Here is the fact: there are a number of special online video slots that depict a number of very unusual topics, although some well-known slot themes are nowadays repeated from one casino to another.

Talking of themes that have repeatedly been used by various casino developers, ancient Egypt and particularly Cleopatra takes the lead. It is very hard to get even a single casino game developer that does not have any Cleo game title in the list of the games that they offer.

The Brief History of Cleopatra

Very few people, however, know the full history of the name Cleopatra. This was a very beautiful queen that once lived in Egypt. According to stories given by those who lived back then, she had immense and immeasurable wealth.

Away from ancient Egypt, the gamblers of this day now have an opportunity just to touch Cleopatra, the legend and walk away with a portion of the queen’s wealth. All these will take place as you play any kind of Cleopatra-themed slot game.

Despite the fact that there are still certain simple classic slots that have been developed with the Cleopatra themes, the old-time theme does not necessarily imply that Cleopatra-themed slots should appear and operate just in the same manner they were invented years ago. This is one of the things you would notice as you play free Cleopatra-themed slots.

If you happen to play casino games more often, you will definitely realize that many updated features are today used in video slots. Nearly all Cleopatra-themed slot games have been designed with free spins modes, bonus rounds, scatter and wild symbols, as well as multipliers and a number of betting options that the punters can use. These options would give you an opportunity of beginning from the minimum bet and slowly graduating to the large bets, particularly when you are new in this market. This is the best way of earning that experience and establishing yourself as a professional.

The General Appearance

It does not really matter the kind of Cleopatra slot machine that you are playing, you will be able to notice the appearance from the first time you throw a glance at it. The graphics of the game is the first thing you will notice about these games.

A number of the Cleopatra slots online, beginning all the way from the simple two-dimensional graphics going all the way to top-notch three-dimensional graphics have been designed in that old-school golden style that is full of wealth and nobility. The ancient Egyptian Queen happens to be the symbol of most of these games.

Besides the Egyptian Queen, there are also other symbols that you will notice when you play free Cleopatra-themed slots. They are the greenish scarabs, the Sphinx, which are mostly associated with Egypt, as well as the queen’s golden snakes and jewels. You should also not forget the animations and music that help in creating a special antique feeling of riches and legends found in these slots. That is all that Cleopatra-themed slots are made up of.

How to Play the Cleopatra-themed Slots

Playing any of these slots is very easy. All you will need to do is to hit on the play button and get to enjoy any kind of Cleopatra game you have interest in. Before you start playing, it is important to note that you can play for real money online at a number of online casinos that offer these games.

Getting to the Game

All over the world, the Cleopatra slots are still appreciated by various players. Even though a number of the older machines might be a little faded, playing them is still the best refreshing thing to do, especially if you want to have that kind of ancient Egyptian feeling.

A number of modern-day online casinos have taken up the initiative of coming up with new games. They are not only very vibrant and so bright and playing them brings a whole new experience. There are the two Sphinx symbols that would grant you instant and quick rewards. However, if you happen to get three Sphinx symbols somewhere next to the screen, you will be able to earn free 15 spins in addition to huge money bonuses that can be won here.

As you continue to play, you will also be guided with amazing voice-overs just to make sure you get everything right. The voice over has a lady whose main work is to encourage the players and wish them the best of lucks as they get along the journey. When you finally hit three Sphinx symbols anywhere next to the screen, you will be able to trigger the scatter pay bonus.

On the other hand, the bonus will be set the moment you hit three symbols in one row.

All You Need to Know About the UK Cleopatra Fruit Machine

In the United Kingdom, most slots are usually referred to as fruit machines. They are also referred to as one-armed bandits or fruities. But one of the most popular slot games here is Cleopatra. Some of the leading UK casinos such as Mecca or Hippodrome have a list of several Cleopatra-themed slots.

The Cleopatra 2 Slots

It is also important to note that Cleopatra has a second version of their slots. IGT, which is one of the most popular gaming company managed to introduce certain improvements on the original Cleo formula and give come up with a new breed that has a list of new features. One of the new features that has been introduced here is the free spin bonus, and here you will be able to walk away with up to fifty free spins. With each of these spins, the multiplier would be able to increase by one. Should you be lucky to hit fifty free spins, your final spins will grant you 50 times higher chances. This could give an opportunity of walking away with very huge winnings.

Canada’s Cleopatra’s Slot Machines

As earlier indicated, the wave of Cleopatra slot games has spread to nearly all parts of the universe. Apart from the United Kingdom, Canada is not left out. You can now enjoy Cleo games in Canada for real money. Enjoy them from all corners of the globe, that’s how easy things have been made for you.

The Cleopatra Pokies

Cleopatra has also been able to take the casino market of other countries by a storm. Apart from doing quite well in the United Kingdom, it is also huge in New Zealand and Australia. In these two superstates, the Cleopatra slots are usually referred to as pokies and not slots as it is the case in other countries. As a matter of fact, Cleopatra is the most searched and played pokies in the whole of Australia. This just shows how big it is there. While there, you will be able to easily play your favorite Cleo titles from the endless list of online casinos that offer this amazing game.

One thing that makes playing these games in New Zealand and Australia much easier is the fact that they on both mobile and tablet devices for players who are always on the move. Those who are using laptop or desktop computers are also not left behind.

Enjoy Your Favorite Games

Here is a list of some Cleopatra slot titles that you can enjoy from everywhere. Check them out.

  • Cat Queen
  • Cleopatra I and II
  • Leprechaun Goes Egypt
  • Queen of the Nile II
  • Caesar’s Empire
  • Rome & Egypt
  • Treasure of the Pyramids
  • Grace of Cleopatra
  • New Tales of Egypt
  • Cleopatra’s Coins
  • Cleopatra’s Gold
  • Riches of Cleopatra
  • Cleopatra Plus
  • Cleopatra Treasure
  • Cleopatra’s Secrets
  • Cleo Queen of Egypt
  • Egyptian Adventure
  • Queen of Gold

These games can be found in most casinos online. Almost all establishments give a chance to try them for free without depositing real money. After you enjoyed the gameplay and learned the rules, you can proceed to play for real money, and Egyptian Queen will help you win vast amounts of cash. Be very rigorous while choosing the casino in which you want to invest. Look through reviews online, do your own research, check terms and conditions, and only after that sign-up and deposit. Cleopatra-themed slots are favourite for millions of gamblers online. Why? Just try them out.