The world of ostentation displayed by the multi-millionaire gangsters is definitely something that draws the attention of all kinds of people. Mafia has always been an interesting theme in the entertainment industry. In movies, songs, and now slots, we can see the presence of elements that indicate this curious theme that has always been so interesting. Playing a slot with such thematic will certainly take you to a new universe of gangsters, where the fun does not stop so easy and the games make you win real money.

The Best Software Providers

Regardless of the immensity of the universe of mafia slots online, some providers are certainly more preeminent than others. However, the list of developers of iGaming mafia slot is so long that we will describe some of the most popular among gamblers of all over the world. To start the list, Amatic is been growing fast in the universe of iGambling, producing some of the most interesting titles in this genre. Additionally, big names such as Microgaming, Betsoft, Genesis Gaming, Pragmatic Play, WMS, Novomatic, and Quickspin are also part of the party. Furthermore, no matter the provider, the player can find a lot of amazing alternatives with the breathtaking mafia thematic and of course, enjoy an intense experience replete with adrenaline. The names displayed below are only a few of the possible choices.

The Most Popular Titles

If you still are not able to decide which slot to play, we can present you a display of some of the best alternatives available in the market. For those who enjoy the intensity of mafia-themed fictional shows, such as the renowned Sopranos by HBO, Playtech has something that will take the breath away. The Sopranos is a magnificent slot that supplies the gambler with all of the emotion of one of the most important classics of the genre.

The game combines traditional elements of the wealthy world of the mafia, such as expensive whiskey bottles, Cuban cigars, golden watches, and a whole bunch of other remarkable symbols. In addition to all of that, the slot presents the main characters of the homonym TV show. Allied, these items can promote an all characterised atmosphere that will take the player to an entire gangster related environment. The mafia slot machine draws the attention of all types of gamers, from experienced high rollers to unaccustomed newcomers.

If you think that is all, you are undoubtedly wrong. Betsoft stands out when it comes to games with usual themes. For this reason, the high-class provider has created one of the most praised mafia-themed slots of all time. The Slotsfather takes its inspiration from a classic from the 70’s. The exciting 3D animations, along with the mind-blowing soundtrack, hilarious analogies, and excellent individual features makes the game emerge among a wide range of similar mafia slots.

There is no doubt that this game will keep the player entertained from the very first second. Furthermore, punters can win real money by adventuring themselves through the fantastic Slotsfather. However, if you are a fan of cartoonist elements, Microgaming has something for you. The good-humoured Dogfather is the perfect combination of gangster world with comedy, connecting components of the classic film with incredibly cute dogs, cigars, and guns. There is no doubt that this game is the funniest version of the American film.

The Best Alternatives

Players who enjoy the gratuity of slots can enjoy a large number of mafia slots with absolutely no cost. On the other hand, for those who wish an adventure with high levels of adrenaline, our platform offers the possibility to play for real money. All the user need to do is to look for the right alternative for their taste. Among an extensive list of remarkable names, players can find simple alternatives or way more elaborate games. A few of the most preeminent options are displayed on the small list below.

  • Welcome to Fort Knox
  • The Codfather
  • Panda Meme
  • John Doe
  • Mobster Lobster
  • The Slotsfather II
  • The Amsterdam
  • Gangster Gamblers
  • Don’s Millions
  • Crime Pays
  • Casa Nostra

Common Symbols and Features

Mafia-themed slots are surely one of the most appreciated by slots enthusiasts, but why are they so popular nowadays? Well, first of all, we have to admit that the graphics are a huge part of any game. It doesn’t matter if it’s a console or a casino game, players are always interested in the looks of the animations. In the specific slots we are talking about, the graphics are nothing but excellent. The theme allows the presence of symbols from the criminal world, such as guns, mafia members, bottles of alcohol, money-packed cases, and so on. When combined, these elements form a creative atmosphere that introduces the player to a truly wild adventure. The variety of features can bewitch any type of player.

The captivating bonus rounds allied with intense three-dimensional graphics, outstanding animations and all of the possible exciting combinations that you can find in traditional three reel slots will certainly convert into a magical experience for any player. The player can play free mafia slots or bet for real money, the extensive list of fantastic mafia slots available will always have more than just one option for you. It does not matter if you are a fan of adventure or fiction.

Closing Thoughts

Mafia has always been an interesting theme to talk about. It does not matter if it’s a film, a song, or a game. Elements of the gangster world, such as expensive beverages, bright jewellery, big and extravagant cars, the most iconic characters of Hollywood, or any other component that you can think about has always been present in the entertainment industry. It could not be different with casino games. Land-based or online gambling platforms, mafia slots online draws the attention of players of all ages. From experienced high rollers to fresh newcomers, the mafia is one of the themes that attract many people.