Online Baccarat Games

Modern online casinos can provide their visitors with a huge divergence of gambling entertainment for all tastes – slot machines of different kinds and themes, several roulette modifications, and, of course, a full collection of card games. Along with poker and blackjack, baccarat is one of the most popular solutions among millions of people around the world. Thanks to its easy-to-learn rules, high speed, dynamic plot, and small mathematical advantage of the establishment, this card game is sought-after by both experienced gamblers and newcomers.

what is baccarat card game

Baccarat History

Historians still do not agree on where and when the baccarat game was originated. Italy and France dispute the honor of being called the birthplace of this popular amusement today. The date of invention is also unclear: it falls in the range between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, researchers believe.

The majority of historians in the gambling industry are inclined to be convinced that game baccarat was formed in the format closest to the moden one in Italy in the mid-fifteenth century. At first, its pioneer version was played using the Tarot decks.

Some versions even name the creator of the baccarat documentable rules — Felix Falguiere. The information about what this man was or why he chose the Tarot cards for the new game remains hidden from our eyes.

Anyway, this game of chance quickly enough won recognition among the high society of Italy and especially France. Royal baccarat was very popular at the court of the French kinds, who were then considered trendsetters not only in choosing apparel but also in entertaining activities. It became the place from where the game gradually spread throughout Europe. Depending on the country, some rules or even the solution’s name may have been changed, but baccarat remained the same.

Over time, the card game has distributed significantly further luxurious salons, belonging to noble families, and became available to every population stratum. Nowadays, it can be easily found in any gambling institution, virtual domains offer the opportunity to check free baccarat game online for anyone wishing to learn its rules and practice.

How to Play Baccarat

It is one of the fastest gambling games, which means that the player needs to make a lot of decisions per unit of time. For these solutions to be correct and lead to a win in online baccarat and land-based casinos, you need to know the rules well and understand the solution’s internal logic. Live baccarat online free play, which gives access to many leading gambling sites, is a great way to test your skills, practice all the nuances of the rules, and hone your reactions and abilities to make decisions instantly.

Baccarat Rules

The goal is to score nine points. In this case, card suits don’t really matter, and their values are calculated as follows:

  • The ace gives one point.
  • A king, a queen, a jack, and a ten provide zero points each.
  • The other cards are accounted for at their face value.
  • The total sum is obtained by adding up all the cards in the hand. If it exceeds ten, then ten is subtracted from the value.

For example, if a player has a six and an eight, he gets 6+8=14, 14-10=4 total points.

The game starts with bets. The player has three options:

  1. The “Player” field wins if the player has more points than the dealer.
  2. “Banker” wins when the dealer’s hand exceeds the player’s hand.
  3. “Tie,” that is, a draw.

Bets on different outcomes that have won are paid accordingly. For example, a winning bet to the player will bring a double amount of the bet on the stakes. If the Banker field wins, the winnings will be slightly less — the ratio is 1:1.95. Such a result is due to the commission of five percent in favor of the institution. Finally, a draw promises the best prize, 1:9. In some casinos, that can be 1:8. When betting, it should be borne in mind that such high odds on the draw don’t arise out of anything — the mathematical probability of such an event is significantly lower than the victory of the bank or the player.

Thus, the real goal for gamblers is not to score eight or nine points, but to correctly predict the outcome — whether the bank or the player will score those points.

Initially, the player and the bank receive two cards each. At this stage, a quick outcome is possible. It is called a “natural win” and occurs when one of the participants has nine or eight points in his hand at the very beginning. Then the bets made are immediately paid, and a new deal begins.

If neither the bank nor the player has eight or nine points in their hand, there are several possible outcomes. A player can receive a third card if his/her point total is less than six. More recent versions allowed this action to be performed only if the player has an intention for this move. Modern baccarat online is played according to clearer rules. But the dealer has several possibilities to change the course of events, depending on the current hand:

  • If the banker has less than two points at the start, a third card is taken.
  • When the gambler’s hand is less than six points, but he/she doesn’t take a card, the banker doesn’t get a third card either.
  • The dealer has three points. That means the third card is taken only if the gambler has no eight.
  • The banker with four points from the deal receives a third card if the player has no cards worth nine, eight, one, or zero points.
  • The banker with five points takes a card only if the gambler has no cards of seven, six, five, or four points in his/her hand.
  • If the deal gives six points to the party, the third card goes to the dealer only when the player doesn’t have a seven or six in the hand.

At first glance, it may seem that baccarat casino rules are quite complicated because they have a lot of nuances. However, this impression vanishes once you start playing. Just a few played games will allow you to remember all the details. According to many players’ opinions, it is a rather easy game to learn, and the process is dynamic and brings a lot of positive emotions and vivid experiences.

