Today’s online casino landscape is dominated by modern slots and casino games boasting the latest technologies and totally impressive visuals and sound effects. And the top software vendors and game designers certainly do not disappoint as they design and release new slots known for the use of 3D graphics, pulsating sound effects and some, and some offering a dash of virtual reality (VR).

But these are not the only crowd-drawers online. Today, other themed games influx the casino game industry, including retro slots. Retro as a theme may seem odd and dated, but with the right execution and creativity, these productions can impress, provide entertainment and deliver the prizes. As a concept, it evokes a number a myriad of feelings, emotions and sentiments. It is often indicative of fashion, style and images of recent past. In music, retro pertains to the groovy sounds of the 1960s and 1970s, and also refers to the accompanying sartorial choices of the past.

Yes, these may be from the past but going retro has its own distinctive style that excites, and it can be enjoyed in slots as well. With this theme, you get a chance to rediscover a lost time and relive the past. Also, the music that comes with these games is fun and danceable, making slot-spinning a fun gaming experience. These are the reasons why these types of slot productions are highly favoured online, chosen by casual players and enthusiasts alike.

Top Software Providers

When it comes to games that go old-stylish, the top software vendor is Microgaming. As one of the world’s biggest software and game designer, Microgaming offers a comprehensive portfolio of slots available in various themes. Aside from this provider, players can also check out the titles from IGT, Barcrest and Netent. The titles supplied by these providers are available in different reel configurations, from 3-reel to 5-reel slot games.

Top Retro-Themed Slots to Play Online

There are a lot of games to play online inspired by this theme, and most of these titles are supplied by the leading software vendors. Here’s a quick look at some of the best and most creative retro slots online that offer that this vibe:

Western Belles by IGT

Here, players are transported to a time when cowgirls rule the ‘Wild Wild West’, and they bring in the attitude.

Retromania by Endorphina

In this slot presentation, the old-school board games are brought to life, complete with features that bring in the prizes.

Elvis Multi-Strike by IGT

Designed as a 5-reel game, this presentation comes with Elvis-inspired images and the music that defined his career. This comes with bonus rounds and a gambling mode.

Exciting Features to Watch Out For In Retro-Themed Slots

Just like other slots, these casino productions are available in various reel configurations, including 3-reel and 5-reel designs. The standard features are also included in these games like scatters, wilds and bonus games. In the bonus mode, players get the chance to enjoy free spins when at least 3 scatters are shown on the screen. When you play retro slots online, you are also given a chance to play the gambling mode. In the gambling feature, players can double the winnings if the right suit or colour is chosen, and lose all when the prediction is wrong.

Also, these casino titles are available in the free demo or real money mode. You can play free retro slots at any time, and this can be done by simply checking the game’s listing and choosing what titles to play. But if you want more and ready to take on the risks, you can always click the real money versions, and our system will transfer you to a highly secured online casino.

Get Inspired with These Slot Games Online

When it comes to a memorable casino entertainment that allows you to relive the past, then it’s time to choose retro slot machine. With its funky music, decadent and colourful images and items thrown on the reels, it’s only a matter of time before you will groove to the music and theme. We have compiled some of the best listings of slot games online, and these are just waiting to be explored and played. Check out the game’s lobby where you can play free retro slots or go for real money anytime, anywhere.