casinos that accept yapı kredi
Company: Yapı Kredi
Founded: 1944
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Casinos that accept Yapı Kredi

These top Yapı Kredi online casinos offer:
  • This is a Turkish banking solution for swift payments.
  • It is for the bank’s customers only.
  • A reliable and strongly protected method.
  • Not many casinos accept it nowadays.
  • Payments are protected but not anonymous.
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One of the payment systems is the somewhat popular Yapı Kredi service, which operates by Yapı Kredi Bank. Thus, each owner of this card can pay for any services, transfer funds, and track money transactions online. The history of the bank itself begins back in 1944, but the support for the Yapı Kredi online banking was introduced in the middle of the 2000s. Since then, the number of users has incredibly increased, so the popularity of this service has also raised. At present, a tiny percentage of Yapı Kredi cardholders do not use the online banking, while others prefer to simplify their lives and make money transactions thanks to it. We will also consider some Yapı Kredi Online Casinos which it was hard to find.

Deposit and withdrawal method

Since registration takes place only by existing bank card, no documents are required to be provided with this process. All of them have long been available in the bank's database. Deposit of balance is possible when using various electronic systems, through bank branches or terminals. You can also register in the system through the ATM of Yapı Kredi.

The list of operations of the system also includes the repayment of debts, the opening of deposits, the application for a loan and control over the status of your account. The fact that the service operates on the platform of a large bank guarantees each client a relatively high level of protection for ongoing operations.

Customer support

Round the clock, help is waiting on the client's issues on the official site. In case of problems, the user can write to the technical support using the phone or e-mail. Besides, there is a Yapı Kredi FAQ tab by going to which the participant can learn more about the information presented in each section. All Yapı Kredi Online Casinos have customer support. Thus you can clarify all the details concerning the payment method.

Advantages and disadvantages

The list of system capabilities allows the participant to make payments, as well as transfer money from/to various monetary services. Yapı Kredi offers its customers to increase fortune by opening a savings account or deposit, replenish a mobile account, pay utility bills and make Yapı Kredi Casino Deposit. Among the participants of this function, it is impossible to find a person who would be dissatisfied with the work of the system.

Its conciseness and high transaction speed characterize the use of the Yapı Kredi service. Also, the chosen payment system guarantees to its clients the safety of financial transactions and the safety of personal data. To log in, you need to use a PIN code. If you prefer this method of payments to the rest, then the possibility of a comfortable visit to the sites of online stores is guaranteed - after all, purchases can be paid in a jiffy.

However, it should be noted that the use of a payment system for gambling in Yapı Kredi Online Casinos is possible only if the gambling house has an account in that bank. By the way, shortly, Yapı Kredi management plans to expand the service area, cooperating with a large number of financial institutions. Therefore, this service can often be found in European gambling clubs that offer online gaming devices for money.


Since the system has an incredible amount of transaction data, it provides users with the highest level of protection. In a nutshell, the service protects each user's information, and in addition to this, the person himself prevents any attacks by intruders.

Does the recommended Yapı Kredi service guarantee safety and reliability? Definitely, yes because the guard of the user's comfort is the whole department, whose activity is the prevention of financial fraud. So, each transaction is necessarily tracked, and the cardholder can manage his funds, being aware of the state of the account (after completing any financial transaction, the customer receives an SMS as a notification of the operation). This service allows the cardholder to feel confident when choosing payment for goods and services using the Yapı Kredi system.

Firstly, when opening a personal cabinet, you must enter a password. Secondly, each ongoing operation has its one-time pin-code, which does not allow fraudsters to track payments. Also, the developers of the system guarantee their user's full confidentiality of their information and the fact that it is stored on the bank's super-secure servers. The peculiarity of this system is to a great extent the security of personal data. Therefore, its list of users increasingly includes businesspeople, gamblers, and bookmakers. Working with the system, they are sure that no information leaks, and no money withdrawal and large fraudulent transactions will occur.

Casinos that accept Yapı Kredi

We found a few Online casinos that accept Yapı Kredi. The list includes ZigZag777, ArgoCasino, PlayFortuna, and SlotsBro. There must be some Turkish Yapı Kredi Online Casinos, but we hadn’t found anything.

Alternatives to Yapı Kredi for Funding Online Casino Accounts

Well, there is a considerable amount of other options to Yapı Kredi Online Casinos. Gamblers can use any payment system they want, but they should take into account their location and local restrictions.


The Yapı Kredi service is a set of options that allow you to pay various bills, make transfers to other cards that can be made using a computer or some other device that has access to the Internet. This system has an incredible demand for people engaged in virtual bets, gambling, and others because the Yapı Kredi connection allows you to manage your expenses skillfully, as well as carry out various payment operations. Everyone has the opportunity to play slot machines in many Yapı Kredi Online Casinos while using a convenient currency for the gambling. The fact that this service cooperates with many other virtual systems allows us to talk about the high credibility of Yapı Kredi in many countries.


  1. How to use?

    Yapı Kredi is a system that is accessible only to authorized users who have a Yapı Kredi card. Time of operations depends on their complexity and server load. You can make payments by using different currencies. Instant money transfer is possible between virtual wallets. The deadlines for the execution of transfers vary from a few minutes and up to 10 working days, depending on the type of transfer. On average, money from one bank card to another is transferred within three working days. A commission accompanies not all payments. But, for example, the commission for external transfer is equal to 0.3% of the transferred amount. The exact information about the commission can be found in the support service or in the course of the actual operation itself.

  2. How to register?

    Regarding registration in the system, it is executed within five minutes. The client needs to open the official Yapı Kredi website and click the Login to Internet Bank button. If it is not connected, then click on the CONNECT button. On the opened page it is necessary to fill the offered questionnaire with data from the card (it is impossible to register without a Yapı Kredi card). Entering the required information, the participant will receive a one-time password on the mobile phone with confirmation of registration. After that, the login window appears on the screen, which the client needs to remember and click on "Login to Yapı Kredi." Then you need to enter a login and a temporary password that will come to your mobile device. And after that, the user can create an additional login and change the password to a permanent one, which only he will know.

  3. What if I/recipient does not receive payment?

    Very rarely there are situations when money does not reach the addressee, that is, the casino. It can happen either through the fault of the payment system or because of the actions of the casino.

    The worst thing is if the one of Yapı Kredi Online Casinos simply decided to steal your money. In that case, you cannot prove anything, and you can say goodbye to your money. Although various regulators regulate the casino, it is difficult to achieve any protection against it.

    Sometimes the payment merely is delayed and does not come instantly. Formally, it can take up to 5 business days, although almost always transactions pass immediately. So in case of problems, you will first have to wait for the maximum period indicated in the client agreement and only then contact technical support.

  4. How to make Yapı Kredi Casino Deposit?

    Firstly, you need to find Online casinos that accept Yapı Kredi. Be sure that they work with that payment system. After signing up, the service will suggest you make the first deposit. You will find some payments methods. Then you should choose the Yapı Kredi to make a payment. Then follow all the steps and confirm your deposit.

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