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Aladdins Loot

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About Aladdins Loot Slot

Arabian nights like Arabian days, it’s time to play along one of the most classic and familiar fairy tales, Aladdin’s Loot by Saucify (BetOnSoft). While it may not be the mighty treasures found in desert temples, Aladdin’s Loot brings you the wonder and enchantment of what you would expect from an Arabian adventure. Set with genies, monkeys, thieves and the beautiful princess waiting for you to win big and score the jackpot. The magic lamp will also be around to grant your wishes, giving you more chances to spin Aladdin’s Loot slots and extend your magical journey. All the while playing a memorable Arab tune.

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The Game Features

  • Aladdin’s Loot provides you with the traditional symbols of A, 10, J, Q and K. Each symbol has a beautiful Eastern landscape to give more colour to the game.
  • The magic carpet, the monkey and the princess are the big score symbols, representing the established characters of the original fairy tale.
  • Aladdin himself is the Wild symbol, used as a substitute for any other symbol in the game. This fills in the gaps in possible combinations, providing the casino players with a lucky chance to win.
  • The Genie is the Scatter symbol. A re-occurring feature from Saucify’s casinos which offer multipliers to the wages made. The more genies scored, the bigger the multiplier.
  • The magic lamp is the “free-spin” symbol. If three of these are scored the player gains more spins, up to 20 if five symbols are achieved. All wins are doubled during “free-spin” rounds.

Handy Tricks to Grab the Loot

As with most of Saucify games, the Aladdin’s Loot slot machine is all about adding more time to get more chances to win. The free spin system offers more chances for a player to gain wins by giving more free spins. While not as generous as other games by Saucify (in terms of the number of free spins you can earn at once), this is made up for with the chance of bigger payouts. Not only does the Wild symbol act as any other symbol in the slot, but it also offers substantial bonuses. Scoring two Wild symbols offers a bonus of 10, with three and four racking up a total of 100 to 1000. But scoring five symbols gives out a massive 7500 extra coins to your payout. Combining this with the genies multipliers and casino players have the chance of winning a full 10,000 coin payout.

Not Much Real Money in the Tomb

Aladdin’s Loot is a game that offers a standard five reels with an increased number of 25 pay lines, rather than the usual 15. The minimum bet that can be made is 0.01USD but only up to 0.10USD as the maximum. While it offers big enough payouts, the bets that can be made are of a low-risk type of play-style. With the maximum bet of 0.10 coins made combined with the slim possibility of a 10,000 payout, you’re only looking at a total 1,000USD cash prize. While the win rate is fair with a return of 4.6% to the player, Aladdin’s Loot slots game plays on the safe side for this quest for bounty.


Artistically, the Aladdin’s Loot slot game grabs the casino players attention with its nostalgia of a beloved and memorable children story. The ‘Arabian Nights’ theme gives it an art style that, while not as graphically polished as other games by Saucify, offers it more creativity. The background of the game can even change to a serene night setting or a scorching daylit landscape. In terms of the slots themselves, the game is more directed towards a safe yet enticing betting experience. Its combinations can offer thus not to suffer big losses either. This offers both a fun encounter for novices, as it encourages them to gain the big scores whilst not essentially punishing them if their luck isn’t quite there yet. For this magical adventure, Aladdin’s Loot grants these three wishes. Safety, skill and a free-to-play online experience.

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