Many institutions offer to play baccarat online, and you can often find extended versions of the rules. Typically, this applies to betting — gamblers are provided with the opportunity to put a stake not only on any of the three classic outcomes but also on additional options. For example, a “lucky couple”, that is two cards of the same value received in the initial hand, can be paid at odds of 1:11 or higher.

Some platforms provide additional prizes for a roll, such as two aces or a king, king and queen of the same suit, ace and tens and so on. There are several combinations possible. High odds attract players to make additional bets, but statistics, unfortunately, clearly say that the probability of getting special card suits from the first hand is extremely low. It is best to favor classic bets on the banker or dealer, at the very least, choose a draw. Although a draw has a mathematical probability of around 9.5% to appear, this option should be approached with caution. Most often, bets are made on the other two stakes, and the majority of strategies consider them too.

Baccarat Strategy

Every individual seeks to take control and order over the laws of logic and apply them to all the deals he/she participates in. This also relates to gambling. That is why the existence and appearance of advanced tactical schemes and approaches is a natural phenomenon. This range includes dozens of strategies — from well-known, simple, and famous to the most complicated and familiar to very few people. Online baccarat strategy can refer to one of the following types:

  • Negative — when after a loss the gambler must increase the bet;
  • Positive — the size of the best increases when you win and decreases when you lose;
  • Flat — something average in terms of risks. This method assumes preservation of one bet value for the whole time of the game session.

It should be noted that a lot depends on fortune in general and the player’s luck and intuition in particular in baccarat. Overall, many card games don’t lend themselves to effective mathematical prediction, and the rules of baccarat stipulate that the outcome of each new round doesn’t depend on the previous ones. Nevertheless, the law of large numbers and mathematical statistics are welcome to be applied to this activity. The next systems are remarkable and are in demand amount:

  • The Martingale system. Perhaps, it is the most famous scheme in the casino, which exists for more than a century already. The bottom line is as follows: at a loss, the bet should be doubled, at the next loss — doubled again, and so on. It turns out that the winnings, which will come sooner or later, will return all the money lost and bring a profit. It would seem that everything is very simple and should work perfectly, but in practice, players face certain nuances that negate all the benefits of the scheme. Firstly, or a permanent doubling of stakes at a long game distance, customers have to possess a solid budget. Please note that a prolonged “losing streak” can nullify the bankroll. Secondly, online casinos set limits on the maximum bets that may not allow you to finish the strategy of doubling. And thirdly, the system is suitable for events in which there are only two possible outcomes. This approach doesn’t take into account the possibility of a draw, which is more than nine percent. It turns out that the Martingale scheme can be used for quick rounds. However, even in such cases, there is no guarantee a possible result for the player will be finalized as a reward.
  • Paroli. The system first emerged more than four centuries ago and was tested in the popular Basset game at that period. The strategy refers to the positive type. In turn, the amount of bets increases only when you win. Losing leaves the gambler with the same amount at stake. Only the opposite scenario will lead to positive changes. The strategy under consideration assumes small but fairly regular winnings. The bankroll isn’t spent as rapidly as in the case of negative schemes. On the contrary, even here the player faces the risks caused by the card’s unpredictable behavior. So it can nullify all the above calculations easily. When there is a string of losses, each bet is a waste of money. With a sequence of wins, you can win a total of seven times more than what was initially bet.
  • 1-3-2-6. It is a sample of the few really working strategies. This method is most suitable not for risky enthusiasts, chasing a solid prize jackpot, but for reasonable parties who have time to spend on playing sessions and enough patience. The 1-3-2-6 strategy essence is described without difficulty: when you win, some part of the received amount is taken out, while another part stays on the line If the proportions are observed, then four wins in a row will bring an increase in the initial bet by fourteen times. After that, you can start all over again. Because of the fact that such a system requires persistence at the consumer’s end, time, and ability to control yourself, it doesn’t delight numerous players in online casinos. The final result doesn’t suit several parties too — luck predetermines everything here as well.

Using any strategies to win does not guarantee one hundred percent success. Each player makes bets and decisions at his own risk. That is the appeal of gambling.

Popular Baccarat Variants

A solid history and distribution in many countries of the world have spawned several varieties of baccarat. All versions of the game differ in matters related to stakes and third card completion, but the value of cards and the principle of scoring and determining the winner remain the same. Many online casino sites provide multiple variations of baccarat, allowing each player to find a game that suits him or her.

European Baccarat

This is the most classic version, in which the player has the right to choose whether to take a card or be limited to the available set in the hand. This format is very popular and can be found in both land-based and virtual establishments.

