We all know that horror movies are quite popular with many people who lack adrenaline in real life. Apart from the movies, there are so many haunted houses in so many carnivals and amusement parks. So why there is so much emphasis on the horror theme? The answer is simple, every single one of us just loves to get scared. We seem to enjoy the adrenaline rush of a spooky event and love the feeling of pleasure when the horror is over. We are well aware that horror movies are sometimes just too scary. For the perfect balance of scare and fun, we advise you to play spooky slots. It will not scare you much and will be fun for your wallet. While the horror theme is common in these slots, there is such a diverse variety of characters that come to life. Such spooky slot themed games include getting trapped by Vampires, getting chased by brain-thirsty zombies, and eventually escaping the lair of a psycho maniac. So, we can guarantee that you won’t be bored by playing these games.

The Best Spooky Slots

There are many online casinos which have some of the most legitimate and spooky slots that will surely keep you on the edge of your seat while you play and win. We have got you covered and have listed some of the best casinos which have spooky-themed slots on our site.

The best games are also free to play so that you can learn and understand before investing in them. We advise you to first learn and then try your luck to win big in real money mode. Here go some of the top spooky slots.

Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance was developed by Microgaming. This is amongst the most popular spooky slots online. The game has the features that can keep you engaged for hours. It includes multipliers, scatters symbols, free spins, and wild symbols awarding generous prizes.

Creatures from the Black Lagoon

Creatures from the Black Lagoon was developed by one of the most renowned companies, NetEnt, with the partnership with Universal Studios. The name of the spooky slot machine comes from the famous movie from Universal. It offers 20 free spins and a lot of bonus features.

Wild Blood

Wild Blood is the product of Play ‘N’ Go company. Some say this slot is just the feminine version of the above mentioned Immortal Romance. In this slot, you get the bonus from the blood symbols which is a fascinating way to inflate your winnings.

Twins of Evil

Twins of Evil comes from the studios of Gamesys. The theme of this slot derives from a famous 1957 movie. To avail the bonus feature, you will have to come to terms with one of the two twins that give exciting awards.


Halloweenies is another exciting slot by Microgaming. As the name suggests, it is themed around Halloween. This slot will surely take you on an adventure while you sit back on the couch.

Scaring Symbols

Spooky-themed slots have all the symbols that you can possibly think off. The symbols include blood, ghosts, zombies, witches, vampires, and the devil that is bound to scare you. The symbols present in these themes also have graveyards, mummies, zombies and Halloween pumpkins. It all depends on what slot are you choosing to play. Apart from the scarring, these symbols will offer you bonuses and the thrill of winning. They will offer you scatter symbols, multipliers, and free spins to provide you with an exceptional and amazing experience.

The spooky slots are designed under a revolutionary graphical interface. The developers invested exceptional knowledge to not only promote fair play but also keep you thrilled and ensure that you are having a quality time. The spooky slots also include progressive jackpots that can set you up for life.