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Bars and Stripes is an offer of Micro gaming that people should not pass up on. That is the game that should overturn all other games in the blink of an eye. What is all about this game? In this article, the reader would find out.

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Bars and Stripes Slot Review

Microgaming’s Bar and Stripes is all about American patriotism. There are symbols about the American flag and everything about American culture. The writer does not want to spam the word American, but this is really what the game is all about.

Those who play Bar and Stripes for real money says that the game is very similar to other slot machines available online like that of Bar Bar Black Sheep. Although dubbed as perhaps the most multiplied game available for players, it has indeed come a long way from being just a simple game to a household favorite.

Gamblers, big bettors and small bettors alike, love the idea of the 42 winning combinations. RTP is just enough to keep the thrill of playing the game alive. Bonuses and jackpots are available at every turn, and there were no bad reviews that came out of every player who has tried playing it.

Just a piece of advice, take advantage of pay lines that are open so you can maybe win some more.


The symbols of the Bar and Stripes casino slot online are definitely as exciting as expected.  The following are the symbols that should be expected by players:

  • Beer – who in America in legal age has not tried beer? A staple in some dinners and a dominant guest in refrigerators, the beer is definitely a symbol that would not be missing in a game all over the United States.
  • Eagles – a symbol of freedom and for others, it may also be a symbol of winning and a symbol of a jackpot. See this symbol, and you have already won the game called Bars and Stripes.
  • Apple pies – who does not like seeing Apple pies being cooled down on a window? Of course, a player should expect to see an Apple pie symbol. If not, the slot-game would just not make any sense at all.
  • The flag – the real origin of the symbolism of Bars and Stripes, this symbol is something to look forward to when playing the casino slot online.
  • Hot dogs – again, who in America has not eaten a hot dog? Come to think of it, did hot dogs come from America?
  • The Statue of Liberty – Ah! The symbol of American liberty is also available in the slot.

These are just some of the symbols that are available on the slot machine. What else have you encountered?


Play Bar and Stripes slot machine online and see what the American dream is all about. True to the name, the casino slot machine is all about setting the bar high enough so that other casinos online would follow suit. It is remarkable how the slot-game became a notorious addition to a gambler’s daily set but who can blame them when the slot-game is nothing but pure impressive. Check out what jackpots you may have been missing. Win big, win small, or win just by playing and see for yourself what the big fuss is all about!

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