casinos that accept wire transfer
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Casinos that accept Wire Transfer

These top Wire Transfer online casinos offer:
  • The safest method of funds transfer.
  • The largest deposit limits – perfect for high-rollers.
  • Wire transfers are accepted everywhere in the world.
  • No third parties involved; direct bank-casino payments.
  • It is not an instant method; the process can take several days.
  • You need to go to a bank to transfer money.
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Many people have already switched to making online payments via credit and debit cards or electronic (digital) wallets. However, many still harbor a bit of skepticism towards the new-age means of performing transactions. Bank Wire Transfer is a tried-and-true payment option that provides a decent alternative to the novelty electronic systems.

What's Wirecard?

Having acquired Click2Pay, Wirecard entered the path that has led the service to become the most common and popular payment option across the EU countries. With few exceptions, European web-based casinos allow their gamblers to use Wirecard as a depositing and withdrawal method. With the Wirecard system, you become the holder of a virtual Mastercard, which allows you to make all kinds of payments online, as well as money withdrawals. The account you make with Wirecard has a connection to your regular bank account, which ensures you can quickly and conveniently make various online payments using your funds. Wirecard Bank AG is the parent company of the Wirecard system. It offers a variety of different payment services. However, if your goal is making deposits and withdrawals in a European online casino, you need to resort to the service of virtual credit cards.

Wirecard As A Deposit And Withdrawal Method

Your first step is to complete the registration procedure with Mywirecard in order to open an account with them. You need to submit your details in order to be provided with a virtual Mastercard. If it's your preference to have a physical card, at a small additional cost (10 euros), you can order a plastic card to be sent to your address. Keep in mind, the shipping may take some time. In this regard, a virtual card is a better option, as you won't have to wait at all. The service provides you with the details of your virtual card without a delay. Worth noting, in order to complete the registration process, you will need to submit your cell phone number and your email address. According to the legal requirements, one customer of Wirecard is only allowed to hold one virtual card.

Once the registration with Wirecard is done, you can proceed to your favorite European online casino, where you'll be able to deposit your funds and withdraw your cash wins without any difficulties. You can opt for any EU web-based casino where Mastercard is accepted as a payment option.

  1. Determine the deposit amount and enter it in the corresponding field.
  2. Select the Mastercard option from the payment options list.
  3. Enter the information of your virtual credit card given to you by the Wirecard service: the card number and the CVV. The sum you specified will be transferred to your casino account without any delay.

As to withdrawals, unfortunately, they are not as widely available as Wirecard casino deposits. Before depositing funds at any web-based establishment, check whether withdrawals are possible at this particular Wirecard online casinos. If not, look for a different casino or check if the one of your choice has alternative withdrawal methods that you could use.

Wirecard Customer Support

If you are experiencing a technical issue or inconvenience while using your virtual card as a deposit method at an online casino, you should contact the Wirecard support team. Their specialists are available from 7 am to 1 am (Central European Time). You can either contact them by phone or send an email describing your issue. Before contacting the tech team, you might want to have a look at the FAQ section found on the Mywirecard website. It contains detailed answers to common questions, so you could check if a solution to your issue is already spelled out on this page.

Before contacting the Wirecard tech support, you should make sure you have the mobile phone number which you submitted during registration and the answer to your security question at hand. The technical specialist answering you call will need to resort to these in order to make sure you are actually the holder of the card or account.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Wirecard At Online Casinos?

  1. Payments are anonymous. If Wirecard is the payment option of your choice, all of your transactions are fully anonymous. The Wirecard online casinos you're gambling at will not know your name and details – instead, they will receive a special replacement code. The same goes for your bank statement – only a code will be revealed.
  2. Gambling at all web-casinos accepting Mastercard. Worth recalling, the Wirecard payment system is an issuer of both virtual and physical Mastercard cards. If the online casino of your choice has Mastercard on their list of accepted payment options, it means you can use your Wirecard card at this web-based gambling establishment. Thus, you can frequent practically any European online casino, since Mastercard is the ubiquitous payment option.
  3. Instant opening of a Wirecard account. The indisputable advantage of the Wirecard payment system is that the customer doesn't have to wait for a certain time period until a confirmation is received. As soon as you complete the registration procedure, you will be provided with all the necessary details of your Wirecard Mastercard, after which you can proceed to make payments.
  4. Payments confirmed via SMS. You can adjust your Wirecard account's security settings to receive information related to your account and payment notifications to your mobile phone via SMS. The Wirecard system will use the number you submitted during the registration procedure.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Wirecard At Online Casinos?

