casinos that accept visa electron
Company: Visa Inc.
Founded: 1985
Member Accounts: Over 800 million
Currencies: 150
Nations: Worldwide

Casinos that accept Visa Electron

These top Visa Electron online casinos offer:
  • Visa Electron cards are issued by most banks in the world.
  • They are accepted by the majority of online venues.
  • It is a reliable, safe, and fast deposit method.
  • Deposit and withdraw with your Visa Electron!
  • Several layers of protection for each transaction.
  • The process of making a payment is very easy.
  • World’s best casinos are a click away for Visa holders.
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Visa Electron is probably one of the most widely accepted banker cards in the world. It was first issued in 1985 by Visa Company. Visa Electron card is almost identical to its counterpart – Visa debit card; there is just a subtle difference between the two products. For example, Visa Electron doesn’t allow overdraft, unlike Visa card.

Nowadays Visa Electron as well as other cards from this company is accepted in most countries of the world, in billions of online and offline companies, including web-casinos. The demand for credit cards has slightly decreased over the past years, while debit cards, such as Visa Electron, are growing in popularity and account for over 70% of all Visa products available in Europe.

When and How did Credit Cards Appear?

The idea of a credit card germinated in the late 19th century. At that time retailers used to sell goods in exchange for special “credit” coins or plates, but only in 50 years, in the mid-20th century, a prototype of modern banking cards was created. The creator of the first credit card is considered Frank McNamara, the head of a finance corporation. One day in 1949 he forgot his wallet at home, and couldn’t pay for his dinner, though he had several credit cards of different stores and companies on hand. He had to ask his wife to come and pay his bill, but the idea of creating a universal banker credit card came to his mind that day. And this idea was fulfilled less than in a year – in 1950. Frank created the Diners Club Card (by the way, this system still exists), which allowed paying for dinner in different restaurants in credit. Some later a similar Travel Card appeared, and a universal credit card was introduced in 1958.

A Brief History of Visa

The issuer of the first banker card was the Bank of America, and the name of this card was BankAmericard. It was a revolutionary product: firstly, it was oriented to general population, and secondly, it was really universal: one could pay with it in a vast variety of bid and small outlets. For less than a year, over two million cards had been issued. In the following years the system had covered the entire country, and other banks began to issue their own cards under the license of BofA. In less than a decade, the system had spread to other countries – Canada, UK, and France. But only in 1974 these numerous banking system, operating under different names in different countries, finally were merged in a single conglomerate. This aggregate company received the name Visa. Nowadays it works in 200+ countries.

Visa Electron

Visa Electron is one of the oldest Visa’s products. It was first issued in 1985, and today it is accepted almost everywhere in the world, except for the US, Australia, Canada and Ireland.

Benefits of Visa Electron

Visa Electron has all the features of a typical debit card from Visa. It is convenient, popular and widely accepted. Apart from all this, every operation executed via Visa Electron requires a special electronic confirmation by its holder, which provides an additional security. No surprise that Visa Electron is used by hundreds thousands of online gamers, who make deposits in casinos with the help of this simple and reliable financial tool.

Online Depositing with Visa Electron

A method of depositing into casino with Visa Electron is one of the most reliable and simplest ones. Just choose Visa Electron in the cashier section of the site and follow the instructions. To make a transaction you need to enter the card number (16 digits) and CVC (3 digits), and then confirm the operation. Funds are deposited to your account immediately.

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