Besides just depicting some of the popular characters in popular movies, these movie-themed slots provide not only fun but also huge prizes and incredible bonus games. When looking for any movie-themed slot game, there is a huge choice of different genres that you can factor in. Some of these include scary movies, baddie movies, action-packed adventures, cult movies, as well as endless comedies. You will definitely be spoilt for choice.

As of today, there is a number of themes that casino software developers have incorporated in a number of their slot games. Apart from the movie-themed slots, you will also be able to get a number of slots that are based on historical events, animal-themed slots, as well as casino games that are based on aliens. Movie-themed slots give you an opportunity of extending your impressions after you have just watched a real movie and want a game that depicts what was in the movie. Various game developing companies have introduced a number of movie-themed slot machines that show some of the latest box office titles or even your all-time favorite movies.

The movie-themed casino slots have one hallmark, and this is the fact that they have been granted with official company licenses and are allowed to use the materials of the movie in their gameplay. They have a whole legal backup for that. This explains why these games would usually feature a soundtrack of the actual movie, as well as the symbols of the game. There are also a number of games that come with the movie’s short parts and, therefore, tend to interrupt the process of the gaming to give a whole immersion into the picture.

When the movie has been designed with few sequels, then there are higher chances that the slot game would also come with few parts. This gives you an easier chance of beginning from the fast one and collecting various winnings up to the last one.

Picking the most popular movie-themed slots is one of the most difficult tasks you can ever get as a casino player. Although the task is a bit complicated, you will still get some of the best titles from leaders such as Microgaming and others:

Microgaming, for instance, has the Jurassic Park slot, a game that blends amazing graphics and near to true features like Mystery Multipliers and Split Wilds to give you the best, especially if you are a gambler or a dino-lover who has never watched this movie.

Playtech has also developed a movie-based slot that is based on the same thriller as Split Wilds and Mystery Multipliers. The slot game is none other than Mummy. If graphics are anything to go by, then this slot impresses by all means. Even though the game provides amazing bonus rounds, the graphics here have been designed in a simpler manner.

Superhero movies are released nearly every year and so the slots that have the superhero themes. What this implies is that now you will be able to play a slot game with your best character from Avengers or even give the Batman a run to get to the bottom of the treasures hidden down in Gotham.

Best from Box Office

  • Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters is definitely one of the movies that have been recently made into a movie-themed slot game. In this slot game, you will be granted a free pass to the world of the fairytale of the twins, as well as the middle of the battle that will ensue between Muriel and a group of her cohorts. You will get all the weapons you need for this journey, including a Scattered Crossbows, as well as the other character that is known as Edward with all its sympathies and wildness right on your side. This journey will, however, not go in vain, as you will be able to win huge bonuses and prizes and continue with the journey.
  • If you happen to be the kind of slot game player who likes hero-angled games, then you can give the Nacho Libre a try. This movie-themed slot is all about a masked wrestler from Mexico who goes on a mission of wrestling to be able to save a local orphanage. Get to engage other wrestlers from other movies that include:
    • Dynasty
    • Esqueleto
    • Rosales
    • Sage
    • Mighty Ramses.

    One amazing thing about these movies is that they will be able to earn you up to 3,000 coins in terms of prizes. Apart from that, you will also be able to walk away with a 15,000 jackpot, and this implies that this Isoftbet slot would be still around for some time.

  • Beowulf is another slot that Quickspin has developed to give you the best. In this movie-themed slot, you must have to use your Wild sword to bring down the evil and ugly Grendel. In addition to that, there is a Dragon bonus time where you have to defeat the dragon. This slot has also been littered with cute women, as well as plenty of Viking warriors.
  • If you happen to be a lover of cult villain movie-themed slots online, then you are not left out. The Curse of Frankenstein gives you an opportunity to fight the monster belonging to Frankenstein. This slot game is based on a cult movie released in 1957, which had Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, and Hazel Court as its main stars. Experience that when you play free movie-themed slotsThe movie might appear a bit old, but it comes with 250,000 coins as its top prize, and these you can easily walk away with. This makes it one of the best-rated movie-themed slots that are available on the market currently.
  • Are you a fan of the less frightening cult movie-themed slots, then sit back and relax, as there is still much to enjoy. Bally has an amazing collection of Grease Pink Ladies & T-Birds as well as Grease Danny and Sandy that you will be able to enjoy. These two titles have been derived from a movie known as Grease, which was done in 1978. You will be able to walk away with amazing prizes just for finding all the types of themed memorabilia. As you do that, you can sing along to some of the best soundtracks and even take a walk down to the Frosty Palace, the Drive-In or other historic scenes.
  • That is, however, not the end of everything, as you will still be able to get a number of other movie-themed slots to pick from. Microgaming has also developed a nice slot known as Bridesmaids, and this is the best slot if you are looking for a good laugh as you play free movie-themed slot. In the Magic Moments Bonus, you will be able to enjoy a couple of funny clips that will brighten up your day. Bridesmaids also comes with a bonus known as Scattered Cupcakes Bonus, as well as Friendship Free Spins as you cherish in the company of best bridesmaids such as Rita, Annie, Becca, Megan, Helen and Megan.

One thing you need to notice about all the movie-themed slots that have been mentioned here is the fact that they provide a number of themed prizes and not forgetting a number of familiar bonus games such as Scatters and Wilds that are contained here. In addition to that, there is also a broader range of specialty bonus games that are also found here.

What Are the Ticket Prices?

To play your favorite movie-themed slot, you will not spend much on the ticket. The stakes per one spin are as low as just 0.01 coins, but the slots give better values even when compared to some titles such as the Orange Wednesdays. It is also important to note that all these games come with a broad selection of a combination of line & line-bet. For the casino high rollers, they will be able to get nice maximum stake bets that are found.

Here is a list of other movie-themed slots that you will be able to find around: Gladiator, King Kong, Diamond Trio, Mega Fortune, Great Adventure, The Dark Knight Rises, Aliens, Terminator 2, Star Trek: Red Alert, Wish Master, Hansel & Gretel, Spirit of the Inca, Barbary Coast, John Wayne, Cazino Zeppelin, After Night Falls, Bloopers, and Titanic. Others are Golden Shamrock, Zombie Rush, Quest for Gold, Far West, Star Attraction, Heist, and Shaaark! Superbet.

Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy

All you need to do is just to find a place to sit, relax and enjoy, as you will definitely get a movie-themed slot game that suits all your preferences. The other thing that makes these slots really amazing is the fact that they come with huge bonus prizes that you will be able to enjoy. If soda and popcorn is your thing, then you better get stock before the action begins!