Fruit Machines

Online casino fruit machines are the classic traditional slots that are simple and straightforward. They are essentially similar to the classical slots that were common in brick and mortar casinos. They have three reels, one bet line, and use the virtually the same gaming symbols. The best part about the online versions is that they can be played for free or real money at several online casinos.

The current fruit machines slots have been improved to offer a quality experience and an intriguing gameplay. Despite maintaining the classical touch, these slots have exciting bonus rounds, spectacular modernized sounds and graphics, and well-crafted symbols. You will also find them with five reels and multiple pay lines making them entertaining.

The incorporation of modern features into classic slots has made them quite popular. They have led to the provision of diverse themes that suit the preferences of various gamblers. Also, these fruit machines allow bigger bets than before thus enabling the high rollers to equally enjoy them. They are basically ideal for all kinds of gamers.

What Are the Top Fruit Machines Online?

There are thousands of fruit machines slots available in online casinos. They are created by some of the leading software providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, and the likes. Here are some of the best fruit machines online:

  • Mega Joker
  • Mystery Jack
  • Wheel of Plenty
  • World Cup
  • Pub Fruity
  • Horn of Plenty
  • Cabin Fever
  • Fruit Frenzy
  • Buffer Bonanza
  • Fruit Party
  • Billion Dollar Gran
  • Cherry Love
  • Sizzling Hot
  • Fantastic 7s
  • Atomic Fruit
  • Tropical Adventure

These are just a few remarkable slots worth playing. You can visit the top casinos and play free fruit machines slots for fun. Once you have had enough fun, deposit cash, and win real money.

These games can be played on instant play no download format or through downloadable apps. Most of them are optimized for smartphones and tablets making it possible to play while on the go. Moreover, they are compatible with a range of devices thus providing a seamless experience for users of whichever phone.

What Is the Origin of Fruit Machines?

The term fruit machine was used in the UK to refer to virtually all slot machines at a particular point in history. This is because of the restriction on all gambling activities that involved the use of real money. The only legal ones were the ones that awarded winners with candy and not actual money. Hence, slot operators used the term fruit machines to refer to slots since it was the only way of making them legal.

Such machines were invented by the British and were a lucrative source of income for slot owners. The lucky gamers also won fantastic prizes. Nowadays, the definition has changed to a classic slot that awards winners with real money. Nevertheless, the fruity element has been maintained because they use fruits symbols such as cherries, bananas, watermelons, sevens, and lemons among others.

These fruit symbols simply make winning combinations that lead to real money gains. The current fruits machines slots are easy to play and have an appealing design. They will definitely satisfy your gambling needs.

How to Play Fruit Machines

These slot machines have all the features of modern slots such as multiple pay lines and advanced gameplay options. The bets usually range from 1p to 1$ per line. But, you will find others that have higher bet limits. These are the simple steps of playing a fruit slot machine:

  • Adjust the number of pay lines. This is only valid in slots with an adjustable number of pay lines. You will find others that have a fixed number making this step null and void.
  • Adjust your bets. You should set the amount of money you want to wager per line.
  • Spin.

These are basically the steps of playing these slots. However, some of them have advanced features that make them more intriguing. First, there is the Bet Max feature which automatically sets the highest possible bet. It is suitable for the high rollers who just cannot resist the fruit machines slots. Another amazing feature is the Auto Play. It enables gamers to spin the reel uninterruptedly for a pre-determined number of times.

All these gaming icons can be found on the bottom of the screen. You will find a (+/-) symbol on the bet size section and lines section that enables you to either increase or decrease the values. The other features are the Spin button, Bet Max, and Auto Play.

The special features can significantly increase your chances of winning, speed up the gameplay, and enhance your enjoyment. Nonetheless, they are optional, so you can opt for the normal Spin option if you are uncertain. But, they are the best options for slots lovers looking for a bigger thrill.

How to Win

Winning in fruit machines is as easy as other types of slots. You should simply align matching symbols on an active pay line. All the fruit symbols have a certain value. The most valuable symbol is usually the lucky number seven that leads to the highest prize if three of them are lined up. This symbol can result in winnings of as high as five hundred times your bet.

There are other well-crafted and attractive symbols that do not award lucrative wins, but they make the game brighter and exciting. These fruit machines do not have wildcards. However, some of them have scatter symbols which activate bonuses and lead to bigger winnings. You should certainly look forward to these symbols because they are the keys to huge prizes.

What Are Your Chances of Winning at Fruit Machines Online?

There are no viable winning strategies that can lead to sure wins when playing these slots. All you need to do is to spin the reels severally and hope that luck is on your side. With proper management of your bankroll, you can play for long and stand a chance of hitting a significant prize at the end of your gameplay.

The most essential info is the amount of money various fruit combinations can generate. The gains you get depend on the pay line. You will earn the highest wins from the third line, then the second line, and finally the first one which results in the least winnings. This is quite different from other kinds of slots which have a distinct fixed winning on the line.

The cherries are the least paying symbols in slots. But, this symbol not only leads to prizes when three cherries appear but also when two or one cherry appear. Actually, it is the only symbol with such power. A single cherry can lead to two, four or six points. Two can lead to five, ten or fifteen while three can lead to ten, twenty or thirty points.

The rest of the symbols in fruit machines can only result in winnings when three land on a line. As aforementioned, the lucky number 7 is the most coveted symbol since it can lead to the jackpot prize. The 777 result in either one thousand, three thousand or nine thousand times your wager. It is the symbol to look for if you are seeking a significant prize.

The next tier symbols are the BAR symbols. The single-stage one can award fifty, one hundred or one fifty points. The three different BAR signs, on the other hand, are worth twenty-five, fifty or one hundred points. Then, there are the watermelons which can award twenty, forty or sixty points. Lastly, the bells will lead to fifteen, thirty or forty-five points.

Slot lovers should always play their favorite games online. This is because the online slots tend to have higher odds for players thus giving them an edge. The slots in land-based casinos have a higher house edge since they are built to ensure that the casino emerges the winner at the end of the day. Online slots, on the other hand, must utilize properly calibrated random number generators. These machines are regularly audited by independent labs to ensure that they are fair.

Hence, there are lower probabilities of being cheated when gambling on fruit machines slots online. However, this is only true when playing on trusted and reputable casinos. They are the ones that enable you to deposit cash and withdraw your fair winnings with ease.


Fruit machines are traditional; hence, they try to maintain the simplistic touch even in the attempt of adopting the exciting modern features. They do not have several special symbols or bonus features like other modern slots. Actually, you will rarely find any progressive jackpots or wildcards in these slots. The only special symbols present are the scatter symbols.

These symbols are responsible for activating various bonus features that will increase your rewards when playing these games. The more the scatter symbols hit, the higher the benefits. Scatters can lead to amazing bonuses such as instant winnings, bonus spins, and multipliers. These are the lucrative bonuses that you can get when playing fruit machines.

Fruit machines have become fun and intriguing over the years. Developers have added excellent features to these retro-themed games making them exceptional. You should visit a casino today and play a fruit machine if you are looking for a simple, entertaining slots experience.