American Baccarat

Also known as Punto Banco, it is by far the most common concept of the solution. Punto Banco is preferable in the vast number of casinos in the USA and Canada, and European institutions offer this option to players as well. The popularity of this variation is so superb so that its rules have become a kind of universal notion when it comes to online baccarat Canada.

Up to fourteen people can participate in the game simultaneously, for which six or eight decks of cards are mixed. Huge separate halls are often allocated for the game of Punto Banco, which can accommodate large tables and many individuals willing to succeed.

Chemin de Fer

“Railroad” is a variant of baccarat hailing from late nineteenth-century France. The position of banker is held by all players in turn, and the game uses six decks of cards. One of the participants has the right to “go to the bank”, and the priority of this right changes with each round, as does the performer of banker role.

Baccarat en Banque

The banker is determined by means of an auction — the player who is willing to risk a larger sum takes the dealer’s position. He stays in that role until his financial supply runs out or he voluntarily “retires” himself. There are other features that make it possible to win quite substantial rewards.

Mini Baccarat

It is a simplified variation of the game, which involves fewer players. Besides, the table is smaller, and the rules are somewhat easier than in Punto Banco. It is very popular in Canada and the United States. Due to the low limits, many beginners prefer the mini version of baccarat.

High Limit Baccarat

This option, on the contrary, is especially appreciated by high rollers and fans of high stakes. The basic rules are the same as in Punto Banco, and the high stakes add a spicy vibe and adrenaline to the experience. Many baccarat online casinos often give the opportunity to play at high limits not only to VIP clients but also to all visitors.

Live Dealer Baccarat

Why not use the advantages of an almost complete imitation of a real casino on virtual sites? Modern technologies make it possible to achieve a perfect image and sound quality, letting each gambler absolutely dive into the playing process as if he/she spends time in a local establishment. Many people like the game with a human dealer much more than alternatives reigned by AI algorithms.

Mobile Baccarat

The development of technology and mobile gadgets is gradually erasing the difference between desktop versions of websites and mobile ones. Today, most of the leading sites create their own applications. After installing them on gadgets operated by Android, iOS systems, etc., players get access to all the functionality of the online casino. Of course, baccarat is included in the list of available games on mobile devices, if it is on the official site. The process itself will not differ from the game on the web when gambled on the computer. For fun, you can install on your smartphone version of baccarat online free flash, checking which you can practice and spend a good time.

Top Baccarat Casino Sites

In order to learn how to play and win and receive pleasure and material profits out of this experience, it is recommended to select online sites responsibly. Among the leading Canadian gambling clubs that are functional in the virtual space, the most advanced and professional approach to distributing services is available in such organizations:

  • 24 Monaco;
  • Skol Casino;
  • Green Spin;
  • VideoSlots Casino;
  • Vegaz Casino;
  • Slotnite Casino;
  • Cyber Casino 3077;
  • 888 Casino;
  • Kings Chance;
  • 7Bit Casino.

The list shows off only the first ten nominees out of the most worthy operators in the universe of digital gambling. What they are distinguished in is their divergent palette of services, letting their guests the opportunity to play baccarat in several versions.


Why is Baccarat so popular?

The reasons for popularity lie in the ease of learning the rules, which become clear after a couple of games. Also, players are attracted by the dynamism and high tempo with which the events at the gaming table take place.

How to play Mini Baccarat?

Playing the mini version is even easier than the full-featured Punto Banco. Many experts advise newcomers to start with it — simple rules will not let you get bored, and the low limits will not allow you to lose more than planned.

What is sexy Baccarat?

This is one of the online baccarat variants, in which the overall design is stylized in such a way as to evoke pleasant emotions in players. In this case, websites’ graphics and gameplay design offer an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of gorgeous and professional ladies who explain the rules, mark important notes for players, etc.

Is Baccarat all luck?

For the most part, success in the game largely depends on luck and intuition. However, it doesn't mean that you can bet completely randomly, rather the opposite — skills, experience and common sense are in high demand here.

Is online Baccarat legit?

Baccarat itself is not regulated by any laws. Gambling establishments that hold baccarat sessions are subject to bans or permits. In different countries, the situation is unique, so it is worth finding out this data specifically by state or region you are playing in. For example, online baccarat Philippines isn’t banned. But the latter isn’t a common practice for other Southeast Asian countries. There, such services can be forbidden partly or completely for end users.

How to read Baccarat chart?

This table is used in Punto Banco to save time and immediately know whether the dealer has a third card or not. It is very simple to read — each line describes one of the possible options. The data located opposite to this line indicates whether the card is needed or not. For each case, there is an unambiguous decision, so there is no problem with it.
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