Slot games adapted from a comic book are very common: We all love these tales, and we all grew up by reading them. However, do not confuse them with superhero slots. Comics slots have heroes too, but they are not that “super”. Sometimes, the tale of a “normal” detective can be the focus of a comics slot. They are similar to superhero slots, of course, but they are also different in many aspects. If you like to read stories of ordinary people or anti-heroes, comics slots offer you the best chance to satisfy your needs. In this article, we will talk about this specific type of slots and give a list of the best ones to play. Do not forget that you can play all of them and many more on Casino Ave for free – simply click on the “play demo” version and start your adventure.

Comics Slot Machine Developers

Comics is a popular theme, and there are no license obligations unless you want to adopt a famous character from a well-known comic series. This means almost every provider out there developed a comics slot game, and there are literally hundreds of options to choose and play. If you want to play free comics slots, you can find them in almost all online casinos. As always, games of some providers are better than others – we recommend you to choose those of Netent, Playtech, and IGT for the best experience. Endorphina is also a successful newcomer in the world of comics slots.

However, if you are looking for licensed slots, your best bet is Playtech. This is due to the license agreements of the company. As we mentioned in our superhero slots article, Playtech signed many agreements with Marvel Comics and DC Comics, which makes it almost the sole developer of licensed comics slots.

Top Comics Slots

We have prepared a list of best comics slot machines for you: Take a look at them below and pick any to play. Remember that we offer you hundreds of other comics slots too and you can play all of them for free. The list below only shows our favorites.

  • Hellboy: If you do not know who Hellboy is, he is one of the most popular anti-heroes of all times. Basically, he is a demon with a hand of stone, and for some reason, he fights to save the world. Developed by Microgaming, Hellboy slot machine is a beautiful example of comics slots. It has 20 pay lines, and the entire interface (not only the symbols) look like a comic book page. It offers a fixed jackpot prize of 10.000 coins and a very detailed mini-game, where you get to visit the “underworld”. In addition, the Hellboy slot offers 10 free spins. Start with this one if you want to play free comics slots and new to the genre.
  • Jack Hammer: Old-timers will think that Jack Hammer is very similar to Dick Tracy, who was a popular dark noir comics detective back in the days. Well, they are right, Jack Hammer is the “unlicensed” version of Dick Tracy but he is as good as the original. Developed by Netent, this game offers a very interesting story and 25 pay lines. It offers a feature called “sticky wins”. When you get a winning spin, the reel with the winning symbols is held and another re-spin happens for free. If this one also results with a winning, you get 3x multiplier. Jack Hammer slots also offer 30 free spins in its bonus round and 250.000 coins as its top prize.
  • Blast Boom Bang: This one is the flagship slot of Endorphina, which is a small-scaled indie developer. However, it can easily compete with the games of much bigger developers in terms of features and graphical quality. Blast Boom Bang contains 50 pay lines in total, which increase your chances of winning. The graphics are hand-drawn and look very unique. The fixed jackpot prize of the game is 10.000 coins, which you can win by landing 3 scatter symbols anywhere on reels. In addition, you get 10 free spins. The best part is Blast Boom Bang offers one million demo credits in its free to play version, which will last for… weeks of gameplay, literally.
  • Blade: You may think that Blade is a movie hero, but he was a famous comics character way before turning into a Hollywood icon. You can witness those days by playing this slot, developed by Playtech. Blade offers 5 reels & 20 pay lines and a very stylistic interface. There are four different fixed jackpot pools which you can win the prize anytime while playing. In addition, you get to win 666 times total bet amount – yes, they chose that number specifically.

Common Features of Comics Slots Online

These are the most common features of comics slot machines:

  • Almost all of them fall into the category of video slots, due to their bonus rounds and graphical quality.
  • They contain highly-stylized interfaces which look like a real comic book page.
  • If you liked a specific comics slot, there is a chance that you can find its “Hollywood” version too. For example, there are different X-Men slot games that are adapted both from the movies and comics.
  • For some reason, the majority of them contain a fixed jackpot prize.

We love comics too: That’s why we reserved a separate category for comics-themed slots. You can find literally hundreds of comic slot games on our website and play all of them for free. Moreover, no download and registration is needed. Our goal is to offer you the best online gambling experience and the top slot games of prestigious providers. Whether you are looking for an adventure in space, a forgotten treasure in a pyramid or the chance to save the world, you can be sure that we have the perfect free slot games for you. Browse our collection, pick any game, and play it as long as you want.