The first thing that will come to your mind when you think of the words ‘casino game’ is definitely Las Vegas. Las Vegas has been referred to using many titles but here are the ones that have repeatedly been used: The City that Never Sleeps’ and “The Entertainment Capital of the World”.

Those who have visited this city will attest to the fact that there are a number of endless activities that occur in this city, nearly every second. In a number of gambling movies, Las Vegas has been described as the only place where all your dreams will turn into a reality. In Las Vegas, luxury and wealth glamour come together to give a cocktail of all the fine things. The city is always alive, thanks to its mesmerizing and bright neon lights.

The casino industry in the city of Las Vegas has been known as one of the architectural wonders. They have been designed with one aim: to give the players nothing but the most impressive appearance of their lifetime. That explains why they have been designed with nice-looking, and crystal chandeliers that are suspended from the casino halls high ceilings. The wall-to-wall carpeting and the opulent furnishings are also other things that make these facilities the best to gamble at.

Once you get in there, the slot machines’ sounds coupled with the beautiful sound of the background music, and not forgetting the warm colors will give the best feeling you can just dream of. They will give you the perfect harmony you need while gambling at any online casino. Apart from making your gambling experience memorable, these are some of the things that will make you get the best exciting experience. If an opportunity to visit the United States of America has not knocked at your doorstep, then you should not be worried as you can now play from anywhere you are.

Despite the kind of place you might be at, you can now play free Vegas slot games and even win huge prizes. Because of the advancement of technology, Vegas-themed slots online can now be played from nearly all corners of the globe. Without having the need to queue, you will choose a Vegas-themed slot game and play it as long as you have your devices with you. Having highlighted on that, it would now be fair to go deep in this fastest growing industry of online gambling games.

Vegas-Themed Slots: The Allure behind Them

Some of the things that characterize these games are the nice looking three-dimensional animations and graphics that they are always designed with. In addition to that, these games have also been developed with symbols that perfectly match the entire concept that the game is supposed to have. These symbols include lucky 7s, roulettes, cards, dices and a host of other symbols. There are also special effects that have been built into the games and perfectly blended with the sounds of the bells and the noisy sounds of the reels. All these you will notice as you play free Vegas-themed slot of your choice.

Once you hit the winning button, the beaming animation displays, as well as the winning bells will notify you of your new achievement. Such symbols are what give the Vegas-themed slot the excitement and fun they have been designed to achieve.

Where Can You Play the Vegas-Themed Online Slot?

The reason why a number of Vegas-themed online slot games have been designed is to give you, as a player, free bonus rounds and free demos. As it can be seen in most online casino sites, and Vegas-themed slots included, gamers will have a chance to either play for real money or even take part in the games for free without the need of placing any kind of wagers.

The NetEnt’s Vegas Party

Vegas Party by NetEnt is basically a video slot that has been designed with an incredible display of mostly red and yellow colors, as well as some good music in the background. This is exactly what you need as you take on your journey of Las Vegas. You will have an opportunity to play this amazing game free of charge or even placing the wager and playing it for real money. The good thing is that there are a number of online casinos that offer this game and so playing would be much easier. Some of the known casinos that offer NetEnt gaming software are Casumo, 888, Betway and a host of others.

This Is How to Play the NetEnt’s Vegas Party

➔          Players would receive certain coins in their accounts before they begin to play. These coins represent the amount of money that they should put in to their accounts as the deposit.
➔          By either clicking – or +, the player will have to put in a bet to maximize or lower the number of coins that will be used to place the bet. The players will then be able to click on the button that has been marked with the “paw” sign on it. This is when they will be able to initiate the game.
➔          The reels can also be spun by clicking on the “Max Bet” button, as long as the player has placed the maximum bet that has been allowed for that kind of spin.
➔          The other button here is the “Autoplay” that give the players an opportunity to bet for several times without getting interrupted.
➔          Each of the spins would begin with just two reels, which would then expand into three, four, or five reels all joined into one.
➔          There is up to 1000-coin jackpot that players stand a chance of winning. However, this will only occur when they match the five reels that carry the title, “Lion Chips”. It is, however, important to note that matching symbols in any position on more than three adjacent reels beginning from the leftmost reel is one of the ways of winning.
➔          As a player, you would be given an incredible 234 ways of walking away with great prizes.

IGT’s Vegas Baby

Vegas Baby has been designed with display and animations of cartoons, as well as a very easy to use interface. The colors that have been used in this online slot game are, however, very intense and bold. You will be treated to a nice soundtrack of jazz, as well as nicely balanced lights that are meant to give you nothing but a normal Vegas feeling. The slots come with three lines and five reels.

This Is How You Will Play

➔          You will begin by first clicking on the button that has either been labeled “Lines” or “Line Bet”, and that is how you will be able to place the reels on the motion as you click on the button labeled “Spin”.

➔          Should you be lucky to get a minimum of three bonus signs on any of the reels, you will walk away with at least fifteen free spins. The good thing about these free spins is that they can go as high as 180.
➔          One notable symbol in this online casino game is the “Welcome Venus Baby”, which is basically wild. This symbol will be able to substitute all other symbols with an exception of the symbol of “Bonus”. Here, the player has an opportunity to walk away with double prizes if this symbol substitutes one or two other symbols that are played on the reel.

➔          In the United Kingdom, Vegas Party slot comes with a jackpot of 25,000,000 Euros, while in the United States, the jackpot is $25,000,000. This is one of the best Vegas-themed slots you can give a try today.

Microgaming’s Vegas Dreams

Vegas Dreams is no download slot game that has been designed with five reels and three rows. It has been created with machine sounds, animations and graphics that appear exactly like what you find in Las Vegas. But here, you will play this amazing game without having to physically take yourself to Las Vegas. Although it comes with one of the modest user-interface, it still comes with the allure of a typical Vegas slot machine. Although it does not have a jackpot, it comes with a number of lucrative winnings that are given out through scatter-payouts.

This Is How to Play Microgaming’s Vegas Dreams

➔          The first thing to do is use coins to set the bets. The coins would normally range from as high as 0.5 coming down to 0.01. This amount would, however, be based on how the gamer plans to gamble with each of the spins they have been given. For changing the coins sizes, the gamer would use either the “-“ or the “+”.
➔          To keep the reels on the motion, you will then click on the button labeled, “Click”. The “Autoplay “button has been specifically designed for any player who wants to spin the reels in an interrupted manner.
➔          The Max Bet button would also help in spinning the reels, but only when the player puts the maximum bet that has been allowed for that kind of spin.
➔          The Roulette wheel of the fortune is the wild symbol of the Vegas Dreams slot. It, therefore, replaces all the machine symbols with an exception of the scatter symbol. Casino players would be able to double their winnings in this Vegas-themed slot the moment they find themselves on the wilds.

➔          To activate free spins, a player would be able to land on a combination of not less than three scatters of the slot machine. Free spins will give the participants an opportunity to multiply their winnings by three times.