or can take you to a world of legends and fantasies.  It is your choice to travel back in time and be a part of some of the historical events or travel into the future and lead the mankind to salvation. These games also follow the themes of some of the most popular books and movies to satisfy the demands of the players.

So go ahead and plunge into the history with one of the Battle slot machines online!