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Casinos that accept Ukash

These top Ukash online casinos offer:
  • A system of prepaid vouchers for swift online payments.
  • A virtual analog of cash payments – deposit funds anonymously.
  • No personal data is ever revealed.
  • Accepted by numerous online casinos.
  • Easy to buy – almost 400 thousand points of sale.
  • It is for depositing only, not withdrawal.
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The online casino industry is a rapidly developing sphere, not only in the field of soft updating but also in the variety of useful payment systems. Currently, loud enough statements and big bonuses are not effective in order to get and retain the attention of the client. Now it is necessary to create a full-fledged easy to use the casino, working virtually. And in this best suited right assortment of payment systems. How will gamblers replenish accounts for playing for real money? One of the available options is Ukash system.

Ukash is an electronic system of online payments, based on the use of vouchers. It is convenient for those users who would not like to use a personal bank card or do not wish for any reasons demonstrate their payments at the Internet wave. This electronic payment system belongs to the British brand Smart Voucher Ltd., which promoted its service and distributed it to the territories of many countries of the world.

The Ukash payment system is included in the list of the most convenient and simple ones that are used in online casinos. Unlike many other systems, it does not require from the users complex actions - copies of the passport, opening of accounts or follow the strict rules.

Deposit And Withdrawal Method

Ukash is easy to buy and easy to use. Ukash-vouchers can be purchased for cash at any PayPoint, payzone or e-pay. Vouchers can be used to play in many casinos by entering a 19-digit voucher number. Such a system of payments makes information about the user and personal data of his account unavailable. This is especially important for withdrawing funds to online casinos. Ukash Online Casinos has surpassed the convenience and speed of many other services.

Ukash vouchers are available in the following denominations: € 10, € 20, € 30, € 50, € 75, € 100, € 150, € 200 and € 500. At the website of payment system clients have the opportunity to add several Ukash vouchers with small denominations in one voucher or to divide a voucher with a larger denomination by a few smaller ones.

To make a deposit using Ukash is easy. So, we know that the purchased coupon (Ukash voucher) has a personal 19-digit number. For making the payment in real time, a person needs to enter this code into the payment window at the casino website that accepts payments. As usual, online casinos that accept Ukash offer the opportunity to replenish the account with vouchers at the clients` personal account. If an unused balance remains after the payment was done, the user receives a new coupon number from the Ukash trading partner, which will determine the new value of the voucher.

There are some transaction limits, which allows not to get into dependence on gambling while playing for money. On the day person can buy up to 5 Ukash coupons with a maximum value of 500 € / 500 £ (or an equivalent of other foreign currency). There is no limit on the number of coupons used. One of the great advantages of Ukash online casinos is the absence of fee and taxes. If a user would like to replenish the account in a casino with 50 Euro, he should enter the voucher code with 50 or more Euro balance. And at his account will fall exactly 50 Euro.

For withdrawing the funds from Ukash voucher bank account is necessary. If the customer wishes to withdraw the funds from the Ukash voucher, he can get a minimum 10 euros. This amount will be transferred to the player`s bank account after the identification of a client. In this case, in a small commission will be charged for this transaction from Ukash Online Casinos.

To avoid the bank operations user can withdraw money from Ukash voucher to Webmoney wallet. Webmoney payment system allows getting cash. Ukash is simply indispensable in cases where a user needs to control the expenses. With Ukash you will not spend more than what you have.

Customer Support

Ukash payment system has really good client service. Customer support can be contacted:

  • by phone (there are toll-free numbers and hotline services);
  • through the contact form from Monday to Friday from 7.00 to 23.00 (Central European time).

There are special telephone numbers for citizens from Germany (0180 1 267 268) and Great Britain (0808 234 6244). As they constitute the main part of the client audience.

Advantages And Disadvantages

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages of Ukash Online Casinos using. this system has a huge number of advantages and only a couple of cons. We propose you to find out about them briefly.


  • total anonymity of payments in Ukash Online Casinos (there is no need to provide personal bank information);
  • for Ukash using is no need to register and install specialized software;
  • Ukash vouchers are available in more than 20 countries in Europe;
  • the voucher number is used as cash;
  • the voucher can be ordered online,
  • high transaction speed;
  • no age restrictions;
  • easy to control the expenses;
  • no commission and additional fees in Ukash Casino for replenishing the account;
  • Ukash can also be used to replenish e-wallets and bank cards.


