casinos that accept western union
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Casinos that accept Western Union

These top Western Union online casinos offer:
  • This is one of the globally accepted payment methods.
  • No third parties or banks are involved.
  • A possibility of paying in cash.
  • It can be used where other deposit methods don’t work.
  • The procedure is long and a sort of complicated.
  • Payments are not instant.
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Western Union Overview

Western Union is one of the oldest money transfer services, which dates back to the second half of the 19th century when telegraph was invented. The first successful attempt of transferring funds using telegraph was completed in the US in 1971 by the Western Union company. Since that time things have changed, and the popularity of telegraph services has decreased significantly, while the amount of financial transactions processed by the service is growing from year to year.

The mechanism of Western Union functioning is rather simple. If you want to send your money to anybody, you simply go one of the points where Western Union payments are accepted (agents) and pay in cash the needed amount. While making a payment you also indicate the name of the recipient and his or her location. In exchange for cash you get the unique MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number), which consists of 10 digits. You need to give this number to the receiving party, after which the latter can go to any Western Union point (including banks, post offices and so on) and name his or her MTCN to get the cash.


Today, apart from the conventional method one can take advantage of Western Union online transfers, using the website of Western Union. In this case, you pay with credit cards, not in cash. But this option is available only in 23 countries.

Keep in mind that transactions via Western Union are not free of charge. Typically, the commission is from 14 to 18 percent, depending on the country. But the good news is that payments via Western Union are very momentary – all the transactions are processed in a couple of minutes irrespective of the depositor’s and recipient’s location.

Among the additional options Western Union there is an opportunity of getting a physical debit Visa or MasterCard by those who register on the official website and availability of the Western Union mobile app for fast transfers right from mobile phones.

How to Make a Deposit with Western Union

Among other things, one may use Western Union for making swift deposits in web-casinos, but it not as simple as with other payment systems. The procedure is not completely automatic. To pay with Western Union you need to get in touch with the support service of the casino and get the requisite details. You also need to provide your personal details. After making a payment a player informs the support of the depositing and passes them the MTCN for funds receiving.

Commonly, the funds are transferred immediately, but in some countries delays from 1 to 3 days are possible. It depends on the casino as well.

Though the fee taken by Western Union is rather substantial, some casinos compensate it if the amount of deposit is large enough. The particular terms can vary from one casino to another.

Cash Withdrawal via Western Union

Western Union allows not only depositing, but withdrawing from casinos as well. If you want to use this method, you again need to contact the support service and ask them to tell you MTCN for receiving the funds.

Benefits of Western Union

  • Western Union offers a really high speed of executing financial transactions. Payments are momentary and absolutely safe.
  • An opportunity of getting a real Visa or MasterCard makes the system even more flexible and lets make payments in a comfortable and familiar way.

Drawbacks of Western Union

  • The fee for Western Union services is quite substantial. Though some casinos compensate it, they do it only when the amount of depositing is large.
  • The downside of conventional (offline) transfers with Western Union is a necessity of going to a post office or a bank to make the payment. It is not very convenient, as today there are many payment systems that allow making transfers right from your home.

Though today there are more commonly used options for instant payments, Western Union is still accepted by some casinos. On this page you’ll find examples of trusted Western Union casinos.

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