Arctic Agents
Arctic Agents

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About Arctic Agents Slot

A gamer can say all that he wants to say about Micro gaming but the truth remains that this developer has created the best and the biggest names in the gaming industry.

When this critic says best, it really means the best. Play Arctic Agents slot machine online and the gamer would know what this author is talking about.  The creation and the execution of the experience create an exciting new twist to life and living especially for the players.

The graphics play out well.  The penguins are depicted in such a way that they look so cute and cuddly while at the same time they look like James Bond of the North Pole.

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Arctic Agents Preview

The sound effects are simple and match the way that the graphics have been shown.  There is really nothing bad that one could say about this release as it is safe and clean.  This is the perfect one for beginners.

Getting Game Info

Of course, when the player would play Arctic Agents for real money, there are a lot of features that the player would expect to see and get from it.

The following are what a player is looking for in terms of a good time:

  • Who is the software developer? The developer is Micro gaming.  This should already say a lot of things about it.
  • What game type should be expected? The player should expect a Video slots kind of play where the slot machine has a back story, a little bit of twists and turns, and a whole lot of prizes that will surprise the player.
  • How many pay lines should the gamer expect from the screen? Gamer should expect that there are 9 pay lines that should be active all of the time.
  • How many reels should the eye focus on when playing? There are 5 reels and this is an industry standard.
  • The maximum number of coins per line is 100 coins for each line and the minimum number of coins is 1 coin for each line.
  • Are there bonus rounds? Yes, there are bonus rounds that should allow a player to get more value for his money.
  • Should a Wild Symbol come out of the game anytime while the reels are moving? Yes, the bettor may expect to see a wild symbol.
  • Is it a progressive jackpot? No. Unfortunately, it may have already seemed too much to give all the winnings to the player so the developers made sure that it would not be the case.
  • Will a scatter symbol come out? Yes, there is also a scatter symbol like the wild symbol.
  • Do I get a chance to automatically play? No, there is no automatic play option so the players must really give their 100 percent to the game if they actually want to win.
  • How about some free spins? Do I get free spins? Yes, the player will get some free spins if he is lucky enough to try it out.
  • What symbols should the player expect to see? The bettor should expect some mammals to come out of the screen. These mammals include big animals like a big old polar bear, an arctic fox, a great white shark, and a lively penguin that every person should really meet.

Total Coldness

One thing that the gamer should realize when he or she would play Arctic Agents slot machine online is that this is perfect for beginners and first time gamers.  Those who are just starting out and those who have no idea what they are doing should definitely give this slot machine a try.  It may seem like a very childish and childlike game for adults but this is just the kind of game that does not require much knowledge but it gives a lot of fun to whoever is playing it.

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