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Bingo Slot offers you a lot of lights and glamour with its bright and well designed 5 reel machine that features 25 paylines. Bingo Slot is a hidden gem waiting to shine.

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Bingo Slot Symbols

There are 8 main signs or symbols in this game. They are shown only with numbers ranging from 1 to 8. Each number has a different payout value. Each symbol has a different payout rule and pays accordingly. For example, you would need at least 3 ‘number 2’ symbols to get a reward, but only 2 ‘number 7’ symbols. The highest number is, of course, the one that is worth the most. ‘Number 8’ pays a 3.000 coin reward if you manage to line up 5 of these numbers. The game also features three unique symbols:

  • Wild Symbol – A purple ball symbol represents the wild symbol. It doesn’t offer any separate payout or bonuses by itself. The primary purpose of the wild symbol in this game is to replace any of the main symbols in the game and give the player a better chance at winning prizes. The only two exceptions which the wild symbol can’t replace are the scatter and bonus symbol listed below.
  • Scatter Symbol – Shown by the orange colored ball, the scatter symbol has two main purposes. If you capture the symbol on any position, it can pay up to 50 coins. It also triggers the bonus round. The bonus round is activated by receiving 3 or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. This automatically triggers a reward of 50 free spins. During this bonus feature, all winnings are multiplied by the bet. The free spins received as part of the bonus round don’t need to be wagered. This bonus round can be re-triggered for an unlimited amount of times.
  • Bonus Symbol – A yellow colored ball represents bonus symbol. It is also the highest valued symbol in the game. Lining up 5 bonus symbols on your reels will win you the main jackpot prize of 7.680 coins.

User Interface and Gameplay

Bingo casino slot online is a perfect combination of old-school graphics and art style and modern gameplay mechanics. The interface is excellently designed, as everything is clearly visible to the player and positioned in sight. Its organized in a neat framework in which everything has its unique place. At the bottom right part of the interface screen, you can find your current balance amount. Just beside it, is the autoplay option which allows you to set the game to spin automatically for a certain amount of times. Players can also adjust the number of active paylines, as well as coin value per active line.

The gameplay is smooth and enjoyable. When you play the game, you can see that the developers have put a lot of effort to ensure that the animations in this game are on point. Some small animations and symbols pop onto the screen when you trigger a certain mechanic, and the screen shows winning combinations and shows you how much you’ve won depending on the symbol combination you’ve managed to line up.

Othe Main Features

Bingo Slot doesn’t fall short on any of the requirements. The gameplay is smooth and enjoyable, the selection of the prizes and rewards is broad enough to guarantee extended playthrough times, and the graphics are very well designed and good looking. The RTP  set at a reasonable high 97.26% which ensures good winning odds, as anything above 95% is considered a low house edge.

Facts about the game:

  • The game allows you to custom set the number of active paylines. You can go with as few as one active payline per spin. We wouldn’t recommend you to play at the minimum, because though it can minimize your loses, your chances of winning are also set fairly low.
  • Bingo Slot can be played without any registration. That’s right; you can just load it up, and play straight away. This is a nice touch by the developers at Pragmatic games, as players aren’t forced to share their private information unwillingly.
  • Even though your chances of winning a prize decrease as you lower the number of active paylines, Bingo slot still allows you to compete for all money prizes (except the main jackpot). This is another nice feature by the software providers, as it promotes fair play and doesn’t discriminate low stake players. In other words, even if you decide to deposit the minimum amount of 0.25 per spin, you can still win a 3000 coin prize.

Bingo Slot Betting Range

As for the betting range goes, Bingo Slot doesn’t stray too much from other online casino slot games. There are a few options, but the betting range is that wide. The minimum bet you can stake is set at 0.01 coins per line, so if you select all active paylines, you would be betting a total of 0.25 coins per spin. On the other side of the spectrum, the maximum bet you can stake is 5.0 coins per active line. If we use the same example of all 25 active paylines with the max bet option selected you would be staking 125.00 coins per spin.

How to Play Bingo Slot Machine Online Efficiently

As the game runs at a relatively simple algorithm, there arent may tricks and tips which can give you a significant advantage when playing it. There are though things you need to know before you sign up with a casino that hosts this game. You would want to research a few online casinos before opting for one, as it can often happen that some casinos offer a better free spins bonus for the game than others. That’s why we would recommend you to use the demo version of the game until you figure out what casino suits you the best, and if this even is the right game for you. The demo version is completely free, and you can play it for as long as you desire. This can be a great way to learn all of the ins and outs of the game and perfect your playing style. Once you’re feeling confident and ready, you can play Bingo Slot for real money.


To summarize, after reviewing this game in great detail, we find it to be a fairly simple and classically themed game with some nice modern features and mechanics. It doesn’t offer big jackpots or sky-high bonus rewards and prizes but still is a very entertaining option if you prefer this type of games. It’s not meant for high rollers due to the reasons above, but still is a good option for both professionals and beginners. With that said, we find that it would be more suitable for beginners, as the gameplay is easy to learn and the interface is simple to follow. We hope you’ve found this review helpful and that you’ll have entertaining and lucrative playing time with Bingo slot.

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