7 Lucky Dwarfs
7 Lucky Dwarfs

7 Lucky Dwarfs

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About 7 Lucky Dwarfs Slot

Derived from the concept of the oldest fairy tale, 7 Lucky Dwarfs may draw in some old players and bring in some new one to the fold. That does not matter, however, as long as all players would have a chance to win.

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The Slot Game Review

How many dwarfs does it take to make a player lucky? How many dwarfs does it take to make online gaming at home worth one’s time and energy? How many questions should one pose before discussing one of the best games ever developed by Leander Games?

The slot game is all about getting lucky, and the developers are not afraid to say that when a player would play 7 Lucky Dwarfs for real money, he is in for a ride that is unforgettable, electrifying, and one of a kind.

Main Features

The main features of 7 Lucky Dwarfs casino slot online are the following:

  • There are five reels that the gamer can choose from well; critics are saying that they should have made it 7 so that it is true to the game but maybe the people at Leander Games have something else in mind, so everyone forgave them.
  • It has 20 pay lines so everybody definitely has a lot of chances of hitting the jackpot. After all, the game has a relatively high RTP.
  • Snow White is in on the game. Is there any other reason to stay and enjoy a game but the appearance of Snow White? All players agree that there is none. With Snow White coming out as a wild card, every gamer would have an opportunity to get to scramble the odds and maybe win just by the push of a button.
  • 15 Free Spins. While players are not saying that it should be 14 to stay true to the theme, it makes sense that there are 15 free spins so that 7 dwarfs multiplied by 2 is 14 plus Snow White makes 15. That statement may seem to be reaching, but it makes some sense once a player would think about it.
  • The jackpot is hit when the player sees the evil queen. While this is not what anybody wants, who does not want to win, right? It would have been better to make Snow White as the champion and the sign of winning and not the Evil Queen, but players cannot be choosers as long as they win something out of it.
  • No registration needed. Sometimes it gets very annoying that the player must first register to just try and play a game. With this feature, anybody can check it out and play 7 Lucky Dwarfs for real money without shedding out information.
  • No Downloading. Another great feature of a game is when the player does not need to wait for it to download as it is available online. This aspect is a sure winner for the developers at Leander Games.


Play 7 Lucky Dwarfs slot machine online and gets rewarded for just about anything. Bonus rounds are amazing. And while it is comparable to other casinos online like Dragon Slot, 7 Lucky Dwarfs is certainly going to make any player happy and entertained even if they see the Evil Queen, err especially when they see the Evil Queen. No disappointment and no bother, this casino slot machine is a winner in every player’s book.

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