  • the complicated process of recovery voucher number in case of its loss;
  • to calculate using Ukash payment system is available not in all online casino.
  • Security

Ukash is one of the safest online payment methods. Buying and using a Ukash voucher user should not enter any personal data. In order to contact the customer support service client will be asked about the last 6 numbers of the voucher`s code. But never (excluding payments) client should not inform anyone about 19-digit identification number.

Smart Voucher Ltd (Ukash owner) is regulated by the British Financial Services Authority (FSA) and authorized by it as an electronic bank. Employers of Ukash payment system provides customers detailed information on how to protect themselves from fraud or loss of a voucher. And advise making the transactions with the help of the tool Ukash Tools.

Casinos That Accept Ukash

There is a rather wide range of online casinos that accept Ukash. Basically, it's all fair virtual clubs with UK gambling licenses. These are the best 5 Ukash online casinos with honest payouts, decent games and high-quality software. We have grouped them according to the attractiveness of the first welcome bonus:

888 Casino

100% bonus up to 1,500$

Slotty Vegas

100% cashable bonus up to £300 and 300 Free Spins bonus

PlayFortuna Casino

up to 500 dollars on the first deposit and 20 Free Spins)

Joy Casino

200% bonus to the first deposit

Willam Hill

get started with £ 300 bonus 

In all listed above clubs is allowed making Ukash casino deposit. Some casinos accept the entire amount of the voucher at once. Others propose to replenish a balance with a certain part.

Alternatives To Ukash For Funding Online Casino Accounts

No doubt, Ukash is a unique payment system. Casino players can choose another way for making the transactions, but this may be not so secure and anonymous like Ukash. Except for Ukash casino deposit can be made with:

  • PayPal;
  • Webmoney;
  • Skrill;
  • Neteller.

Most of them work in the Moneygrator system. This is a modern and unique project developed by an experienced team of specialists from Slotegrator. It is a platform that integrates widely used payment services for convenient, fast and secure execution of money transactions in online casinos.


Ukash Casino is a view into the future. Not only in the future of gambling, but also to the future of transactions. Ukash payment system for online gambling clubs is ideal for players who do not want to disclose information about themselves and wish to visit the casino anonymously. It also becomes a successful alternative to other payment services.

Ukash was developed for those who prefer to use cash instead of cards to play online casinos. Indeed, spending about Ukash is like spending about money. No registration or provision of personal information, momental transferring and easy to use in the majority of Ukash online casinos. Do not disclose the voucher code, and the money in Ukash will be completely safe. Ukash can be purchased at more than 420,000 outlets in 55 countries around the world.


How to find out, in what online casinos can be used Ukash payments?

All data about the available payment systems in each casino can be found in the user agreement.

May I add several vouchers with a little money to one?

A few vouchers with a small balance can be combined into one. To do this, use the option Combine Tool.

What can I do in the case of losing the Ukash voucher code?

The Ukash voucher code may be lost. In this case, the possibility of restoration remains, if the customer remembers when he purchased the voucher and what its value is. For restoration user should contact the support service of the Ukash payment system.

However, it is better to keep all the information about the voucher from the very beginning in a secret. The administration does not always allow customers who lost the Ukash voucher to recover its number.

Can I get a card to operate with Ukash system except for voucher?

Each user has the opportunity to receive a plastic card for use in Ukash Online Casinos. There are two types of cards:

  • Ukash Out (allows cashing in ATMs);
  • Ukash Neo (for paid for smth, like for playing casino games).

These ones are in the MasterCard service, and with their help persons can pay for any goods and services and even play casinos which don't accept Ukash.

Ordering and issuing cards cost $ 15. For their purchase client need to send copies of passport to support service. Making a card usually takes within a month.

What are maximum limits for paying by Ukash vouchers?

Pay attention to the maximum limits for transactions in Ukash payment system. These are € 750 for ones.

Is Ukash system safety for persons, especially for those who play in the casinos?

Ukash is safe. First, the player will not be able to waste more than he has. Secondly, he can set the limits to prevent the gambling addiction. Thirdly, due to the lack of personal information, money is completely safe and no one can encroach on them.

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