  1. American gamblers can't use this system. The Wirecard method of payment isn't available to the fans of online gambling that reside in the United States. Only Europeans can use Wirecard.
  2. Money withdrawals are not always possible. As stated above, your virtual or physical Wirecard card allows you to make a deposit at any European online casino that accepts Mastercard. However, things are a little trickier when it comes to withdrawals. Before gambling away, you should always check whether the web-based casino of your choice allows for money withdrawals to a Wirecard card. Alternatively, you can check whether the casino offers other withdrawal methods you could use.

Security Of Using Wirecard At Online Casinos

The Wirecard virtual and physical cards are emitted by Wirecard Bank AG. As the “AG” part in its name suggests, it's a German institution, which means the bank is regulated to the strict German standards. The available Wirecard products also have certificates of compliance with the PCIDSS standard that was developed for the global card services Mastercard and Visa. You can fully rely on this payment method at Wirecard online casinos, as the safety and security of this virtual card service are up to the highest and strictest German and international standards.

Online Casinos That Accept Wirecard

Below is a selection of the most popular and trusted online casinos that accept Wirecard. Keep in mind that some Wirecard casinos haven't updated the logo of the payment system in question. If you see the logo of Click2Pay among the accepted options, it means you can use your virtual card with this web-based establishment.






Fly Casino




Omni Casino




Gaming Club Casino



MahiGaming, Microgaming

River Belle Casino



MahiGaming, Microgaming




NetEnt, Cryptologic, SkillOnNet, and more

Vbet Casino



Microgaming, NetEnt, World Match, and more

Vegas Winner Casino



Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, and more

Faustbet Casino



Microgaming, NetEnt, World Match, and more

Casino RedKings



Cryptologic, SkillOnNet, NextGen Gaming, NetEnt

EuroKing Casino




QueenVegas Casino



Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, SkillOnNet, and more

BetOnAces Casino



NetEnt, World Match, NextGen Gaming, 1x2Gaming, and more

BetBoro Casino



Microgaming, NetEnt, Cryptologic, and more

Alternatives To Wirecard For Funding Online Casino Accounts

Even though Wirecard casino deposits are not available in the United States, there are plenty of convenient alternative payment options for US gamblers. Many American fans of online gambling use virtual payment systems, such as Skrill and Neteller, as well as a few others. If you prefer to use a card for making your online payments, there are plenty of online casinos that accept American Express, Mastercard, and Visa.


If you are a fan of online gambling that resides in one of the countries of the European Union, Wirecard online casinos are a smart choice. All of your payments are delivered to the online casino completely anonymously, with your name and details replaced with a code. The system is quick: you'll be given the details of your virtual card immediately upon registration and your payments are processed almost instantly. A Wirecard virtual or physical card is easy to use, as it works like a regular credit card and is accepted as a deposit method by all EU casinos that accept Mastercard.

Wirecard FAQ

Q.: Is it necessary to create an account to use Wirecard?

A.: Yes. In order to use this service, you have to create an account on Mywirecard. You'll receive the payment details of your virtual credit card. After that, you should transfer the necessary amount of funds to your Wirecard card.

Q.: Are there any fees charged for registration with Wirecard?

A.: No, the customer isn't charged anything at all for registering with Wirecard and receiving a virtual card. You will be charged an additional cost only if you want to have a physical card and request one to be sent to your address.

Q.: Why can't I see any Wirecard casinos listed?

A.: If you reside in the United States, you won't see any Wirecard online casinos displayed. Unfortunately, the Wirecard payment option is not available to American citizens; only those who reside in the European Union can use it.

Q.: I am a US citizen who registered a Wirecard account a few years ago. Can I still use it?

A.: Yes, you can. Wirecard has ceased the opportunity for registration of new US accounts, but old ones that were registered earlier are still a viable method of depositing and withdrawing funds in an online casino.

Q.: What are the transfer fees with Wirecard?

A.: The Wirecard payment system indeed has insignificant fees charged on each transfer (1 euro). A small amount (3%) is also charged for depositing funds into your account. Check the official website ( for detailed information.

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