Whenever a new slot game launches, in most cases, we always want to try it out more so, there is nothing new to expect other than playing with fruits or some animals. The reason why these types of slot games have remained to be most players’ favourites is due to their familiarity, and most developers highly invest in the graphics, animations, and visuals. As long as the game has better graphics and thrilling animations, most players will love it, and the fact that it is just the regular game of fruits or animals won’t matter as much.

Since movies inspire most of the games, they have incorporate mystery themes such as thrillers, riddles, and horrors. These themes will give you shivers as you play the video slots since there is so much uncertainty and every level will have a different scary adventure with tons of secrets to unravel.

When you play free mystery slots online, you will always end the game feeling cheered up regardless of whether you’ve won or lost. The slots are unforgettable, and you will always have something to look forward to at every level.

Heart Throbbing yet Scary Fun

While playing mystery slots, you will be required to think harder as these games are structured to suit players who love games with storylines and who need a high level of intelligence to crack their way past the levels. Some of the questions you will find asking yourself include; was that cased through superpowers? Who killed her/him? What direction should I move to avoid being eaten by the zombies? Where does this map lead me to?

Most of these thrilling games have darker graphics to create a suspense atmosphere. Playing mystery slot machine is one way to unlock your inner sleuth as you manoeuvre through dark and terrifying terrains and dungeons. The settings of most horror-themed pokies are usually in a haunted house, outskirts of Gotham City, a museum, abandoned graveyard, or any fantasy world. If you are not used to this types of slots, they might scare you to death at first, but you will come along after playing severally.

These games use sound effects that are horrifying, but you will come to appreciate the intelligence in creating the ambience. Even though scary, the high-quality graphics will keep you playing all night. The best part is that the adrenaline rush will, after all, pay off when you win, so it’s worth the hassle.

Mystery Slot Machine for Real Money

If you are a beginner, it is always advisable to first utilize the free online slots which do not require an initial deposit. This is because you might get caught up in the thrill or get scared off while playing and end up losing your money. However, when you play free slots, you will be able to get control of your emotions without worrying that you are making a wrong turn in your adventure of solving the riddle.

After gaining the confidence and the experience, you can now play mystery slots online for real money. Most of these slots have a higher return to player (RTP) ratio which increases your chances of winning. This gets better when there are jackpots to be won which means that there is a possibility of huge winnings where you get to walk away with up to 5x or more your initial bet. This is possible since most of these games have progressive jackpots which increase your chances of a higher winning with every level.

Mystery slots are designed to suit both low and higher rollers. This means that you can start your bet with as little as 0.1$ per reel while as if you are looking to get a higher winning, you can wager up to $100 and above per reel. However, this rate is dependent on the mystery game you choose thus, depending on the amount of money you are looking to spend, always check the minimum and maximum amount per reel. It is also important to keep in mind that your payout is dependent on the amount of money at stake, the lesser the stake, the less the payout. However, as a beginner, always start small and elevate your skills.

The Best Online Mystery Slots

There is a wide range of mystery slots that you can play online, and all differ in terms of payout, number of reels and features. Some of the five most recommendable mystery slot games include:

It’s a Mystery

This is a video slot game developed by Realtime Gaming and features 5 reels and 25 paylines. You can bet with as little as $0.01, and the maximum is $0.10. Some of the bonus features that will help you increase your winnings include: wild symbol, scatter symbol, the free spin bonus round and the mystery portrait puzzle. You stand a chance to win a top fixed jackpot of 12,000 credits.

Mystic Charm

The game is developed by Gaming1 and features 5 reels, 10-paylines. The game provides you with a platform to explore the world of fairy tales, fantasy, mystery, and magic. The wild symbol of this game is triggered when you align 3 stunning lady features which trigger 10 free spin bonus round. The minimum bet is 0.2$ with a maximum of $25.

Big Blox

The Big Blox online slot is provided by Yggdrasil gaming and comes with a return to player rate of 96.2% which means you have higher chances of winning. It features 5 reels, 243 paylines. You can bet with a minimum of $0.25 and a maximum of $100.

Jumpin Pot

Developed by GameArt, this game offers 5 reels, 20 paylines. It has a slot RTP of 94%, and you can start your bet with as little as 0.2$ and a maximum of $10. There are numerous bonus features that you can take advantage of and which increases your chances of winning.

Crystal Mystery

With these slots, you will have access to wild symbols, multipliers, scatter symbols and free spin features to boost your winnings. The return to player percentage is 94%, and you can set a minimum bet start at $0.5 with a maximum of $25

Although numerous casinos allow you to play free mystery slots online, the thrill intensifies when you know you have chances of winning at the end of the game. Embrace yourself for a ride to the world full of horror, darkness, and secrecy. With each level, you will have a chance to access special features that will increase your chances of winning jackpots. Enjoy the adventure vibe!